Wife Surprising Husband With Foster Dog Will Make You Cry

By Ashley Turner - September 24, 2022

Black Lab taking a car ride with tongue out

Who doesn’t love a heartwarming video where we see a dog get his final home? Fortunately, there is no shortage of these videos on TikTok! We love seeing dogs and humans bond through a special connection. It’s even better when two separated pals are finally reunited.

This was the case for a foster dog and his new owner. A woman decided to surprise her boyfriend with the foster dog that he loved. He opens the door to the welcoming surprise only to quickly shut the door in shock! The dog jumps off the bed to run to the door in what seems like confusion. The boyfriend re-opens the door and starts to pet the dog with a surprised and happy face. He doesn’t seem to believe the reunion!

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It’s always great to see a foster success story as there are so many dogs out there that need homes. This dog is very lucky as he now has a loving home with two parents who will love him dearly. The surprise adds to the heartwarming aspect of the video, it might even make you a bit emotional.

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We love to see when a foster dog is finally adopted. One commented writes, “Thank you for the gift for both of them. He has his friend, and he gets a new home where he is loved.” Fostering dogs often introduces a win-win situation where both dog and human are introduced to their best friend for life. Another person writes that “this is the best feeling in the world.” What could be better than being surprised with the newest member of your family? The top comment played to the humorous aspect of the video where the boyfriend closes the door and the dog goes to look for him. The comment says, “The dog is like where are you going? Come back!” In his excitement, the boyfriend leaves the room in disbelief!

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Overall, this is a very cute video that shows how great pet adoption is when it is successful. There is nothing better than a permanent home—we hope the very best for the dog and his new family