Dog’s Reaction To Owner Stepping On Paw Will Leave You In Stitches

By Ashley Turner - October 15, 2022

Pitbull looking sad

Imagine having someone stepping on your feet while resting. Painful right?

In this video, we find user @kaja_macho walking as she is clearly distracted until she steps on the paws of her dog, who is casually resting in the hallway. It’s a hilarious video intended for fun since we find the dog singing the lyrics of loving me again by Jon Newman. Specifically, the howling out in pain part.

Quite a creative piece. It’s a common reaction that I know happens to most pet owners who accidentally step on or sit on their pet’s paws or tails. It is always hard to explain to your pet that it was an accident. You can only look at them and try to rub the pain away. I loved the owner’s creativity in getting her dog to show shock and make it look like it was screaming out in pain.

@kaja_macho #comedy #dogs #dogsoftiktok ♬ Love Me Again – John Newman

@Adam Fraile30 said in the comments, “This literally just brought me so much enjoyment since I was having a bad day.” Such a comment also brings pet owners and content creators joy, especially since she was able to do it with her pet.

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“Lol, I have one just like this. When he was a young puppy a few months old everyone used to call him a drama queen 😂,” said user @Darren, going on to show that these dogs might be slightly overdramatic. She might not even have felt any pain at all. Just wanted the attention.
Others like @Skydroz gaming girl say, “I do this every day just to mess with him😂.” It surely is a crazy tug-of-war between dogs and their owners sometimes.

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At the end of the day, we hope the dog is safe, and pet owners should be careful when stepping on them, especially with their shoes on.