Do Great Danes Jump Fences?

By John Martin - May 11, 2021

Great Dane standing in front of fence

Great Danes are popular all over the world, thanks to the popularity of Scooby-Doo. These gentle giants are loyal and make great guard dogs.

However, due to their large size and their athletic abilities, they have the potential to jump fences and run away. Let’s explore why they do that.

What Are Great Danes Like?

Great Danes are curious and love to play around. They are big dogs but they don’t realize that. They can be clumsy because of their size.

Their curiosity makes them leap around everywhere. They do not purposely want to hurt others but they might accidentally do that while playing around.

It is important that Great Dane owners train them well for their own safety and for the safety of others too. They must be taught discipline from a young age.

Is Jumping a Serious Issue?

These dogs are tall and their height makes it easy for them to jump most fences. This can be a concern for their owners who are worried about their dog running away.

This threat increases if they spot a squirrel or a male Great Dane spots a female Great Dane nearby.

What lies beyond the fence can be scary for a dog. They may lose their way, get hit by a vehicle or can even be attacked by another dog.

However, it is possible to prevent them from doing that if you train and socialize them properly. It is for the safety of your own dog and others around you.

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Why Do They Jump Fences?

Great Danes are playful creatures. They may get excited whenever they see another dog or they simply want to have a look around.

They jump over fences not because they don’t love their owners. They simply love adventures and want to explore the world around them.

There are many reasons your Great Dane is jumping fences. Here are some of them.

Separation Anxiety

Great Danes are independent dogs but at the same time, they love interacting with their owners and family members. They are lovable dogs who don’t like to stay alone.

Their vulnerability and sensitivity makes them more prone to separation anxiety than other breeds. They can become distressed and try to escape when they feel lonely.

If they feel their owner is not paying them enough attention, they can do silly things to grab it. Jumping a fence is one way of making their owner look after them.

Make sure you are spending enough time with your dog no matter how busy you are. Create a safe environment for them so they don’t want to ever run away from you.

Like many owners, you can sleep with your Great Danes to build your relationship. Research suggests a whopping 56% of dog owners sleep with their dogs.

Not Enough Stimulation

If your Great Dane is bored at home, it will try to look for distractions elsewhere. Chances are your dog is not trying to be rebellious, it just wants some stimulation.

In this case, your pet is more likely to chase small animals like cats and squirrels. It may try to find other people to play with.


No one enjoys restrictions, especially not Great Danes. If you are overly protective of your dog and keep it enclosed or tied up at all times, it may get distressed.

A distressed dog will try to find its freedom in any way and jumping a fence is one way of doing that.

Looking for More Friends

Your Great Dane might be in need of more friends to play with. It might even be looking for a mate if it hasn’t been desexed.

What Kind of Fence Should You Install?

Your fence should be higher than six feet at least. Your pet may chew up your fence so make sure you are using a strong material that is durable.

Keep an eye on your dog so it doesn’t dig up the ground and run away.

Many people install wire fences through which everything is visible. This is not a good option if you value your privacy.

Remember that Great Danes are intelligent dogs and can figure out how to open simple latches. Make sure you are taking proper precautions to prevent that.

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How High Can They Jump?

A grown-up Great Dane can jump a fence up to six feet tall. The height may be lesser for a puppy but it’s still a threat.

When installing a fence, it is a good idea to install privacy wooden fences. This will also minimize the risk of your dog being stolen.

How to Prevent Them from Jumping Fences

Great Danes love to jump not only fences but also enjoy jumping around while playing. They even jump on other people to show their love.

However, Great Danes only jump when they want to. If you teach them good behavior, you can prevent them from jumping fences. Here are some ways of doing that.

  • Make them exercise so that they get tired and don’t want to jump.
  • Avoid any triggers that may cause your dog to jump. Keep them away from other dogs who also jump around too much.
  • Installing a tall fence is also a good idea to prevent your Great Dane from jumping.
  • Train them so they understand the risks of jumping a fence.
  • Give them many toys so they always have something to play with, especially when you are not around.
  • If you have the time and means, you can also consider adopting another dog.

How to Train Your Great Dane

The best time to start training your Great Dane is when they are little puppies. Puppies are easier to train than grown-up dogs.

It can take your dog up to six months to get properly trained. If you rescued a dog with an abusive past, it may take even longer.

Here are some ways of training your dog.

  • Hold your dog’s paws when you see it is about to jump. Hold them until your dog understands it should not jump.
  • Whenever your dog jumps a fence, firmly explain to them why jumping is bad. Don’t scold them too harshly, but do explain that it is wrong.
  • Keep a constant watch on your dog. Give it a treat on the days it doesn’t jump and follows your commands.

If you are struggling with training, hiring professional help is a good idea.

Jumping Triggers

There are some things that may excite your dog and trigger them to jump. Avoiding these triggers is a good way to prevent your dog from jumping.

Many Great Danes love chasing cats, squirrels and other smaller dogs. Keep them indoors during peak walking hours and only take them out when it’s quieter outside.

If your Great Dane gets excited around young children, don’t take them out when children are walking back from school. It is also a good idea to avoid parks.

More Exercise

Due to their size, Great Danes need more exercise than other dogs. If your Great Dane has too much excess energy, it will jump around everywhere.

A tired Great Dane is less likely to jump a fence. Take it for long walks or if you have a big enclosed outdoor space, leave it to play on its own. Keep a close eye on it while playing.

Some more ways of tiring your Great Danes are:

  • Find a Class for Your Dog: These agility classes not only help your dog burn off excess energy but also help them become confident.
  • Play Fetch with Your Dog: This may be an old trick in the book but it’s a great way to keep your dog active while not getting tired yourself.
  • Find a Friend for Your Dog: Dogs love playing with other dogs. If you don’t have the time to take your dog on a walk, this is a great way to keep them active.
  • Challenge Them Cognitively: Keeping them physically active is not enough. You must continue teaching them new tricks and commands.

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The Final Bark

Keeping a dog as a pet has many health benefits. They help their owners fight anxiety, depression and many other mental illnesses.

Great Danes are big, athletic dogs so keeping them contained may be a cause of serious concern for many owners. They are regularly known to jump fences.

But there are ways of preventing that. With proper training and a secure environment, you will be able to contain your Great Dane.