Can You Leave a Westie Home Alone?

By John Martin - February 9, 2022

Westie sad because it is home alone

Are you planning to get a Westie but can’t be home for over 6-8 hours of the day? Do you wonder whether you can leave a Westie home alone without any trouble?

Westies are tiny fluff balls who love to run and jump around the house. Your four-legged baby loves your company and can’t go long without you.

West Highland Terriers (Westies) are intelligent, affectionate little creatures. They always care for their human’s love and attention.

Although this pooch is an obedient little fellow, your Westie may get stubborn at times. More so, when left alone for too long.

Let us have a look if your furball will be a good baby or cause trouble when home-alone.

What Will Happen if Your Westie is Left Alone at Home?

Be it Westies or any other doggies, they would always want to play with you all day long. Even if you’re not up for too much physical time, your Westie will entertain you, given you sit beside your fluffy friend.

Would your Westie cause mischief even though he always listens to you? Despite your pooch’s obedient nature, it might get restless when left alone for too long.

Separation Anxiety

Your furball loves you to bits and may not be able to bear the separation. As a result, your Westie will get agitated and make a mess of the house.

Tearing couches, curtains, and scratching furniture are some of the traits of anxiety.

If you find out doggie-pee or signs of a tear in your hangout areas, it is most likely your Westie is suffering from separation anxiety.

Steal Some Treats

Doggos are just like kids, and kids love treats. When you’re not home, your naughty little mates will be thrilled to get hold of their favorite dog treats.

Not that big a deal? Your Westie may end up binge eating, which may become problematic at times. You’ll know it if you find your fluff ball lying on the floor, unable to move.

Despite the overeating, your pooch may be as good as perfect. This is because of its love for running around.

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Chew Chew Chew!

If you think your shoes are safe with your little monster around, you’re wrong. Be it a Westie or any other breed, doggies love to chew everything they get their paws on.

Shoes are preferable over other items because they have your smell in them. Isn’t that adorable? But can you say goodbye to your favorite sneakers? Not really.

Worst case scenario, you’ll get back home to find a bottle of paint on your white couch. Ouch! There’s no doubt that you love your Westie unconditionally, but that couch was expensive!

Tearing and Scratching

Even if he’s not suffering from separation anxiety, your furry ball can be naughty when alone. The Westie will consider the whole house as his play area.

You can only imagine the condition of this play area after a long day. Pillows torn, scratches on the door, bites on the couch and curtains.

What will you see when you get back? Your little mate will be there too, peeking from behind the mess he created. Those puppy eyes will surely get to you, won’t they?


Your Westie loves you and can’t give you up for the world. What would the little fluff-ball do when you leave him alone?

After having spent days and nights by your side, missing you and getting sad when you leave is only obvious. Your Westie doesn’t know that you’re just going out for a while.

Disheartened, your baby will start crying while thinking of you. Some may even howl, causing trouble for your neighbors.

How Can You Train Your Westie to be Home Alone?

You certainly don’t want your fluffy kid to get into any trouble, especially behind your back. Nonetheless, you can’t skip work and stay home all day.

So how can you solve this problem? Despite their limitless attachment with you, Westies can be left alone, if trained well.

Act like you’re going out: Get dressed to go out and walk towards the door. If your Westie gets hyper and starts barking, ignore him. This will make him get used to your going out.

Make sure that you start with a few minutes and gradually increase your outdoor time. After a few days of training, your furry friend will get accustomed to it.

Normal behavior on your return: You’d love to pick up your fluffy baby into your arms as soon as you return. Much to your disappointment, this is not a good idea.

If you do so, your Westie will be waiting all day long for you to get back. Too much waiting might cause anxiety, which is not at all good for your lovesome fellow.

Don’t look at your little pretzel as soon as you enter the house. This will let your pup know that coming home is not a big deal.

Unleash after some time: Once you get home, settle down and tell your little friend to calm down. After some time, slowly let him come to you and start the cuddle.

Westies are intelligent fellows. Practicing this routine for several days will let your Westie learn the new normal.

Things to do Before Leaving Your Westie Alone

Even if your Westie is well-trained to stay alone, there are certain things you need to make sure before leaving.


West Highland Terriers love doing physical activities and do not get tired soon. If you leave your Westie alone, it will get bored and might even get depressed.

There are numerous options to end your energetic pup’s boredom. The market offers amazing innovative toys. Get your Westie engaging toys that’ll keep them busy for hours.

Adding a radio playing an easy track is another great option. This will not only keep the Westie entertained but will also help him remain calm and happy.

Comfortable Space

One of the most important things that you need to provide your Westie with is a safe, comfortable space. The furry balls need warmth and love. In your absence, a cozy place might do the work.

Getting a dog house or a pen are inexpensive ways of helping your dog feel safe. Further, a reserve of nutritional food and water are necessities for the Westie.

Go for Morning Walks

Westies are literal bundles of energy. Moreover, going outdoors for a walk at least twice a day is important to keep your pup healthy.

Take your little energetic fellow for a morning walk before you leave. This will not only give him a fresh start to the day but will also tire him up. A slightly-tired Westie will not cause as much chaos as otherwise.

Spend Time

You’re going to be away from your love for a long period of 6-8 hours. Despite the training, your Westie will miss you more than you can imagine. It is only fair that you spend enough time with your doggie before you leave.

Limited Space

To avoid any sort of mess, it is better not to leave your mischievous pooch in the open. Leaving the little fellow in a small den will not only prevent chaos but will also leave zero chances of self-destruction.

What Should You Do After Getting Back?

Are you really just going to bed as you return? That will be totally unfair for the little furball who’s been waiting for you.

You’ve had enough of your time the whole day, and now its Westie time. Once you’re back and settled, make sure that you welcome your baby, caressing and petting the doggo.

Take your Westie for a long walk. Your four-legged friend needs to stretch out well after the long day.

Play fetch with your Westie. Let your mate work-up his muscles and enjoy with you after the long separation.

What else can you do? Take your darling for a dog-spa. Having been left alone for the entire day, your Westie needs extra care and attention.

Final Thoughts

Leaving your West Highland Terrier home alone can be saddening for both you and the fluff-ball. However, what’s important has to be done.

Leaving your pup alone doesn’t mean you’ll let the notorious kid make a mess or hurt himself. With proper training, not only your Westie, but you will also be happy.

Alternatively, you can choose for better options than leaving the adorable little creature alone. Arrange for a dog sitter for a few hours or let your neighbor take the Westie for a walk.

One of the best options can be to have another pet or even better—another Westie. Your Westie will not only get a playmate it will love the pet like a sibling.

Even if you choose to leave your Westie alone, try to visit at lunchtime. Your pooch will be happier to be away for two shorter periods than one long period.

Yes, you can leave your Westie home alone but only after completing the necessary training and provisions. Even so, try to fix a routine and be consistent with your furry friend.

Your fluff-ball deserves your undivided love and attention not only because it is adorable, but because you mean the world to your Westie.