Video of Bernedoodle Wearing Boots For The First Time Will Make You LOL

By Jeanette Mason - November 19, 2022

Bernese Mountain Dog

It’s not strange to see a dog wear sweaters, dresses, hoodies, and boots, but it does take time to get used to wearing dog clothes and shoes. And during the time it takes for a dog to get used to new dog boots, the results can be hilarious.

TikTok creator Becka Vaughan uploaded a video to her TikTok channel @beackaavaughan of a Bernedoddle’s reaction to wearing boots for the first time. The TikTok video begins with the Bernedoodle lying on the floor and Becka putting boots on his feet. The Bernedoodle stretches his legs out as his mom puts on the last boot. Next, we see the Bernedoodle standing and trying to walk while wearing the boots with hilarious results. He tries to take some steps, but it looks like his legs aren’t used to walking as they go in different directions. The Bernedoodle takes a few awkward steps. Then runs outside awkwardly. He stops on the front steps, and his mom attaches a leash to his collar. They walk down the steps with the Bernedoodle stumbling a bit as he tries to get used to wearing boots. The Bernedoodle shakes his body and takes more steps that closely resemble a bucking bronco. The video ends with more footage of the Bernedoodle walking down the steps.

@beckaavaughan Boots on a dog 🤣🤣 #dogsinboots #FelizNavidad #christmas #bernedoodlesoftiktok ♬ 123start – cyrusaho

That funny walk. And the similarity to a bucking bronco. Too funny. Hopefully, it won’t take long for this dog to get used to wearing boots, and his gait will return to normal.

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Of all the TikTok viewers, some thought the video funny, while others compared it to a woman using heels for the first time, but all loved the video. @angelawilkinson68 said, “It’s a woman wearing heels for the first time.” @alexadracat said, “This is quality content.” While @user00100100100100101 commented, “My absolute fav! I have seen many dogs freak out, but none as goofy.” And @1trishlayne1 asked, “Why put shoes on a dog?” @beckaavaughan answered, “Because she has curly hair and gets and gets stickers from the grass. This helps prevent that.” And @erinmarie answered, “Where I am from, we get heavy snow which leads to heavy sidewalk salting, which will dry/crack paw pads. Boots suck but help.”

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This Bernedoodle looked goofy, trying out his new boots. Still, what a cute pup.