The Two Types of Dogs You Run Into At Physical Therapy Will Make You LOL

By Daniel Gibson - November 26, 2022

Dog in physical therapy

Those of us who spend time at the dog park can relate to this post from hrhopkin. “There Are Two Types of Dogs in This World is a funny post showing the differences between canines. The music choice from Matthew Rincon is excellent and its use timed to perfection.

The post opens with disco music playing over an image of a black lab walking in a tank of water. The pup is walking with a toy in his mouth as the treadmill moves in the base of the tank. The music shifts to out-of-tune pan pipes playing over the image of a small dog in the tank. The dog stands still and does not move as the treadmill base of the tank shifts from side to side. The small dog is facing the wrong way in the tank. The dog shifts its weight as if to start walking but remains still.

@hrhopkin There are two types of dogs in this world. #uwtm #physicaltherapy #vetmed #dogtok #caninerehab #rehab #PT #derbydog #ccrp #blacklab #fieldtrial ♬ original sound – Matthew Rincon

This is a funny video that makes me think about my dogs. One will walk and run everywhere. The other, not so much! The black lab in the video is acting like its breed and continues exercising at all costs. The small dog arrives with a music change from professional disco to amateur pan-pipes. The transition is seamless.

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“There Are Two Types of Dogs in The World” has more than 2.5 million likes and thousands of comments. Spicyspottedginger decided to support the small Frenchie by commenting, “well in his defense he did make ONE…half of a turn 😂” JDog appears to have a lot in common with the second dog, “2nd dog is my spirit animal 😂😂🥰🥰” Laurenshaline tried to get inside the mind of the second dog by commenting, “That second dog said “I didn’t sign up for this”😂”

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I love the second dog in the post for its refusal to do as asked. The first dog is enjoying itself but the post is all about the second dog.