Big Dog’s Bark Knocks Tiny Puppy Off Its Feet

By Ashley Turner - September 24, 2022

Big black dog with little dog

Dog parents have had to deal with chaos while raising a new puppy with a big dog. Have you seen how puppies aggressively bark at the big dogs in the streets, parks, and even those living in the same house? Research shows that it’s due to the fear and anxiety of the small one, small dog syndrome, and hyperactivity. Well, considering a dog’s first job is to provide security for him and his parents, I bet a puppy’s first impulse would be to bark rampantly at the big one, as it cannot have the option of fighting.

An amusing video posted by @dracorayes in Tiktok shows how a big dog’s bark knocks a tiny puppy off its feet. The big black dog is lying on the ground with a pink ball in his palms while the tiny puppy barks aggressively at him, running around. The big dog looks around, then barks just once and puffs! The tiny puppy falls, lying on his back.


Please please please wait for it I’m begging you 😭

♬ original sound – Draco R

The tiny dog probably wanted the small, pink ball on the big dog’s paw. His language of communication was barking, and it’s like he was trying to say: Give me that, it’s mine,” but the big dog decided to show him what a real bark sounds like. I just had to laugh when he fell, and it’s so funny; take a look. I’m sure you’ll find it hilarious.

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The comment section is just full of people describing the video. @testerossav12 commented; When he fell over 😂😂😂🥰 @dj_g.host5 commented; bro looked like, “is someone talking?” 😂🤦@tripplea1999 commented; The big dog looks around first, then barks @f4ke_0ne commented; Learned the first-word FORCE. Commented @geym0ver commented; the way he flops is so cute @ixllllllllllllllllll commented; the force of the bark made him do a flip.

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The big dog will teach the tiny puppy how to bark in real time. The tiny puppy thought the aggressive barks would scare the big dog. This video made me laugh, especially when the bark sent the tiny puppy rolling in a second.