Poodle Gets Annoyed With Hooman When Trying To Look Out The Window

By Ashley Turner - November 4, 2022

Brown poodle on blanket

Although these precious pooches may have somewhat of an undeserved reputation for being dilettantes, the poodle is actually one of the smartest dog breeds out there. And, as any dog lover knows, smart dogs are usually some of the most curious — and nosiest!

Duncan is certainly no exception to the rule. The beautiful, fluffy poodle can’t seem to get enough of whatever is going on outside his window. In this video, posted by @Wesleys2ndchance, one of Duncan’s parents repeatedly tries to get his attention as he spies on what is happening outside. Duncan, however, is not having it. Every time she calls his name, he turns his head to look quickly. Then, just as quickly, he sharply turns his head back to the entertainment occurring outside the window. His annoyance at being summoned is so cute — and universal. It’s like a human being distracted by someone as they try to watch the last few minutes of a game or the finale of their favorite show.

@wesleys2ndchance #duet with @teresita1818 This is too funny not to share. #heyduncan #funnydog #sillydog #whatdoyouwant #whatthewhat #poodlesoftiktok #poodle #doodlesoftiktok ♬ original sound – Teresa Franks Echeve

Although we may never know exactly what Duncan was staring at outside — perhaps it was a squirrel or a neighbor he knew — we can still identify with his feeling of being preoccupied and not wanting to be disturbed from the task at hand.

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All of Duncan’s fans seemed to be wildly amused by his antics, chiming in with some of their own hilarious commentary on the situation. Shauna wrote, “He literally can’t miss a second of what’s happening outside” with a laughing crying emoji. Some people were really entertained by the movements of Duncan’s ears, which is why moragmcniven wrote, “The ear flaps kill me.” TheBernerBunch wanted to talk about Duncan’s obvious irritation, writing “WHAT DO YOU WANT WOMAN” -Duncan at the end.”

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There’s something so silly and sweet about Duncan’s moves. For anyone who wants to send a smile to a friend, this video will do the trick.