Golden Retriever’s Reaction To Accidentally Going Down Waterslide Is Too Precious

By Jeanette Mason - November 28, 2022

Golden Retriever in a pool

A curious Golden Retriever got scared when she walked onto a water slide. The Golden Retriever was not expecting the slippery sensation of the water slide and panicked as she went down the slide. No worries. The Golden Retriever was fine, but her trip down the slide caused some laughter.

TikTok channel @captain_luigi uploaded the video of the Golden Retriever water slide adventure. The video begins with the Golden Retriever carefully stepping onto a water slide. The Golden Retriever started to go down the slide and panicked. The Golden Retriever tried to go back up the slide but slipped and slid all the way down. The video ends with the Golden Retriever falling off the slide into the water, and then we see a person’s feet as they go down the slide.

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This dog seemed a little scared going down the slide. I don’t think the Golden Retriever anticipated how slippery it would be, but according to his owner, he did enjoy the ride and tried the water slide a few more times.

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TikTok reviews ranged from concern to an appreciation of the content. @bargello10 commented, “Not amusing! You obviously don’t care about the dog’s safety.” @liz_theshiz said, “This is evil! He was obviously scared.” And @trayc01 asked, “Like…is he okay?” @captain_luigi replied, “Yup, she ended up liking it and did it two more times.” @jrmycook03gueesed right when he said, “I know she liked it after she figured it wasn’t going to hurt her, had to.”

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This Golden Retrievers’ first time on a water slide was too funny. But, according to her owner, the Golden Retriever enjoyed the water slide and tried it twice more. I’m sure the water slide was fun after the first panicked time. Have fun on the water slide.