Photographer Does a Photo Shoot of Perfect Golden Retriever On The Street

By Ashley Turner - October 26, 2022

Golden Retriever eating ice cream

There is a reason why golden retrievers consistently rank as one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Their sunny dispositions and good looks make these canines the life of any party.

In this TikTok from @thedogist, viewers make the acquaintance of Moses, a wildly charming golden retriever who is out to lunch with his dad and some friends. “He’s very vicious!” the owner jokes as Moses warmly greets the professional dog photographer. With the use of a few squeaky toys, the photographer is able to capture some truly great headshots of Moses. Indeed, if Moses had a LinkedIn profile, these shots would be ideal for getting him work. In one of the photos, he is casually holding a ball in his mouth. After his photo session, the photographer asks Moses’ dad what his personality is like, and the man is quick to sing his dog’s praises, saying that he is “absolutely loyal, fun-loving, and obsessed with balls.” He also reveals that Moses has never once gotten in trouble. For those who struggle with their dogs’ obedience issues, Moses definitely would seem to be a role model.

@thedogist Moses is the perfect dog 🥰 #nyc #dogphotographer ♬ Here Comes the Sun – Relaxing Instrumental Music

Anyone who’s ever loved a golden retriever will quickly recognize the kindness in this dog model’s face. His gentle brown eyes are truly the windows to his sweet soul, so it’s not surprising when his owner speaks so highly of him.

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Commenters seemed to share the sentiment that Moses’ behavior is truly exemplary. Eric wrote, “Dogs terrify me, but I’m sure I’d be fine around that one” while the vast majority of other commenters used the phrase “good boy” to describe Moses. The caption that the photographer used summed up the situation excellently: “Moses is the perfect dog.”

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It is, indeed, difficult to think of a dog that is more family-friendly than the golden retriever. They make great therapy dogs and are even good at helping those who are afraid of dogs to feel more comfortable. Moses makes the perfect mascot for his breed.