Best Treats for Westies: Top Picks for Puppies, Training, Dental & More

By John Martin - February 15, 2024

Westies waiting for treats

You just can’t resist the charms of your fluffy adorable Westie and love giving him his favorite treats. Just the word “treat” can get your furry pooch super excited and do anything for one.

However, as a pet parent, you want nothing but the best for your little Westie and ensuring that you choose high-quality treats that are low in calories can guarantee that your furry friend is healthy, active and happy.

However, with plenty of choices of Westie treats around, it can be quite challenging to find the best treats for your pooch and to make things easier for you, we have compiled a buying guide and reviews of some of the best treats for Westies on the market.

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Zuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats

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Greenies Original Petite Dental Treats

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Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

What to Look For in Westie Treats

Your Westie’s diet and health are of utmost importance and when purchasing treats for your Westie, there are a few important factors to consider such as:


The most important thing to consider when shopping for treats or dog food for your Westie is to check the list of ingredients to ensure that they are as natural as possible. Westies have sensitive stomachs and it is extremely important to avoid treats containing grain fillers and byproducts such as corn and wheat, which your Westie’s digestive system cannot handle and break down.

Westies also commonly suffer from skin problems like dermatitis and allergies and so the treats that you purchase for your Westie must not aggravate these problems. It is important to check the ingredients in the treats.

Some treats may contain ingredients such as beef, soy, brewer’s yeast, garlic, artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and grain fillers, which your pet may be allergic to and can be harmful to them. Also, make sure that the treats do not contain high amounts of sugar and salt because your Westie’s digestive system can’t break down these ingredients easily.

Look for Westie treats with healthy ingredients such as protein, omega-3 fatty acids, natural preservatives like vitamin C, E or mixed tocopherols. Choose foods that are low in calories, as well as protein because, by nature, Westies are not very active dogs and do not require a lot of protein in their diet.

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Calorie Content

Treats are something that you give your Westie any time at all when they obey you, during training and generally when he’s on his best behavior. So it is extremely important to be aware of the calorie content of the treats because you don’t want to overload your pet’s diet with too many calories which can lead to him becoming overweight and even obese. So, when purchasing treats for your pooch, look for healthy, low-calorie options.


Purchasing treats in a variety of flavors can keep your Westie interested. There are a wide variety of flavored treats available in the market that you can choose from.

You can look for your pet’s favorite flavors such as meat or beef flavors, which he may prefer compared to others. However, choose natural flavors and avoid artificial ones because natural flavors are healthier and safer for your pet.


Before purchasing a particular product, make sure you do some research on the brand to ensure that it is made by a reputed, trusted manufacturer and made in a proper manufacturing facility. This will ensure that the product is of high quality and is safe for your pet.

Don’t choose products simply because they are cheaper because the manufacturer may use inferior quality ingredients to cut down on the cost, which may be harmful to your pet.

Other Factors

When purchasing treats for your Westie puppy, not only is checking the ingredient list carefully very important, but you must ensure that the treats you purchase are small and easy for your puppy to chew on without getting choked. And, even if your puppy is teething, the treats should not be too tough and safe for your Westie puppy.

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Top 5 Picks and Reviews for the Best Treats for Westies

Your Westie is your best pal and you want to make sure that your pet lives a healthy, long life and you want to ensure that the food that you feed him is nothing but the best along with being nutritious and safe for your pooch.

We have done plenty of research and have compiled a list of our favorite top 5 Westie treats that are nutritious and healthy for your furry pal. So, read on to know more.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats

Zuke's Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats

What’s not to love about Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats? The perfectly delicious and healthy treat is surely something your little Westie will look forward to during training. Crafted in the USA, these bite-sized treats contain the highest-quality, natural and wholesome ingredients, without any artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

The soft chewy treats contain real savory salmon that your Westie is sure to love. The treats don’t contain any fillers such as soy, corn, wheat, etc. With protein, fiber and added vitamins and minerals, these treats are very healthy for your Westie.

The nutritional profile of Zuke’s Mini Treats has been boosted by other ingredients such as cherries, tapioca, turmeric, barley, etc. to ensure that your pet is active, healthy and happy.

The best thing about the Zuke’s Mini Treats is that they are the perfect size for your little Westie and contain less than 3 calories per treat, making them a perfect anytime treat for your furry pal.

What Other Dog Parents Think

Let’s see what dog parents who have bought the Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats for their Westie have to say about the product.

One pet parent said that the Zuke’s salmon treats are so aromatic that their puppy is drawn immediately and the best thing is that these treats are the perfect size for their Westie puppy. The buyer said that they were very happy to stick to their decision of purchasing Zuke’s salmon treats for their pooch.

A second buyer said that their 13-week dog finds the Zuke’s salmon treats perfect for training. She finds it quite difficult to focus on her tricks when given other high-value treats. But for Zuke’s Mini Treats, she will go through all her tricks perfectly. Their pet loves the treats, especially the salmon flavor and that they would buy the Zuke’s salmon treats again.

The third pet parent said that the Zukes salmon treats are moist, convenient and wholesome treats that are a “go-to” for all their training sessions. Their dogs love the treats and are willing to work hard to earn their treats.

Pawesome Things About Zuke’s Mini Treats

  • Contains all-natural, wholesome and high-quality ingredients.
  • Comes in a variety of flavors.
  • The calorific content of the treats is very low.
  • Manufactured by the reputed Zuke’s brand.

Not-So-Pawesome Things About Zuke’s Mini Treats

  • Maybe too chewy for young Westie puppies.
  • It may not be suitable for dogs having allergies to grains.

Greenies Original Dental Dog Treats (Petite)

Greenies Original Petite Dog Dental Treats

The Greenies Dental Dog Treats not only are yummy treats for your Westie, but they can help to protect his pearly teeth. The natural dental treats are great for small dogs like Westies because they contain minerals, vitamins and other beneficial nutrients. The chewy texture of the treats cleans your pet’s teeth right to the gum line and helps to remove and control hard-to-reach tartar and plaque.

The Greenies Dog Treats have a yummy flavor that your Westie is sure to love. The treats have a chewy texture and characteristic grooves, which help to maintain the teeth and gums of your pet, helping your pet to get fresher breath and cleaner teeth. The unique texture of the treats scrapes away the tartar and plaque from your pooch’s teeth while he enjoys every bite.

Recommended by the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council), the treats are not only natural and fortified with loads of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, the ingredients in the treats are easily digestible and tummy friendly for your pet. What’s more? Your Westie is sure to love the tooth-pleasing texture and yummy flavor of the Greenies Dog Treats.

What Other Dog Parents Think

One pet parent said that their 4-year-old pet has beautiful teeth but doesn’t like them brushed. Their vet recommended giving Greenies once a day or every other day. The Greenies were delivered to the doorstep conveniently and a bag lasts for 4 months at least.

The second pet parent said that their dog simply loves Greenies and can recognize the word ”treat” immediately. The treats help to keep her teeth, as well as gums clean and when the pet parent took the little dog to the vet for an annual checkup, the doctor said that the pooch’s mouth and teeth were in very good condition.

The 3rd pet owner claimed that she has tried several brands of treats for her pet but found that nothing could beat Greenies. She said that her dog loves the treats, which not only helps to keep the tartar off the dog’s teeth but also makes his breath minty fresh.

Pawesome Things About Greenies Dog Treats

  • Helps to clean teeth and gums.
  • Makes the breath smell fresh and pleasant.
  • The treats help to control tartar and plaque.

Not-So-Pawesome Things About Greenies Dog Treats

  • They are not very chewy and don’t last too long.
  • Expensive.

Wellness Natural Grain-Free Puppy Training Treats

Wellness Natural Grain-Free Soft Puppy Bites

If you’re on the lookout for the best treats for your Westie puppy, then the Wellness Natural Puppy Treats are a great option. These natural treats are tasty and wholesome. The small bite-sized specially formulated treats are a great option for young puppies less than 1 year old.

Made in the USA, the Wellness Natural Puppy Treats are available in both crunchy, as well as chewy textures and you can choose the option that your Westie enjoys the most. The puppy treats contain a blend of pure meat protein and have veggies fruits and other ingredients that provide your growing puppy with all the nutrients he needs to be strong, active and healthy.

The treats are an excellent source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is an omega-3 fatty acid that helps in the development of your Westie puppy’s brain, as well as the nervous system. Free from any meat byproducts, wheat, corn, dairy, artificial flavors and colors, the Wellness Natural Puppy Treats are perfectly safe for your pet’s health and can be given every day.

What Other Dog Parents Think

One customer who bought the Wellness puppy treats said that their puppy loved these low-calorie treats that are just around 6 calories per treat. The size is convenient to break into 3 to 4 pieces and is perfect to train their puppy. The puppy loves the treats and the ingredients of the snacks are so healthy and are great for older puppies too.

The 2nd pet parent said that their puppy loves the soft and chewy treats, which are the perfect texture for his tiny teeth. The puppy loves them and they are very convenient to tear into small pieces while training the puppy.

The 3rd customer said that her puppy did not eat the Wellness puppy treats at first when she bought them, but later warmed up to them and now loves them. He recognizes the bag and gets very excited when he knows he’s going to get them. The owner said that she uses the treats when the puppy is riding in the car and she breaks them up into small pieces for training. The treats smell delicious like beef jerky and the ingredients are great. The pet parent says that she would recommend the Wellness puppy treats.

Pawesome Things About Wellness Natural Puppy Treats

  • Super-soft texture and just the right size for a puppy.
  • Look and smell good.
  • Good-quality treats.
  • Great for training.

Not-So-Pawesome Things About Wellness Natural Puppy Treats

  • Quality issues.
  • The smoky smell is quite strong.

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats

The Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats are made from real bone marrow and are delicious treats for pooches of all ages and sizes. The treat consists of real bone marrow that is wrapped in a yummy, crunchy biscuit that your pet is sure to love.

The wholesome treats are rich in vitamins, minerals and calcium that can help to maintain your pet’s bones and teeth. The bite-sized treats are perfect for pets of any size. The long-lasting chews are completely rawhide-free and make it easy for your pet to digest.

These MaroSnacks Dog Treats are perfect for training your Westie and your pet is sure to love the combination of the exciting textures of the Dog Treats and meaty goodness, making them a huge favorite.

What Other Dog Parents Think

A pet mom said that she has ordered the MaroSnacks Dog Treats several times. They don’t smell as much as other treats and her dog just loves them. They are not very hard and are very fresh. There are lots of treats in a container and the price is inexpensive.

The 2nd pet owner said that his pooch loved the treats, which are right-sized to keep in the pocket for the daily walks and they are inexpensive too.

The 3rd pet parent said that the treats are quite inexpensive and you get quite a lot of them for the money. Her dogs love the treats and they don’t cause any stomach upset.

Pawesome Things About Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats

  • Great for training.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Flavor loved by dogs.

Not-So-Pawesome Things About Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats

  • Not soft and chewy, but quite hard.
  • Smaller than expected.

Blue Buffalo Health Bars Dog Treats

Blue Buffalo Health Bars Original

Made with real bacon, cheese, egg, veggies, fruits and wholesome grains like barley and bacon, the Blue Buffalo Health Bars Dog Treats are a tasty and healthy treat for your westie. These oven-baked treats have a crunchy texture that your pets will love.

Made of the best, natural ingredients, the treats contain antioxidants, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids that help to boost your pet’s immune system. Free of any wheat, corn, soy, poultry (chicken) by products artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, the Blue Buffalo Health Bars are very healthy treats for your precious pet.

The Blue Buffalo Health Bars are not only nutritious but very delicious too that your pet will be happy to eat them any time at all.

What Other Dog Parents Think

One dog parent said that their dog is 16 years old but still wants her Blue Buffalo Health Bar after her evening meal and especially loves the omelet flavor.

The 2nd pat parent said that the health bars are great for their pet’s teeth. The treats are not smelly and are great as night-time treats.

The 3rd pet owner said that her dog is a very picky eater, but loves the taste of the health bars.

Pawesome Things About Blue Buffalo Health Bars

  • Smell good.
  • Healthy treats.
  • Good quality.

Not-So-Pawesome Things About Blue Buffalo Health Bars

  • Quite dry and brittle.
  • A bit large.