How to Tell if Your Beagle is Pregnant

By John Martin - September 21, 2022

Pregnant beagle on a short walk in the woods

Your cute little Beagle is having a puppy! It seems so exciting and thrilling, right? But, with the excitement comes the huge responsibility. Yes, like every other living being, Beagle’s pregnancy also seeks huge amount of care and attention.

While you are looking forward to the adorable puppies, you must recognize the signs of pregnancy to take the best possible care of your Beagle.

Read on to know the different methods to determine the pregnancy and its risk. Also, know how to take care your pooch for getting healthy puppies.

What Are the Early Signs of Pregnancy in Beagles?

There could be several indicators to identify whether your Beagle is pregnant or not, but it is important to observe the changes in their overall behavior.

Eating Habits

You might notice that your Beagle is hungrier than before. As of now, the Beagle is eating for a whole lot for litter puppies. 

In some cases, the increase in appetite is not visible during the early stages of pregnancy. But you should take care of the diet by giving food at regular intervals. 

Just like humans, these lovable dogs can also feel nauseous during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to provide all the essential nutrients in the Beagle’s diet for good health.

Sleeping Habits

Generally, puppies are more energetic and always running around. It could be an early sign of pregnancy if you notice your female dog spending more than usual time sleeping. 

Also, you may find a change in your Beagle’s sleeping pattern. You Beagle may be awake and full of energy in the night while sleeping during the day. 

Your Beagle needs more energy to provide enough resources to the litter puppies inside. These noticeable changes can help you rule out the sign of pregnancy.

Weight Gain

Before Beagle gives birth, your dog may gain somewhere around 15-20% of the total weight.  

Beagle gains more weight during the early stages of pregnancy, therefore keeping track of the weight will help you notice the pregnancy. 

Swelling in Abdomen

You may be able to observe the firmness around your Beagle’s stomach within the first few weeks of the gestation period.

The swelling becomes visible after the fourth week of pregnancy.

Swelling in the Abdomen or bloating could also be a sign of different health problems. You must get your Beagle checked out by a vet as soon as possible.

Getting More Withdrawn 

Due to the hormonal changes, Beagles experience intense mood swings and become more withdrawn.

Don’t worry, and sometimes Beagles withdraw to prepare for nesting to give birth. You might find your Beagle hiding and sitting in quiet places.

You might also see a heightened sense of separation anxiety. This happened when your furry fellow was dependent on you before pregnancy.

Consult your vet if your Beagle starts to avoid eating or showing an excessive change in her behavior.

How to Take Care of Beagles During Pregnancy?

As an owner of your pregnant Beagle, it is your duty to take care of her health during and after the pregnancy.

Right Exercise

Your Beagle needs to have frequent movements during her pregnancy. 

You can try to consider incorporating shorter and frequent walks to the park in the routine.  

Exercise will help in improving your Beagle’s mood. It will also keep your Beagle in good condition when it is time for whelping.   

Right Nutrition

Your Beagles and the litter puppies must have an adequate diet with proper nutrition. 

Consulting a vet will give you a proper idea of what kind of food is more beneficial for your Beagle.

Right Accommodation

 You should prepare in advance for the day when your Beagle gives birth.

Make sure you have many blankets, towels, and enough space to accommodate the puppies safely.

What Are the Risks of Pregnancy in Beagles?

While it is good news for every dog owner, but there are certain risks associated with Beagle’s pregnancy. 

  • Prolonged Pregnancy – The pregnancy of your Beagle should not last for over 63 days. In case it happens, be prepared to call a vet.
  • Uterine Exhaustion – This situation takes place where the uterus is unable to contract the puppies through the vaginal canal. That can also be the reason for dystocia.
  • Position of the Puppies – Normally, the position of the puppies should be either the rear legs or the head first. They might get stuck if the puppy is positioned bottom or sideways first.
  • Narrowing of the pelvic canal – Any previous injury to the pelvic canal can make it difficult to make the delivery happen. 
  • Size of the puppies – Any abnormal developments can be detected early by the vet. You can be prepared beforehand for the complicated delivery.
  • Excessive Lethargy – Excessive lethargy may complicate pregnancy. If it still occurs during the end of pregnancy, consult the vet.

What Are the Stages of The Beagles Pregnancy?

The pregnancy of Beagles lasts about two months or 63 days. You must be familiar with the different phases your Beagle goes through during 8-9 weeks of pregnancy.

First Week

This is the time where the eggs get fertilized in the uterus and start to implant within the uterine wall. The heat cycle of your Beagle will cease once the pregnancy starts.

There will not be any noticeable changes you might see in your Beagle.

Second Week

The embryos begin to develop and grow during the second week. However, the appetite of your Beagle might remain constant.

There might be noticeable firmness around your Beagle’s abdomen. 

If there is any loss of weight, immediately consult the doctor.

Third Week

You might start noticing the change in eating habits during the third week. 

The walking schedule and physical activity will remain more or less the same for your Beagle. 

Fourth Week

This is the time when you should take your Beagle to the vet. The ultrasound will determine how many puppies are there in the Beagle’s litter.

The vet will also inform you about your Beagle’s and the puppies’ health conditions. Also, if there are any complications, they could be handled early.

Fifth Week

During the fifth week, the organs of the puppies will start to form. This means the puppies have already completed the stage of embryogenesis

At this phase, your Beagle will gain weight much faster than before. You should start feeding your Beagle more but at regular intervals.

Sixth Week

Puppies start to grow at a much faster speed during the sixth week. You Beagle require more food to maintain energy. 

However, symptoms like bloat and nausea can take place. The fast growth of the puppies can cause her to make her uncomfortable. 

Seventh Week

During the seventh week of pregnancy, now the puppies’ coats and bones have started to develop.

The teats of your Beagle might start to swell with milk that can cause her discomfort.

Get the whelping and nesting area ready so that your Beagle can have a safe environment. 

Make sure that you provide worm treatment for your Beagle. Now, the puppies are even less immune to the parasite within the womb.

Eighth Week

At this time, the puppies are fully developed. Birth can take place at any time. 

You need to start the essential preparation for birth. 

Ninth Week

Puppies can be born any day. Make sure that the Beagle has a warm place to stay with all the requirements.

Allow the Puppies to be born naturally. You should not intervene in the process of birth.

When the puppies are born, try to help your Beagle by gently cleaning the puppies. You can position the puppies near the Beagle so that the puppies can drink milk.

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What Preparations Do You Need to Make for The Birth of The Puppies?

You must get advice from a professional dog breeder about the preparations. Breeders know a lot about the necessary supplies required during the birth.


  • Whelping Pads
  • Whelping Box 

However, you can also prepare your whelping kit using DIY Supplies.

  • Digital thermometer
  • Locking hemostats
  • Absorbent disposable pads
  • Aspiration bulb
  • Disposable exam gloves
  • Hand towels and washcloths
  • Antiseptic (iodine/betadine)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Surgical scissors with blunt tips (stainless steel)

How Can the Vets Provide Help to Your Pregnant Beagles?

You must make frequent visits to the vet as soon as you see the first sign of pregnancy. The vet can confirm and find out the stage of pregnancy.

To check the hormone levels and confirm the pregnancy, the vet will do an endocrine test. 

To check the nutritional level of your Beagle, the vet will conduct a test. This will also show if there are any deficiencies or not. 

The vets can offer some generic and valuable advice on feeding during the gestation and post-partum periods.

You should always consider asking what you should expect and what you can do to help your Beagle during birth.

If there is an underlying medical condition, you should immediately consult a vet. Ignoring these signs can put your Beagle’s life in danger.

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Final Thoughts

Beagles are the strongest animals among all the dogs’ breed. You should feel lucky to be the proud owner of a Beagle.

Beagles can handle the whole process from being pregnant to giving birth very bravely. Even though, it becomes your responsibility to provide enough care when they go through the process. Only a healthy mother can give birth to healthy babies!