Conversation With Rescued Toy Poodle’s Previous Owner Will Make You Cry

By Daniel Gibson - November 28, 2022

White Toy Poodle on couch

All dog lovers have a soft spot for rescues and Zippy’s story will make you cry. The Life of Zippy and Powder account gives a glimpse into the life of a dog who wasn’t always living his best life. The conversation between Zippy’s new owner and her predecessor shows how people can believe they know best. By the end of the TikTok post, you will be crying with happiness at the change in Zippy’s life.

Rescue dogs are always so grateful for a chance to change their life for the better. The Zippy and Powder account details the change in Zippy’s life. Captions detail the conversation between the new and old owners. The former owner claims the rescue is allergic to Zippy’s mom’s cleaning products. A trip to the vet reveals Zippy has heart failure.

The former owner’s tips include not letting Zippy play and jump to protect his joints. The saddest point in the video is the former owner telling Zippy’s mom not to buy him a bed. Zippy now has a bed for every room in the house. The captions reveal Zippy stayed with a groomer for one month and his vitamins had expired.

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I have a weakness for rescue dogs and I love the life Zippy is now leading. There is a lot to be unhappy about in the life Zippy had, but he seems happy and healthy now. Treating every dog in the right way is important for them and us. I would like to thank Zippy’s owners for giving him the life he deserves. It makes me wonder why his new owner keeps talking to the owner who mistreated Zippy.

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The comments for the TikTok post reveal most people agree with myself and Zippy’s owner. Elsa E commented, “Gee wiz they shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog. They did not deserve him.” Bailey was more forgiving and commented, “It kinda sounds like the previous owner was trying but was not at all educated.” Reba shared her own rescue story in the comments, “literally had to block my dog’s old owner bc it just upset me every time I found out more of how she was treated 🤧”

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This is a stirring post that pulls at your heartstrings. Zippy’s life has changed so much and he appears to have a wonderful new life.