Video of French Bulldog Wrapped In A Blanket In The Car Is So Cute And Cozy

By Daniel Gibson - November 19, 2022

French Bulldog in car

TikTok user, PardonthyFrench, shows us how this French bulldog rides in the front seat of the car. It must have been a cold day when making the video because the Frenchie is wrapped up tight in a blanket. The noises of the bulldog as the camera moves close made me laugh out loud.

As the car door opens, this French Bulldog sits in the passenger seat. The Frenchie is wrapped up to keep the cold at bay. The blue blanket only leaves Frenchies head uncovered as the camera moves in close. The Frenchie’s tongue is popping out of its mouth as it makes the chesty breathing sounds they are famous for. Its ears are poking up on top of her head as it looks at its owner. Wrapped in the French Bulldog blanket, this Frenchie seems ready to face a cold winter’s day in the car.


On a scale if 1-10, how spoiled is your pet? 🥰

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I love French bulldogs because of their expressive faces. I could be projecting my pleasure at the video onto the Frenchie but it seems very happy to be driving. The sounds a Frenchie makes always make me smile when you get close enough to hear their heavy breathing. This Frenchie being so happy to stay in the passenger seat and remain warm cracks me up.

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I was not alone in enjoying the TikTok post. The comments for the post are full of praise for the dog and its owner. Sm0527 is a fan of this Frenchies heavy breathing and commented, “Aww the lil noises she makes !! 😂❤️” Likethedance commented, “awwwww as it should be.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” Honest_stud7 seems to have found the TikTok post funny. “😂😂😂😂😂too cute”

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French Bulldogs capture your heart very quickly and this Frenchie is too cute. Keeping your French Bulldog warm on a cold day seems like the right thing to do.