Great Dane Pug Mix: Learn About This Rare Crossbreed

By John Martin - October 23, 2021

Great Dane and Pug side by side

Hybrid pups are a popular choice these days because you get the best of both worlds when you go for one. Do you like the characteristics of two different breeds? Just get their mix!

One of the amazing hybrid choices is Pug Great Dane Mix. Does it sound a bit weird? Well, trust us, it is too adorable and might be an amazing fit for your home. Do you want to know more? Read ahead.

At a Glance

  • Height: 15 – 25 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 28 – 65 pounds.
  • Lifespan: 8 to 12 Years
  • Most Suited for: Families

Great Dane Pug Mix Origin

A Great Dane Pug Mix is a crossbreed between a Pug and a Great Dane first found in the States. These dogs have a very tall height and a silky and short coat.

The Great Dane Pug Mix breed is known for being a friendly, energetic, and affectionate dog. Nonetheless, since these pups are hybrids, they may have certain hereditary health difficulties.

Yet if you learn the right way to maintain their health, you will indeed be able to prevent your pet from being exposed to any ailment. This crossbreed is a famous modern-day designer dog pup. There are many different colored Pug Great Dane mixes. 

They are often amiable and might be a good fit for your home, particularly if you have kids. One question that might pop in your mind would be, ‘How is this breed even possible?’ Well, in today’s modern technology, a lot of things are possible.

This breed can be born through C-Section or IVF for very real reasons. Great Dane Pug Mix may appear to be sluggish sometimes, however, with regular training and exercise. They may become well-behaved as well as well-trained doggies.

As you may be aware, Pugs are little canines. In contrast, Great Danes are well-known for their hunting abilities. Thus, it would help if you researched well about the behavior and temperament of your puppy.

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Both the canine parents have quite a good reputation as sociable pets. But one thing you might want to consider is that pugs can be aggressive sometimes.

Pug Great Dane Mixes are well-known for their devotion, charm, and affection. By temperament, they are extremely loving, friendly, and affectionate.

These fur babies can be fantastic friends to your kids and other pets you might have. Nevertheless, if your Great Dane Pug Mix has not been trained correctly, you may catch them behaving badly, which is not encouraged.

Furthermore, this breed will never appreciate being ignored or left isolated. A hybrid dog-like Pug Great Dane Mix needs specific attention and care to thrive and enjoy a full life. 

When it comes to their mom and dad, both of them are quite affectionate with their families. Furthermore, both breeds are suitable for children. When it comes to a strong Watchdog, though, you might want to stay away from this one.

If you want a Watchdog, it’s best not to choose a Great Dane Pug Mix. Both the doggie parents are quite pleasant to outsiders. These dogs are, as previously said, dog-friendly, family-friendly, and also kid-friendly, however not the best Watchdogs.

Besides that, a Pug Great Dane Mix may encounter a few health concerns in the long term. There are certain drawbacks to producing this hybrid dog because it is not a naturally occurring breed. 

Thus, it would help to stay alert with this pup and look out for certain health concerns.

Physical Characteristics

When it comes to Pug Great Danes, there are three major physical traits we’d like to talk about: size, color, and coat.


Coming to different colors of Pugs, these dogs might be a single color with numerous tints, such as apricot or silver. You could also discover a little pub to be pitch black. On the other side, the second parent, the Great Dane, exists in various shades, including black, Harlequin metal, brown or black.

As you may have already discovered, both of its parents include certain similar colors. Therefore you can envision your Pug Great Dane Mix to be black fawn or black. Well, who knows, you might even get a grey pup!

It all depends on the qualities they acquired from each parent’s line.


On the one hand, one of the parents is a huge dog, the Great Dane. However, on the other hand, the second parent, Pugs, are extremely small-sized canines. Pugs are often referred to be attractive lapdogs.

It is impossible to determine the precise size of any Great Dane Pug Mix. But still, a Pug Great Dane Mix is predicted to be anywhere between tiny and medium-sized canines. It’ll not be easy to locate a big Great Dane Pug Mix.

But when you do, it will almost certainly have more Great Dane characteristics than the other parent Pug.


The Great Dane sport a short coat, but they shed quite frequently. Regular brushing, on the other hand, makes taking care of the skin a breeze. The second parent, the Pug, shares the same fate. It comes with a short coat, and a lot of shedding is involved here too. 

Thus, it is quite obvious that your pup would most likely have a coat with short hair that sheds a lot. Pugs happen to be double-coated breeds. Thus, we can deduce that a Pug Great Dane Mix might be a double-coated or a single-coated breed.

This trait will be dependent on the DNA they acquired from either of its parent lines.

Pug Great Dane Mix Health

Hybrid puppies always are prone to developing certain hereditary health concerns. That is one of the major bummers of getting a mix-breed dog. While some problems are small and easily curable, others can be scary and painful with extensive treatment.

The best way to predict what issues your Pug Great Dane mix might encounter is to look at the common ailments in its parents. Thus, let us pay attention to some medical issues that Pugs and Great Danes are prone to.

Pug Medical Concerns

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Corneal Ulcers
  • Hemivertebrae
  • Epilepsy
  • Dry Eye
  • Eyesight Issues
  • Yeast Infection

Great Dane Medical Concerns

  • Bone Cancer
  • Development Problems
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Heart Diseases
  • Gastric Torsion

Now that we have listed certain health issues commonly observed in Pugs and Great Danes, there are certain expected health concerns in their offsprings, the Pug Great Dane mixes:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Vaccination Sensitivity
  • Allergies
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Eye Concerns
  • Gum Problems
  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy

How to Keep Great Dane Pug Mixes Healthy

You can adopt multiple practices to keep your Pug Great Dane pup in its prime health condition. Such measures will guarantee that your pet doesn’t have to suffer from any health issue as much as possible.

Every hybrid requires special attention and needs. Pug Great Dane mixes are no different. You need to take very good care of them and give them a proper diet routine to remain healthy and thriving. Here are a few things you can do to maintain your dog’s health:

Health Checks

If you’ve managed to keep your mixed breed pup on a decent grooming routine and good food diet, the health checkup is the final thing you should do. You are not required to make a trip to the clinic regularly.

However, it is advised that your dog has periodic testing done on its skin, elbows, and hips to verify that it is free of illness and healthy.

Pug Great Dane Mixes are prone to allergies, so regularly screening them can aid you to avoid them from contracting one and transferring it on to you. We strongly advise that you have tests done at least once every month.

Grooming Needs

It’s critical to maintain appropriate groom your Pug Great Dane Mix dog. You may not believe that good grooming would make a difference. However, pet owners agree that effective and proper grooming can help keep the pup healthy on the exterior and greatly.

Brushing your pet on a fairly frequent basis is essential for grooming. Regularly brushing a Great Dane Pug hybrid will not be difficult at all. All you require is a decent quality slicker brush and some time outside.

Brush your four-legged friend outside your house if you don’t want its fur to go all over your place. Moreover, it is critical to bathe a Great Dane Pug Mix whenever necessary.  A Pug Great Dane should be washed with a decent grade organic shampoo and conditioner.

This process will sustain their coat’s health and prevent them from shedding. Another important tip – only bathe your pet once or twice per month when it’s appropriate. If you believe your dog requires a short wash since they got muddy outside, go ahead and give them one.

However, there is no need to do this all the time. Bathing your pet frequently will boost shedding and lower the condition of their coat. Brushing plus washing a Great Dane Pug Mix will keep them healthy on the outside.

Diet Requirements

The dietary pattern of a Pug Great Dane Mix varies a little bit from that of a common breed. Why? Because they are a designer as well as a hybrid dog. It’s critical to understand what sort of nutrition and diet they require.

Protein-rich meals, and foods that have proper nutritional balance, must be provided to your pup. Not all of the meals commercially available are suitable for your Pug Great Dane hybrid. You must avoid inexpensive food at all times.

It has been shown that while cheap meals include nutrients, they lack the proper mix of nutrition that the dog requires to be healthy.

These meals are excellent examples to give to a Great Dane Pug Mix. They include proper nutritional balance and even the protein-rich nutrients that will maintain its coat sheen and health.

It will safeguard your pet from any dental or gastrointestinal issues that may arise. Moreover, it will keep your fur-baby’s insides healthy.

Final Words

So did we convince you to get yourself a baby Pug Great Dane Mix? These pups are an excellent choice as a family puppy. However, they are not the best Watchdogs.

Since they are hybrids, you need to pay special attention to their diet and exercise regimen. Moreover, it would be best if you take them for regular health checkups. And that is about it! Go ahead, get the pup of your dreams soon!