Smart Golden Retrievers ‘Park’ Themselves When Their Owner Drops The Leash

By Daniel Gibson - December 1, 2022

Golden Retriever on leash

If only my dogs were as well trained as the two in this video from gamjamypotato. The two golden retrievers refuse to walk when their parent is not holding the leash. Standing still and waiting for their pet parent to come back and rescue them is the cutest thing. One of the hashtags for the “They are Parked” TikTok post is dog training and it shows.

The post from gamjamypotato starts with a human’s view of the two Golden Retrievers walking beside their owner. The caption over the video reads, “My dogs think they are parked when I drop the leash.” As the human drops the leash, the two dogs stand still and wait. The owner keeps walking to show the dogs will park themselves when the leash falls. To prove the point, the owner drops the leash three times and each time the dogs stand still. These are two well-trained dogs who end the post by picking up their leash and walking themselves.

@gamjamypotato They are parked 🚙 🚗 😅 #digs#pettok#petsoftiktok#dogtok#cutedogvideos#dogtraining ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

A well-trained dog is a joy to behold. I love the way these two retrievers will park themselves if their owner drops their leash. These dogs look very happy and healthy, with their tails wagging all the time. The final images of them walking themselves shows how happy they are. The post ends with happy dogs running in the sunshine, what more could I ask for?

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The comments show that not every dog is as well-trained as the two in the TikTok post. Bun commented, “my husky be like see you in the next life hoomans!” Shelby S followed a similar line, “Mine think they’re free boys and sprint either home or start rough housing 😂😂😂” Others were looking for tips on training, including Hejduk Dog, “Training tips please!”

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I love this TikTok post because it shows us how our dogs can show good behavior. Dog owners will be jealous of the training completed by the owner of these dogs.