Bull Terrier Living His Best Life Diving Into A Pool

By Jeanette Mason - October 19, 2022

White Bull Terrier

Dogs that were bred for water activities usually like to swim. So it’s not unusual for Retrievers, Poodles, the Portuguese Water dog, and other dog breeds bred for specific jobs in the water to love the water. However, the Bull Terrier was not a dog bred for water activities. But that doesn’t stop one athletic Bull Terrier from enjoying time in the water.

TikTok creator @maomaodog.tk posted a video of their Bulldog Terrier enjoying some time in the water. The TikTok video starts with a Bulldog Terrier pushing a gate open and running inside a yard. Next, the Bulldog Terrier runs around the edge of a poll and then jumps in. Finally, the video ends with the Bulldog Terrier swimming in the pool.

@maomaodog.tk Living his best life 😜 #dogs#pet #dogsoftiktoks #dogtricksoftiktok #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Maomaodog.tk

The caption of the video says, “Living his best life.” And all we can say is, “Yes, he is” This lucky pup is enjoying some time in the sun and swimming for fun. Best life indeed.

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TikTok viewers enjoyed this video @susangibson790 said, “Aww. I give you a 10/10 for that dive.” And @maomaodog.tk replied with, “Thank you.” While jay_gone_cray_hyd said, “He’s beautiful. What an entrance.” And @missbvi said, “ This was the biggest instant serotonin booster that I have ever seen.” And @videoexpress7 said, “This is synchronized diving.” While most viewers understood this was a Bulldog Terrier, some were confused @kyanotheinfluencer commented, “I thought it was a capybara.” We think this is a joke. Well, we hope it is a joke. Still, what a great dive from this Bull Terrier.

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This Bull Terrier had the time of his life getting into the water. We hope he enjoys more sun-filled days, diving into the pool, and swimming.