Loyal Labradoodle Sent to Principal’s Office for Trespassing at School

By John Martin - February 28, 2023

Sandy looking out from principal's office

A loyal Labradoodle named Sandy has caused quite a stir in his hometown after he snuck out of his house and followed his owners’ kids to school.

Sandy, who always tries to keep an eye on his family, had been trying to join the children on their walk to school for some time. However, he was always caught and sent back home. That is, until one day when Sandy managed to slip out unnoticed and make his way to the school.

“He just really, really wants to go to school with them to keep an eye on them all day,” Karen Manthey, Sandy’s owner, told The Dodo.

Once at the school, Sandy was spotted by a faculty member who promptly sent him to the principal’s office. Karen, who was initially unaware of Sandy’s disappearance, was shocked when her daughter returned home with the furry culprit.

Karen was taken by surprise when her daughter arrived home with Sandy. She had not noticed that the dog had gone missing, and it turned out that the school had been trying to call her, but her phone was turned off. A neighbor who was at the school noticed Sandy and snapped a picture to ask Karen if he was hers.

Karen rushed to the school to apologize for Sandy’s misbehavior, but to her surprise, the staff found the whole incident amusing.

“They laughed pretty hard,” Karen said. “I showed up over there to apologize and pay for the blinds but their cool school janitor had already replaced them. Instead they just asked me to email them the picture. The office ladies wanted it.”

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Sandy, who didn’t seem to feel guilty at all, was thrilled with the day’s adventures. Karen said, “If anything, I think he’ll try twice as hard to sneak off with the kids again.”

While Sandy’s loyalty may have caused a bit of chaos, it’s clear that his love for his family is unwavering. Who knows what adventures Sandy will have next?

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