2 Year Adoptaversary For Mother and Daughter Jack Russell Mixes Will Melt Your Heart

By Jeanette Mason - February 2, 2023

Jack Russell on couch

Mother and daughter Jack Russel Mix dogs enjoy some special treats on their two-year adoptaversary. Pepper and Nancy, the two Jack Russel Mixes, have some relaxing time and a yogurt treat at their two-year adoptaversary.

Pepper and Nancy’s mom uploaded a video to her TikTok channel @milkkarten of the special day. The video begins with Pepper and Nancy snuggling on a bed while looking at the camera. The text overlay says, “Two years ago, we adopted two dogs who we thought were sisters…” The video continues, and the dogs are now snuggling in their dog bed.

The scene changes and Pepper and Nancy are standing side by side, looking out a front window. The dogs are then lying on a bed, and the text overlay says, “…until a DNA test revealed they were mother and daughter.” One of the dogs playfully grooms the other. Then both Pepper and Nancy eat a yogurt treat out of the cup. The scene changes, and both dogs are lying on a red couch. Then they are lying on top of a bed. The video ends with both dogs sleeping on top of a bed.

@milkkarten happy two year adoptaversary to nancy and pepper 🥹🥰 #dogsoftiktok ♬ Until I Found You – Em Beihold Version – Stephen Sanchez & Em Beihold

This video was so sweet. It is a miracle that this mother and daughter were adopted together. When so many dogs get separated. Pepper and Nancy are so lucky and some of the cutest Jack Russell mixes.

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TikTok viewers loved this video of Pepper and Nancy. @rclbeauty101 said, “This makes me so happy.” @rand)mw3irdo said, “IDK why seeing this got me crying. Seeing their bond warmed my heart.” @lolah_ros3 said, “Mama aged like fine wine. Can’t tell the difference.” @pj2431 said, “They have the heads of a Jack Russel Terrier.” @kellokyara said, “The shot of them looking out the window plus tails wagging.” @stefanierunner commented, “They are so lucky to be together. Thank You for adopting them. My heart is full. I’ve watched this at least 20 times.” @tattylou said, “Well, they are adorable. Thank you for caring for them together.”

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Pepper and Nancy deserve to have a happy life together. Thankfully, their mom gives them both a great life.