Do Westies Like to Cuddle?

By John Martin - May 7, 2021

Westie cuddling on couch with owner

How does it feel when a white ball of fur comes racing at you with eyes glistening with happiness, legs running at full speed, and tail dancing its heart out?

When you pick them up, they feel the most loved and the energy they emit lights up your whole world? That one thing that manages to keep your life lively is confided into a small heart beating just for your love?

If you are planning to get a Westie as a pet, find out if they like to cuddle or not. Also, get to know all the details about the same!

Westies as a Pet

Each animal plays a very important role in our life. No matter how big or small, how silent or chirpy it is, the love it exudes is always selfless and pure. Who doesn’t love an utterly cute, lively dog who will circle you a number of times when you come home, make you feel the most special person in its life and their personality just matches with yours? The West Highland White Terrier, also known as Westies are one such goofball to be with.

With its gleaming bright eyes and alert ears, no one can refrain from not petting it. These dogs love to be independent are full of energy and are a great companion to start with. They are filled with love and life, which keeps them upbeat and friendly altogether. They are usually very compact in comparison to the muscular, guard dogs. Westies remain highly alerted of their surroundings enough to keep a board sign hanging at the entry gate of your house.

Westies And Everything You Need To Know About Them:

The History

This breed has been into existence for more than a century, and the American Kennel Club discovered it in the US in 1908. These four-legged canines hail from Scotland, and most of its lineage belongs from that place only. These dogs are very playful and like to chase anything that is in motion.

In the 1900s they were mostly registered for shows and functions. Also, because they hail from a hunting background, it bends well with the feisty and power-packed personality they possess.


Known to be the easiest to handle these dogs crave love and happy surrounding. These furballs know how to stay busy. By either running after anything that moves, or digging a hole in the backyard, these small compact dogs are very inquisitive.

They love to cuddle and are always ready for a belly scratch to being with. Always having some mischief on their mind, they will continue to grab your attention for some reason or the other. They have the power of doing all sorts of activity just like a big dog will do, but all that furious mischief is stuffed into this small pooch.

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Attention is What They Want

Westies are known to soak up all the attention they are getting even though it is from strangers. You will find them either getting a belly scratch somewhere or some delicious treats from someone around. Even though they are known to be independent, they are always welcoming and keep their tail wagging around when they see a possible dog lover around.

Cuddle Buddies

Westies are known to be passionate and energetic around. It’s a fact that remains constant in all the dogs that, cuddling isn’t an innate trait, it comes with training and the behavior of the dog.

Each dog needs to be trained in a particular manner so that when you pick them up from the ground, they doesn’t backfire in any case. Rest assured, these pooches will always have your side and will gape in awe whenever you cuddle them with all your love. They love to be pampered, and somehow it will come naturally to you, they won’t even try to seek your attention.

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Training Your Westies

Training of your dog depends on how adaptable and ready they are In the first place. Sometimes few dogs just imbibe whatever you are teaching them, and in no time they will behave exactly the way you taught them.

You will see it didn’t actually take up a long time, but on the other hand, if you are training an adult dog, you have your hands full.

White Terrier is known to be a very adaptable and fierce dog. Therefore, it is advisable to train them when they are in their early stages because taming them will require less effort. Moreover, their mind will be more focused.

They are generally the smart ones, so you don’t have to worry about how much they are going to remember. Their grasping power is much better than many dogs around. In no time, you will see them shaking their paws and not jumping on the sofa when you ask them not to, much better isn’t it?

Care Unit

When it comes to taking care of the luscious white fur, you need to have extra caution at hand. Westies come under small to medium size with hair covering almost their whole body. They require constant brushing as the outer oat remains stiff and dry, whereas the inner coat is soft and fine.

Fortunately, they don’t shed their hair so much, but whatever they do can be proudly considered as a constant reminder of your pet best friend who is waiting back at home. Keeping care of their fur and drying their coat whenever they take a bath is a must. This is because their dense coat captures the moisture in between and makes their skin a breeding ground for skin infections and foul smell.

Trimming their hair and nails comes in handy. Visit the vet on a monthly basis helps you to keep in check with all the possible infections or problems that may be developing in your pooch, and taking constant measures is advisable.

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Westies and Their Traits

As they hail from a hunting background, they are often running around trying to find something that has caught their attention. So don’t be shocked if they race behind a squirrel of a rat in your garden.

They like to put their small paws to action by digging up your whole garden. If you leave them for more than an hour alone in your garden, you will surely see them either covered in mud or doing some mischievous activity that is surely keeping them busy.

They aren’t your usual lap dogs but will make sure you know their presence loud and clear. Also, the weather plays no major role in stopping them from having fun outside. Even if it’s cold and you are having second thoughts for your travel buddy, don’t think too much. Just let them hop in your car for an adventurous trip or a trek, and they will adjust without making major issues.

Training for these inquisitive and independent minds is very important and general. If you are willing to take them out in a public place, you need to teach them the necessary manners as they tend to run around, and it will end up being a little embarrassing for you.

Final Thoughts

The West Highland White Terries may sound like a high maintenance dog, but they are as humble and cute as their name Westies.

Their love and affection will make you feel complete, and their cuddles will be the best medicine for all your problems as their belly rubs and morning walks will fill you with so much life and positivity.