Dog Gets Fed Up With Practical Joke And Chooses Violence

By Daniel Gibson - January 1, 2023

Dog fed up with jokes

Revenge is sweet for Tootie the dog after its owner took a prank too far. This TikTok post from Tootie_dog is funny and shows the dog’s personality. Tootie’s owner shows us what it means to understand when a prank is over. We laughed at Tootie’s response to the prank and the staged violence of the post.

The post begins with Tootie sitting in a living room. Tootie’s owner plays a prank and everybody laughs. Tootie points at the owner’s foot and says, “Oh my gosh, your shoe’s untied.” Tootie’s owner looks confused and laughs in an uncomfortable way. A closeup of Tootie shows a mean face looming over the owner. Tootie’s feet sweep to the side as they slap the face of the owner many times. The post ends with a closeup of Tootie looming over the owner’s face.

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This is a funny post highlighting the personalities of Tootie and the dog’s owner. I’m sure Tootie is a fun-loving dog who plays its role in this post to perfection. I laughed at the close-ups of Tootie as it loomed over the owner. The editing of the post adds to the comedy and make Tootie the star.

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There are hundreds of comments praising the TikTok post from Tootie_dog. Among the comments is this from Teeneyswodd, “I’m on Tootie’s side.” Kanaska Carter imagined what Tootie could be thinking, “😳 “oh you want to play do ya?” 😂” A Smith believes they understand what was going through Tootie’s mind, “Tootie woke up and chose violence 😂😂!”

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Tootie is a funny dog who has so much personality. We love seeing little dogs in funny situations. Tootie is the star performer in this hilarious TikTok post.