Smart Husky Figures Out How To Activate The Lights

By Ashley Turner - September 23, 2022

Husky in apartment

Who doesn’t love watching videos of smart dogs? They always seem to figure the funniest solutions to things. These animals are very intelligent, and they can often get what they want by thinking things through. We are lucky to own them!

In this video, a husky barks at twinkly lights. He realizes that they brighten up when he makes noise. Thus, he begins to bark to keep them turning on and off! He figures out the pattern and enjoys his play time! At first, it seems like he is pushing a button as the room as dark. It becomes clear that he is barking to keep them on as the video continues.

@leo.husky [watch till the end. creator@hothqueen]#husky ♬ original sound – leo.husky

The husky is adorable as he looks into the strand of twinkle lights. The whole set up looks cozy, and he clearly likes to see what he can create. He seems to enjoy himself, but the owner light rethink the lights he barks at them all the time!

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The comments on the video are especially good. Someone asks, “Is he free in December?” The dog would be great at activating all the Christmas lights! Someone else adds, “There is nothing like a little light show to add to the performance.” Huskies are a talkative bunch and they often howl very loudly. Someone references this by saying, “I thought he was going to Husky scream to keep them on for a few seconds!” Amazingly, this husky keeps things low key. One lady even point out that, “People who think animals are stupid always make me laugh. Look at him! He learned a pattern with cause and effect. ‘I bark and the lights blink!’ He is very smart!”

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As you can see, this husky entertains us by entertaining himself with the lights. We love dogs who are able to figure things out!