11 of the Top Brittany Spaniel Mix Breeds

By John Martin - August 11, 2022

Brittany Spaniel is known for being amiable and fun-loving. Their friendly nature is the reason why this specific breed enjoys massive demand from dog-lovers around the globe.

This breed is highly agile and is known for its hunting skills. If you’re fond of French Brittany, you will adore its hybrids. Keep reading to find some of Brittany Spaniel’s most popular mix breeds along with other famous designer breeds.

On that note, here are 11 varied breeds of Brittany Spaniel so that you can choose your furry friend based on what suits your requirements.

Brittany Spaniel Beagle Mix (Brittany Beagle)


Beagles are generally one of the most fun-loving dogs. Perhaps that’s the reason they continuously rank in the top 10 most popular breeds in the American Kennel Club or AKC. They are very loveable and adaptive.

This breed of Beagle has one of the most fantastic parent pairs. A Brittany beagle is a mixed breed of a Brittany Spaniel and a Beagle. They are infamous for their hunting skills.


A Brittany Beagle is a small, medium-sized dog that carries characteristics of both parents. Brittany Beagles range from small to medium in terms of their height. The male grows up to 15 inches tall, and the females grow up to 12 inches tall.

  • Their coat is exceptionally furry.
  • The cast of the coat ranges from white and orange or roan.
  • Their legs represent typical Beagle characteristics which are very sleek and tall.
  • The body structure, however, resembles a Brittany breed. Therefore, their body is robust and sturdy.


These little dogs are known for their playfulness and naughty behavior. They are a friendly breed who love to dwell with their human buddies.

Sometimes they can get a little stubborn, but they will be an absolute delight to be with the appropriate training. They train very well under reward-based systems.


Their maximum lifespan ranges from 12-15 years. The lifespan of these furry beagles can be increased by ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

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Border Collie Brittany Spaniel Mix (Border Collie Britt)

Border Collie Britt is one of the most responsible dog breeds. They are regarded as the “workaholics of dogs.” The breed is considered among the most hard-working dogs.


As the above description suggests, the Border Collie Britt has a very athletic physical appearance. The males of this breed are usually 22 inches tall and weigh around 30-45 pounds. The females of this breed are around 20 inches tall and weigh approximately 30-42 pounds.

They are medium-sized and well-proportionate dogs.

  • They are mid-sized with a semi-erect or erect ear structure.
  • The breed has a set of oval eyes set widely from each other.
  • They have potent necks, and the back is arched slightly.
  • Their legs are sleep and compact.
  • They have a very long and fluffy tail.


They are known for their energy and intense loyalty. Border Collie Britts are one of the sharpest hunter dogs.

The breed mostly prefers peaceful environments and loves being within a family. They are well compatible with kids and love being outdoors actively.

Since they are mentally advanced breeds, they need proper exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day. They are very hard-working and have an undivided focus on their duties.


The usual lifespan of a Border Collie is 12-14 years. However, a record has been set by a Border Collie Britt to live for 17 years. Hence, with proper care and a healthy lifestyle, you can significantly increase their lifespan.

Brittany Spaniel Braque du Bourbonnais Mix (Brittany Bourbonnais)

Brittany Spaniels and Braque Du Bourbonnais are the parent breeds. This breed is considered a literal bundle of joy. The Brittany Bourbonnais are amiable dogs that dwell extremely well within families.


The visuals of this breed will depend highly on the dominant parent gene. These dogs are usually medium-sized. Both the genders tend to reach a size of 17-22 inches.

The coat is similar to that of Braque Du Bourbonnais.

  • They will be shorts as well as rich in quality
  • The color of the eye and the coat complement each other.
  • They have a pear-shaped head and highly expressive eyes.
  • They are primarily muscular.


They are one of the very affectionate and loyal breeds. With pretty goofy and charmer traits, these dogs tend to be very welcoming. They need a lot of attention but adjust thoroughly with other pets.

Labrador Retriever Brittany Spaniel Mix (Labany)

These are some of the rarest cross-breeds. One of the parent breeds includes Labrador, which is the most preferred breed in the world. These French sporting dogs significantly represent Labrador characteristics.


The breed might look like a great deal like those Labradors, but they are much lanker and shorter than them.

  • Their body is very athletic.
  • They have long forehead and widely placed eyes.
  • They have long necks, muscular limbs, and body.
  • Their build is very sturdy.
  • They have a bobtail, which is a very distinct characteristic from both the parents.


This breed is friendly and adaptive. They have a very social and welcoming temperament. They are the kind of dogs who will love social gatherings at the house.

Furthermore, they are very energetic and hence need to shed all the energy to maintain good health. These are smart dogs who learn very quickly.

Brittany Spaniel Poodle Mix (Brittnepoo)

If you are a poodle lover, you will adore this breed. The breed is a mix of a Brittany Spaniel and a Poodle. The latter has constantly ranked among the most popular breeds in the world.


The characteristics of a Brittnepoo are mainly similar to that of a Brittany Spaniel. The appearance, however, is exactly like a Poodle.

They are medium-sized cross-breed. Brittnepoo grows as tall as 20 inches in height. Furthermore, Brittnepoo weighs around 50 pounds.

  • They have long sleek legs.
  • They possess a squarely built physique.
  • They have a long muzzle.
  • With a long head, their ears are set wide apart.
  • They have dense wavy fur.


Brittnepoo is one of the most social dogs on the list. This characteristic is pervasive among this breed because of their origin, as both the parents are amicable.

They are always eager to please you and relish physical activities. The Brittnepoo is one of the most affectionate dogs that you will have around you.


They have an average lifespan of 12-14 years.

Brittany Spaniel Australian Shepherd Mix (Australian Brittany)

Australian Brittany Spaniel is one of the most intelligent dogs. They are very active and are one of the best security dogs.


Their height ranges from 17-20 inches. The breed weighs around 30-40 pounds.

  • The breed requires very little maintenance.
  • Very furry, hence their coats should be brushed once a day to remove a heap of hair.
  • They have a slightly pointed muzzle.
  • The eyes are mostly brown.
  • Have a very thick coat.
  • Their coat can range from black and white to brown and white.


These medium-sized dogs are highly active. On average, they need 30-40 minutes of exercise daily. They tend to be obese, hence exercising is vital for them.

They dwell well within families and are social. Not only that, but they love to have their own space.


Their average lifespan is of 10-13 years.

Brittany Spaniel Irish Setter Mix (Irish Brittany)

This breed is considered a very highly trainable breed of dogs. These medium-sized furry animals are mostly happy, which is contagious, and hence, you can’t help but smile looking at your furry member.


  • The breed has long and slender legs.
  • The body is very flexible and well-built.
  • Their eyes range from brown to hazel brown.
  • They belong to a hunting dog clan, and hence are very fast.


Since they are hunting dogs, they will tend to chase other animals. Hence, they might not get along with other pets in the family.

They are incredibly active and thus love being outdoors doing physical activity. Moreover, Irish Brittany Spaniel is careful and possesses upbeat personalities loyal and loving towards their family.

Brittany Spaniel Siberian Husky Mix (Brittany Husky)

Huskies are a breed that everyone adores. No matter how intimidating they look, we all know huskies are very goofy by heart.


  • Unlike its Husky parent, this specific breed is medium-sized.
  • They have sleek and long legs.
  • The body build is very muscular.
  • Their eyes look very intimidating as they grow up.
  • The coat is very thick and furry.


These dogs are very active and polite. They love to socialize. Since Huskies are also good hunters, they have very advanced alertness.

The breed is very energetic but tends to love their personal spaces more as they grow up.

Brittany Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Mix

An offspring of English Cocker and Brittany Spaniel, this breed is friendly, happy, and agile. Brittany English Cocker Spaniel Mix is an intelligent dog and requires socialization to dwell up with the surroundings.

Did you know Cocker Spaniel used to be one of the most popular breeds in the 1960s?


The breed gets the dominant characteristics of a Brittany Spaniel. They are medium-sized dogs that grow up to 19 inches at the most. They weigh up to 35 pounds.

  • Long and slender legs
  • Narrow and long muzzle
  • A broad forehead
  • Long-tail
  • A sleek and flexible body


They are incredibly loveable dogs. A Brittany Spaniel Cocker’s hunting skills are excellent. Additionally, they are very empathetic towards kids.

The variety is very loyal to its family. They love reward-based training and are very dynamic. They sometimes might be aggressive if not appropriately trained.


Their lifespan ranges from 12-14 years, which can be increased with a healthy lifestyle.

Brittany Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Brittany)

Golden Retriever just come below Labradors in the most popular breeds, mostly due to their jolly nature. Golden Brittany breeds are very timid dogs with a submissive nature.

The super friendly dogs are all set to conquer all your space, both in your home and your heart.


They are usually shorter than the Golden Retrievers. They grow up to 9 inches tall. Likewise, they may weigh up to 16 kg.

  • They are very flexible.
  • Lightweight dogs
  • They have long and slender ears.
  • The colors of the coat might range from golden brown to orange and white.
  • The legs are very sleek and long.
  • They have a slim and long body.
  • Their eyes may vary in shades.


Golden Brittany has an average lifespan of about 10-13 years.


These are super friendly dogs who are always very eager and have incredibly high energy levels. The breed has a very developed sense of smell.

They are timid and shy and hence might not be very social with new people. They are very responsible and love indulging in physical activities.

Brittany Spaniel English Setter Mix (Brittany Setter)

This particular breed of dog is considered excellent hunters and has developed an intense sense of smell.


They are mid-sized dogs who weigh around 30-45 pounds. The Brittany Setter mix breed stands 17-20 inches tall. They have docked tails.

  • Very sporty dogs
  • Their coat is very short.
  • The tone varies from white to orange to roan.
  • They require a good amount of maintenance.


Their lifespan varies from 12-14 years.


They are pleasant dogs and are very protective of kids, their tiny humans. Hence, the kids in your family will love having them around.

They are in constant need of attention and do not like sharing their personal space. Hence, if you have another pet, you might reconsider having an English Setter mix.

To Sum It Up

Brittany Spaniels produces very social, loveable, and energetic offspring. It is one of the most amiable dog breeds and is a bundle of joy.

Hence, if you plan to add a dog to your family, a Brittany Spaniel mix will make for an excellent choice.