Not Everything Is Great At Doggy Daycare, Some Dogs Have Their Problems

By Daniel Gibson - October 18, 2022

Dogs playing together with toy

Like normal human daycares, we always find odd characters, even in our dog daycare centers. In the video, we are shown different doggies with hilarious antics that you cannot help but love.

First, we have Bella, who has her collar on her mouth and seems to have decided to take herself on a walk. Oliver stands out by staying on top of the cages and acting like a lookout. Or maybe he’s their King, watching over the pride lands. Hugo looks like a loaf of bread when he lies on the floor. Harrison is behind a glass screen but seems to have trouble smiling. He tries his best, though, licking his lips and grinning softly. On the other hand, Coco loves playing with water and clearly likes throwing hands to whoever brings up a challenge.

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Our furried friend Silas might look the part, but he is very clumsy and not what you’d call athletic. In contrast, we have Quinn, who has all the energy to spare but is too short to see outside. Much unlike the Dalmatian next to him, who steps onto a cage and can see everything outside.

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Suggs is next, with a small body and ears too big for his googly-eyed head. So cute. Our next menace is Koa. Be careful when you decide to pet him because once you start, he doesn’t allow you to stop. Zoe prefers playing dead on the floor, while Marcy usually is too impatient to sit still and waits around the door.

Watching this video makes one want to spend the day in the daycare and watch the dogs. Looking at the comment section, we find viewers falling in love with the dogs and their antics. User @zoe holvey says, “Hugo has been raised by cats😅” which might explain why he sleeps there.

@ladybabynelly “Is no one gonna talk about that dog that is almost taller than me” about the Dalmatian who is clearly a giant among dogs and some men.

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Even though they seem like a handful, they still seem a fantastic bunch to hang out with.