Does Your Dog Do This When You Get Out Of The Shower?

By Ashley Turner - October 7, 2022

Samoyed waiting by shower

Dogs can become highly attached to their owners. Some wait right outside the bathroom door for the owners, and others wait inside. All dog owners have had the experience of their dog waiting for them. In one case, Nube, a Samoyed, is known to wait patiently for her owner to get out of the shower.

Nube’s owner, dog mom, and manager of Nube’s TikTok channel @nubethesamoyed recently uploaded a video of this interaction between her and Nube. When the video begins, we see Nube lying in front of the shower doors. Next, we see Nube’s mom’s legs through the wet, glistening shower doors. Finally, Nube’s mom opens the shower door and steps out of the shower. She is standing in front of Nube, who licks some of the water off of her legs. This interaction seems to be a frequent occurrence as the caption of the video reads, “Every single time.”

@nubethesamoyed Every single time 😬 #petsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #goodsoup #samoyed ♬ good soup – MARVEL FANS

From the video’s caption and Nube’s reaction to her mom, she not only enjoys waiting for her mom to finish showering but also likes licking the water. Perhaps, she’s thirsty and knows that once the shower is done, she can lick the water. Or perhaps this is just a show of affection for her mom.

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Most TikTik viewers watching this video agreed that their dogs did the same thing as Nube. Viewer @tahliafluke said, “LMAO, my new pup does this too!” And @silver_ssparrow agreed, “My Pomeranian does the same thing.” While @zouzou66 replied, “Mine does the same thing! Even with my lotion.” And @nubethesamoyed asked, “But why?” And @username98931 answered, “The dog is licking the salt off you. Dogs sometimes will do this when you sweat.” And @rubornampat added, “And to put their scent back on you.” All the commenters either agreed that their dogs displayed the same behavior or explained why they thought their dogs behaved this way.

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Most dogs like to lick their owners. They like licking them when sweating, fresh from the shower, or just because they want to. Could this be a sign of affection? Maybe. But it could also be a form of scent marking, as one of the viewers explained. So perhaps it’s best not to wonder why dogs do this but instead enjoy time spent with your dog.