21 of the Most Adorable Scottish Terrier Mix Breeds

By John Martin - November 16, 2023

Scottish Terriers are adorable dogs with a distinct personality and strong opinions. But they are also great dogs to interbreed with and are parents to some amazing breeds, that bring in the traits of other dogs making a uniquely adorable offspring. The following are 21 of the most adorable Scottish Terrier mix breeds.

Scottish Terrier Basset Hound Mix (Bascottie)

The Bascottie is a mix of the Scottish Terrier and Basset Hound. Most of the physical traits of this breed resemble its ancestors from the Scottish highlands and islands, but its legs have a resolute resemblance to the Basset Hound.

Bascottie Appearance

The Bascottie is small to medium sized and is often difficult to tell apart from the Scottish Terrier. It has a wiry coat but takes after the Basset Hound with larger years and a slightly larger nose. It also has a slightly longer body than the Scottish Terrier and has legs resembling its Basset Hound parentage.

Bascottie Temperament

The Bascottie is high on energy like its Scottish Terrier parent but is not always up for playing, and can be described as ‘serious’. It has a strong personality and will make its moods known, though they do not bark for too long even when upset. The Basset Hound, however, gives the Bascottie a gentler temper and the dogs like to be around people. But they do not like to be poked or roughed up so it would be better to keep an eye on the younger kids when they are around this breed.

Scottish Terrier Beagle Mix (Sceagle)


The Sceagle is a mix between the Scottish Terrier and the beagle. The first Sceagle appeared only recently and the breed does not date back beyond 2000. Therefore, not much can be inferred about Sceagles though one can note the temperaments of the respective parents and make a rough assessment.

Sceagle Appearance

Sceagles do not grow to be too big. A grown Sceagle may also be about 15 inches tall. It has a short coat like its beagle parent, which can also be wiry at times like its Scottish Terrier parent. The Sceagle also has long, droopy ears like its Beagle parent and a long tail that typically stays high. They have brown eyes and coats of various colors, including a mix of gray and white, orange and white, red and white, or even plain black or brown.

Sceagle Temperament

Sceagles are generally friendly dogs and make for great family pets. But it is important to train and socialize them from an early age. While they are friendly and enjoy affection, they are also good watchdogs and can be suspicious of strangers. They are also obedient dogs for the most part but do have strong personalities that can make them stubborn.

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Scottish Terrier Bichon Frise Mix (Scotchon)

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The Scotchon is a mix between the Scottish Terrier and the Bichon Frise. The breed came into being in the United States only around 2009 and does not have a very long history. The Scottish Terrier was once recognized as a Skye Terrier, while the Bichon Frise is said to have origins in Tenerife.

Scotchon Appearance

The Scotchon is descended from two breeds that both have double-coated fur. This means that the Scotchon also has thick, often curly fur. The dogs do not grow too much in size, though they have longer hind legs and shorter legs in the front. Their fur can be of various colors, including brown, gray, golden, black, white or perhaps even a combination of these colors.

Scotchon Temperament

Scotchons make for great pets and like to be around people. While they are friendly, they also like their independence and at times may also inherit the temper of their Scottish Terrier parent. You should certainly socialize your Scotchon from an early age.

Scottish Terrier Boston Terrier Mix (Scobo Terrier)

The Scobo Terrier is a mix between the Boston Terrier and the Scottish Terrier. The origins of this breed are not known, however, this is a breed that is not hard to find. The Boston Terrier has its origins in the United States and can be dated back to the 1800s. Some of the characteristics of the Boston Terrier can naturally be seen in the Scobo Terrier.

Scobo Terrier Appearance

The Scobo Terrier does not grow to a very large size. It has short legs and does not weigh more than 25 pounds when it is fully grown. They have dark eyes and often have a bulge, not unlike its Boston Terrier parent. The Scobo Terrier is also usually of a dark color with white marks on its face. The coat can differ depending on the dominant breed in the mating.

Scobo Terrier Temperament

Scobo Terriers are friendly and affectionate dogs that get along with children quite well. They are often up to antics around the house but can also be good watchdogs. Scobo Terriers also become very attached to their owners so they may experience some separation anxiety.

Scottish Terrier Cairn Terrier Mix (Bushland Terrier)


The Bushland Terrier is a mix of the Scottish Terrier and the Cairn Terrier. The date of origin for Bushland Terriers is not clear, though the Cairn Terrier does descend from the Scottish Highlands.

Bushland Terrier Appearance

The Bushland Terrier is a small dog and typically does not weigh more than 20 pounds even at full maturity. While black is the most common color, their double coat could be of other colors as well. The body of a Bushland Terrier typically looks more like the Scottish Terrier, while the muzzle may resemble that of the Cairn Terrier.

Bushland Terrier Temperament

Bushland Terriers are friendly dogs and make for good household pets as well as watchdogs. However, they can also be stubborn and do not like to be ordered around. So it is important to socialize and train them from a young age.

Scottish Terrier Cavalier King Charles Mix (Cavottish)

Scottish Terrier Cavalier King Charles Mix (Cavottish)

The Cavottish is a mix of the Scottish Terrier and the Cavalier King Charles. It was likely created in the United States and though it does not have a very long history, its parents have a long and rich ancestry. Cavalier King Charles gets its name from the patronage the breed enjoyed in the British royal family.

Cavottish Appearance

These dogs are generally small and have short legs. They usually have a lot of hair on their face, like their Scottish Terrier parents. While the Cavalier King Charles has long, silky years, the Cavottish does not inherit these long ears though they are not pointy like the Scottish Terrier either.

Cavottish Temperament

It is difficult to identify a common temperament among Cavottish dogs, as they may inherit it from either of their parents. In general, they are friendly dogs and make good pets, but while the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is good with kids, Scottish Terriers are not always.

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Scottish Terrier Chihuahua Mix (Scotchi)

Scotchi is a mix between Scottish Terriers and Chihuahuas. Both parents to this elegant breed are opinionated and make their disapproval known. But they also make for good pets and are loyal companions.

Scotchi Appearance

The Scotchi has a compact body and does not weigh more than 20 pounds even at full maturity. They have a long muzzle though it may be tapered. Scotchis also have triangular shaped ears that flop over, unlike its parents. They have longer legs than the Scottish Terrier and the coat can be of various textures, depending on the dominant parent.

Scotchi Temperament

Scotchis are loyal and affectionate dogs that will be sensitive to their owners’ moods. They usually do not get along with other pets and animals, but they can be socialized from an early age to fix this. They also get along decently with kids, but may not always be indulgent of younger kids trying to poke them. They prefer the company of older kids who understand their limits with the dog.

Scottish Terrier Cocker Spaniel Mix (Scottish Cocker)

The Scottish Cocker is a mix of Scottish Terriers and Cocker Spaniels. While the Cocker Spaniel is a sociable and mellow breed, the Scottish Terrier can have a temper and is known for its agility. But the hybrid breed could have a mix of both these traits and has a unique personality.

Scottish Cocker Appearance

Scottish Cockers can be small to medium sized. They have a silky coat that can vary in length and maybe slightly wavy. They are usually white, black or brown in color. They also typically have a broad muzzle and may have a tail resembling either the Spaniel or the Terrier parent.

Scottish Cocker Temperament

Scottish Cockers are friendly and affectionate dogs that make for great companions. In fact, they can also become too friendly with strangers! They do not like to be left alone for too and may suffer from separation anxiety.

Scottish Terrier Dachshund Mix (Doxie Scot)

A Doxie Scot is a mix between a Scottish Terrier and a daschund. It descends from alarm barkers so the Doxie Scot can be a fairly noisy pet to have. Like its parents, the Doxie Scot also tends to bond with a single person.

Doxie Scot Appearance

The Doxie Scot is a small- to medium-sized dog. It typically has ears like the Scottish Terrier, but they are slightly larger than their parents’ ears. It may have a wiry or a smooth coat, depending on which parent has dominant traits. The coat may be black, tan, brown or a mix of these colors.

Doxie Scot Temperament

The Doxie Scot is energetic and is an alarm barker like both its parents. It needs to be socialized from an early age to get used to other pets and animals. Doxie Scots are also better pets to keep around older kids who know how to be around a slightly temperamental dog.

Scottish Terrier Golden Retriever Mix (Scolden Terrier)

The Scolden Terrier is a mix of a Scottish Terrier and a Golden Retriever. The friendlier and even-tempered traits of the Golden Retriever balance out the more aggressive traits of the Scottish Terrier.

Scolden Terrier Appearance

Scolden Terriers are medium-sized dogs and can grow as tall as 15 inches, thanks to their Golden Retriever parentage. At full maturity, the dogs can weigh 40 pounds, depending on the dominant parent’s traits. It may be born with floppy ears but they may droop more by the time it is fully grown. It has a long and rough coat like its Scottish Terrier parent.

Scolden Terrier Temperament

The Scolden Terrier is a great mix of both its parents in terms of temperament. This is a friendly and playful dog that is friendlier with children compared to its Terrier parent. Scolden Terriers also like to wander and hunt and require a fair amount of exercise.

Scottish Terrier Lhasa Apso Mix (Scotti Apso)

The Scotti Apso is a mix of a Scottish Terrier and a Lhasa Apso. This is an affectionate dog that can also, at times, be aggressive. It makes for a great guard dog as well as a house pet.

Scotti Apso Appearance

A Scotti Apso is a small dog that stands about 11 inches tall even at maturity. It has a thick coat like both its parents which is usually straight. While it is not a very tall dog, it is long. It has short legs, with feet covered in long fur. A Scotti Apso has a medium-length muzzle.

Scotti Apso Temperament

Scotti Apsos are sweet and affectionate dogs, but can also be snappy and aggressive when rubbed the wrong way. It is best to have them in households with older children, who know how to give dogs their space. They are wary of strangers and make good guard dogs.

Scottish Terrier Maltese Mix (Scottese)

A Scottese is a mix between a Scottish Terrier and a Maltese. This is a new hybrid, therefore, there is not much information on the breed yet. However, it does descend from parents who have a long history.

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Scottese Appearance

The Scottese is a small dog that can weigh as little as 4 pounds and as much as 22 pounds at full maturity. They have dark eyes and a medium-length muzzle. The tail can be of different lengths and shapes, depending on the parent with the dominant traits. The same goes for the coat, which can be medium length and wiry or long and silky.

Scottese Temperament

Both the Scottish Terrier and the Maltese are known to have a bit of a temper but they can also be friendly and affectionate dogs. The Scottese, therefore, is a loving and cheerful dog that can also have bouts of aggression and stubbornness. You may want to supervise its interaction with younger children.

Scottish Terrier Pekingese Mix (Scotinese)

The Scotinese is a mix of the Scottish Terrier and the Pekingese. This is a fluffy breed that makes for great lap dogs.

Scotinese Appearance

The Scotinese is a small dog though it has a long body. It has a soft coat that will require frequent brushing. The facial features may differ from dog to dog, depending on the dominant parent trait.

Scotinese Temperament

A Scottinese is a playful and affectionate dog that likes to be independent. These are proud dogs and can often be stubborn. They are loyal and have an excellent memory. They make for great guard dogs as they are wary of strangers.

Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix (Scoodle)

Portrait 1

Scoodles are a blend of Scottish Terriers and Poodles. They are easy to groom and thrive in the company of their favorite person, though they may experience some separation anxiety if left alone for long.

Scoodle Appearance

Scoodles are small to medium sized and are commonly black, brown or grey in color. Their coat can be medium in length, and can vary between straight and curly, wiry and silky. While they have the body shape of the Scottish Terrier, the legs resemble a Poodle.

Scoodle Temperament

Scoodles can take to a single family member or to a single family quite well, and will be very affectionate and loving. However, they do not like to be teased or jostled too much, and may snap. They also do not like to be left alone for long so they thrive best in households where members do not travel as much.

Scottish Terrier Pug Mix (Pugottie)

The Pugottie is a mix of a Scottish terrier and a Pug. It is a small breed that does not weigh more than 25 pounds on an average, even at full maturity. It may go up to a height of 12 inches.

Pugottie Appearance

A Pugottie is a small dog, with a furry coat and triangular ears that flop over. It usually has a black and brown coat, though other color variations can be found as well. The coat is typically straight, and it has a tail that curls over its back.

Pugottie Temperament

A Pugottie is an inquisitive and energetic dog. But they are still suspicious of strangers and make for good watchdogs, in addition to good housepets. While they are friendly and affectionate, they can also be quite stubborn so training them requires patience.

Scottish Terrier Schnauzer Mix (Scottie Schnauzer)

A Scottie Schnauzer is a hybrid mix between a Scottish Terrier and a Schnauzer. In terms of temperament, the two parent dogs are not too different though a Schnauzer makes for a better pet.

Scottie Schnauzer Appearance

A Scottie Schnauzer is a small dog that could look like either of its parents, who do not look too different from each other, though a Scottish Terrier is much shorter than a Schnauzer. The Scotti Schnauzer also has a long muzzle and may have triangular ears that flop over.

Scottie Schnauzer Temperament

The Scottie Schnauzer is more or less a friendly and affectionate breed, but it does inherit some of its temper from its parents. It is recommended that you socialize a Scottie Schnauzer from an early age to interact with pets and other animals, as well as young children.

Scottish Terrier Shih Tzu Mix (Sco-Shi)


The Sco-Shi is a hybrid mix of the Scottish Terrier and the Shih Tzu. Both parent dogs can have a temper and a stubborn personality, which may pass on to the Sco-Shi.

Sco-Shi Appearance

A Sco-Shi is a small dog that does not weigh more than 20 pounds even at full maturity. They have floppy ears and generally have long hair. Depending on the dominant parent, the hair may be straight or wiry. It may have a long muzzle like the Scottish Terrier.

Sco-Shi Temperament

The Sco-Shi has a temperamental set of parents so it can also be aloof at times, though it is generally friendly with the people it is attached to. It likes to be on its own a lot, so it is the ideal pet for a quiet household of adults. It is not very friendly with strangers and makes for a good watchdog.

Scottish Terrier Silky Terrier Mix (Skilky Terrier)

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Skilky Terriers are a mix of Scottish Terriers and Silky Terriers. Skilky Terriers are small dogs but they make it known when they are upset or happy. They are expressive dogs that make for good companions and are great even on a hunt. The Scottish Terrier is a similarly opinionated dog. The Skilky Terrier is not a very common breed but it sure has a big personality.

Skilky Terrier Appearance

Skilky Terriers are small dogs that stay close to the ground in height. They have a fluffy muzzle like their respective Terrier parents. They have triangular, perky ears covered in fluffy fur. They have straight hair that may at times be wiry.

Skilky Terrier Temperament

Skilky Terriers come from parents who have equally large and assertive personalities. They can be stubborn but are also affectionate and make for great pets. Again, as with their parents, you may want to socialize them from an early age, especially if you have young kids at home.

Scottish Terrier Skye Terrier Mix (Scottish-Skye Terrier)

The Scottish-Skye Terrier is a mix between the Scottish Terrier and the Skye Terrier. The Skye Terrier is a small dog with long, silky hair. Once one of the most popular breeds, the Skye Terrier is found less commonly in the United Kingdom now.

Scottish-Skye Terrier Appearance

The Scottish-Skye Terrier is a short but long dog that stays close to the ground in height. It has long, silky fur that falls over its eyes like the Skye Terrier. The dogs have a double coat and can be of various colors. They also have a dark, fluffy muzzle and erect ears.

Scottish-Skye Terrier Temperament

Unlike the reputation both its parents have, Scottish-Skye Terriers are good with children, but they need to be socialized from an early age. They can be very attached to their owners and are perceptive of changes in their moods. They can also be good watch dogs as they are agile dogs.

Scottish Terrier Westie Mix (Scoland Terrier)


The name ‘Scoland Terrier’ sounds like a spelling error, but it is actually the name for a mix between the Scottish Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier. Both breeds originated in Scotland, so the name does seem apt.

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Scoland Terrier Appearance

The Scoland Terrier typically has a face and head like the Westie and a body like the Scottish Terrier. However, this may differ in individual dogs based on the dominant parent traits. They have small, triangular and perky ears. The fur is double coated and is often wiry like its Scottish Terrier parent.

Scoland Terrier Temperament

Scoland Terriers are intelligent dogs that are affectionate but can also be stubborn and opinionated. Scottish Terriers are not always the best dogs to have around small children as they are not as indulgent as some other breeds may be. The same trait often passes on to Scoland Terriers. But with early socialization, you can ensure they get along with the little ones.

Scottish Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mix (Scorkie)


The Scorkie is a mix between the Scottish Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier and is a popular choice among pet owners and dog show enthusiasts. While the Scottish Terrier is obviously of Scottish origins, the Yorkshire Terrier also descends from Scotland and perhaps moved towards Yorkshire where it became more popular during and after the Industrial Revolution.

Scorkie Appearance

The Scorkie remains a small dog and is quite close to the ground in height. It typically has a long coat, the color of which can vary depending on the dominant parent. It has a long muzzle like both its Terrier parents. It has perky, triangle shaped ears. It has a high tail that owners commonly dock.

Scorkie Temperament

Scorkies are generally affectionate and loyal dogs that make great companions. They can often be stubborn so you need to establish discipline at an early age. They are generally curious and friendly but have a loud bark which they will deploy around strangers. They are not very energetic but they do need daily exercise.

Summing Up

These have been the most adorable Scottish Terrier breeds. Many of them may retain the Scottish Terrier’s temperament, but they are often evened out by the friendliness of the other parent. Overall, the Scottish Terrier has been a parent to some truly adorable breeds.