Black Labrador Chomping For More Scratches Is Just Too Cute

By Daniel Gibson - November 9, 2022

Black Labrador smiling

I have dogs of my own but I have not seen one chomp for butt scratches like OliveChompz. This dog loves to have its butt scratched and is willing to let its owner know it is ready for more. This TikTok post from OliveChampz is fun for anybody to enjoy as the black labrador encourages its owner to give it more butt scratches.

The video starts with the black labrador enjoying having its butt scratched. The dog flips around when its owner stops scratching her butt and chomps its teeth together to attract their attention. The pup makes another pass beyond its owner and lets them scratch their butt again. Each time the labrador’s owner stops scratching its butt it spins around and chomps its teeth together to get more scratches.

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I know how much my dog loves to have his butt scratched. My dog does not chomp on its teeth to attract attention, but I’m happy to see something new in TikTok dog videos. The black labrador in this video seems like a happy and healthy dog who just wants some extra attention from its owner. The way she spins around to get some attention brought a smile to my face.

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The comments left by viewers of the TikTok video show I am not alone in never seeing a dog chomp on its teeth, in this way. Trapz commented, “Silent barks 😳” Cumboslice commented, “He really said “why’d you stop” Cole had another their when he commented, “Bros talking in Morse code💀😭😭😭😭💀💀💀”

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This is a fun video that brought a smile to my face. I liked the way the black labrador acts to get the attention of its owner. This video is one I could watch time and time again.