Deep Sleeping Dog With Extremely Long Tongue Gets Pranked By Owner

By Daniel Gibson - November 10, 2022

Boxer dog with long tongue

How long is a dog’s tongue? TikTok user, nate.readinger has revealed the answer. The post shows us a dog’s tongue is longer than we thought. The sleeping dog does not move as he becomes the focus of a TikTok post. The owner gently pulls on its tongue and laughs as it extends.

The video starts with the brown dog sleeping on the couch. The dog’s pink tongue is hanging out of its mouth as a human hand reaches in and pulls on it. The brown dog is snoring as it sleeps hard on the couch. The post gets funnier when the tongue gets even longer. The pup continues to sleep as its tongue hangs down and it’s watching family laugh. The dog continues to sleep as its tongue is lifted onto his nose.

@nate.readinger I think my dog died #dead #dog #pranked ♬ original sound – Nate r

This is a funny dog video that shows how long the tongues of canines are. I loved this video because of the snoring dog and its refusal to wake up. I didn’t know a dog’s tongue was so long or that a dog could sleep so hard. As this dog’s owner pulls on his tongue you can see his eyes flickering from sleeping so hard. I love the sound of the giggling owners who sound like they are playing a prank on a friend at a sleepover.

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The comments for the video follow a similar line to my own. Ryan Kaiser commented, “Bro fell asleep first at the sleepover.” Aims questioned the video by asking, “WHY DID IT JUST KEEP COMING OUT 😂😂😂” Omz commented about the dog’s sleeping position, “Bros gonna have a headache and neck pain when he wakes up 😂😂😂”

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This is a fun video that shows how happy the dog is living with its family. The video is funny and quite shocking because of the length of the dog’s tongue. I enjoy this video because the prank is not mean or hurtful. The way the dog is sleeping shows how happy it is.