Dog Goes Completely Bonkers When He Gets A Taste Of Freedom

By Ashley Turner - October 10, 2022

Chihuahua enjoying beach life

There are low-energy dogs and high-energy dogs. Typically high-energy dogs are those bred to be working dogs, but even those not known as low-energy dogs can have pent-up energy that needs to be released. The word “zoomies” is characterized by energetic running, either back and forth or in any direction. It describes the behavior of a dog that is trying to release pent-up energy.

Dogs have usually been trained to control themselves when the leash is on. But once the leash comes off, some dogs see it as the perfect excuse to let go and run wild with freedom. Nila, a mix-breed dog, can’t help but run for her life when the leash comes off. Nila’s owners, who manage the TikTok channel @holaimnila, recently uploaded a video that showed NIla having the zoomies. The TikTok video starts with a shot of a hand removing the leash from Nila’s harness. It takes a few seconds before Nila realizes what has happened, but once she does, she starts spinning her body spinning circles for a few seconds. Afterward, Nila runs in circles as fast as she can. The video ends as Nila runs so fast that it looks like she’s flying in the air. It looks like Nila is enjoying her run on the beach.

@holaimnila what is freedom without telling what is freedom… #dogsoftiktok #funnydogs #doggo #crazydog #viral #freedom #rescuepuppy #rescuedogsoftiktok ♬ What A Feeling – Flashdance

The video’s caption reads, “What is freedom without telling it is freedom?” And @dachrone answered, “So… guess you can say that freedom feels like some really fast circles?”

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While @lauraasfp commented, “Fastest Beyblade of them all.” And @donlapeno couldn’t help but say, “Something about dogs and beaches. Mine love it, too.” And TikTok use @holaimnila agreed, “Something about the sand they love. She does this everywhere else, too, though.”

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Nila loved the beach. It was the perfect place for her owner to remove the leash so she could run around and release some energy. It was a perfect beach day filled with the freedom to run as much as Nila wanted. Based on her reaction, the beach must be one of Nila’s favorite places to go. Have fun, Nila!