Distinguished Gentledog Waiting On Their Human To Finish Shopping

By Ashley Turner - November 2, 2022

Golden Retriever in car

It is a universally known fact that members of the canine community have been known to become impatient when waiting for their owners. Social media has only made us more aware of this phenomenon. From spunky dogs that like to bark while waiting to pooches who go as far as honking car horns, dogs like to remind us that their sense of time is just a little bit different than ours.

In this video by @danger69691, a man attempts to capture the attention of a dog who is waiting for his parents in the car. The dog, who has jumped into the driver’s seat and whose expression couldn’t be more human-like, heaves an impatient sigh as the man attempts to flag him down. The caption reads, “Was obviously tired of waiting on his wife to finish shopping” and could not be more perfect for the dog’s annoyed expression. “Sir! Excuse me, sir!” the interloper calls out to the dog as the dog turns to him with an even more aggravated look on his face. Then the dog continues to stare at the man as he laughs. “Sorry to bother you,” the man calls out this time. “I’ll leave you alone.”

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There’s something hilarious about a dog who is so comfortable in his life that he doesn’t feel the need to impress anyone. With over two million views and 15,000 comments, this video clearly amused many people and hit a chord.

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Peezy wrote, “Had the annoyed Stanley from the office look.” Meanwhile, Lou said, “Imagine scrolling tiktok and finding out your dog is famous.” Meanwhile, Sanatorium Nugget commented on the dog’s impeccable form. “Why he got such good posture.”

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In a world full of people who are afraid to express their emotions publicly, this adorable pup is thrilled to let everyone know just exactly how he feels. One can only imagine how happy he’ll be to greet his parents when they return to the car.