Are Westies Good for First Time Dog Owners?

By John Martin - February 15, 2024

West Highland White Terrier with first time dog owners

Getting a pet, especially for the first time, can be a daunting experience for you. There are varied options to choose from, for instance, what type of pet, what breed, what color, and so on.

Well, true dog lovers are happy with any dog breeds. However, if it is your first time exploring this area, then you will need some guidance.

Read below to find out why Westies make an excellent choice for first-time dog owners.

12 Reasons Why First Time Dog Owners Should Select A Westie

Here are 12 reasons why, as a first-time dog owner, you should adopt or buy a Westie.

Extremely Affectionate

If you have a big family, you will understand the importance of a new family member fitting into the family circle. Your dog needs to mesh with adults, kids, and senior citizens alike.

Lucky for you, just like most the dogs, Westies are highly affectionate. They can quickly gel in with all the family members and participate in yours and your loved one’s daily life schedules.

High intellectual

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. Along with taking care of them, you will also have to ensure that they are trained.

West Highland White Terrier dogs have an impressively high intellectual capacity, which allows them to be conveniently trained. Furthermore, their sharp minds cannot be left ideal.

So even if you don’t have extensive activities planned for it throughout the day, they will find ways to include themselves in your schedule.


Unlike other dogs that take their time to get used to surroundings, Westies find it simple to easily adapt to their surroundings. They don’t need fancy apartments to feel comfortable with their living situation.

These intelligent can find more than enough ways to entertain themselves even if they are restricted to smaller areas.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you can take them out for a walk less frequently.

Kids Oriented

As mentioned above, Westies are highly hospitable. However, they have an additional effect on kids.

A scientific study was done in the year of 2017 on the attachment between kids and pets. The study included more than 1000 kids between 7-12-year-olds.

The study concluded that kids who have dogs as pets scored the highest results. These children learn to be more empathic and compassionate as they grow into adults. This makes Westies a pretty good influence on your kids, doesn’t it?

Convenient Maintenance

Westies don’t need high-key maintenance. Although, it would be good to pamper them with expensive dog spas once in a while.

The only maintenance they require is for you to brush their soft coats on a regular basis.

In addition, they are also hypoallergenic.

Thus, these Scotland breed dogs shed their coats comparatively less than other dogs. This considerably reduces your cleaning workload.

Highly Energetic and Cheerful

Having a Westie around can guarantee an always happy environment. These little fury falls are not little when it comes to their energy levels. Dogs are clinically proven to enhance their owner’s moods.

You will always find your Westie coming up with new ways to play with you. This way, they get full attention, and your mood instantly cheer ups by seeing them do adorable things.

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Social Life

According to a published study in 2015, dogs were found to catalyze new relationships for their owners. As Westies need a good stretch on a regular basis, taking them out to a dog park or for a walk is natural.

This way, you get to take a break from your busy routine and also keep your dog happy. Who knows, how many friends or other potential relationships you will end up making during walk dates with your Westie.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Due to our fast-paced lives, there are plenty of times we can feel our stress levels elevate. It can be due to work, relationships, and so on.

By keeping Westies around, you can instantly reduce your stress and blood pressure levels. You can find immense comfort by engaging in fun activities such as a game of fetch with your pet.

Constant Companion

Westies are a pinnacle of loyalty. These creatures are quick to get attached to you. Once it does, you can affirm that they will constantly follow you everywhere. Moreover, if you live alone, there won’t be a single time throughout the day where you will feel lonely. Your Westie will low-key be your bestie!

Sharp Senses

Dogs are naturally territorial creatures. They keep their territory safe by being on high alert of their surroundings. Their sharp senses greatly aid them in this process. All Westies have extremely sensitive hearing.

They can hear loud noises from significantly large distances. Therefore, they instantly alarm their owner so that both of them are ready for any further consequences.

You can feel safer and protected in the presence of your Westie.

Daily Meals

You don’t need to go overboard for your Westie’s diet. Generally, a regular bowl of premium quality nutrient-rich dry kibble is the standard diet for them. Nonetheless, the quantity of dog food may depend on the size of your Westie.

You can check-in with your neighborhood vet if you need further guidance.

Health issues

It’s an unfortunate truth that even precious creatures such as dogs are vulnerable to falling sick. On the other hand, Westies are generally a sturdy breed as they have fewer chances of getting sick.

You can get a healthy Westie by adopting or buying it from a certified breeder. These reputable breeders engage in ethical and reliable breeding processes.

You also have the right to ask your breeder for multiple health clearance certificates from OFA. In brief, these enthusiastic dogs are tough cookies.

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To Sum Up

Westies are an outstanding breed of dogs. Their ability to adapt to new people, new surroundings, and lifestyle changes is truly exceptional.

They have proven to be a worthy family member for both big and small families. It will take them less than a second to woo you with their intellectual and charismatic traits. Getting a Westie is certainly a choice that cannot go wrong for first-time dog owners.