What In The World Is This Golden Retriever Thinking?!

By Ashley Turner - September 21, 2022

Golden Retriever face closeup

All Golden Retriever lovers, this Golden and his antics will make you smile and melt your heart. He’s thinking, “I’m just the cutest canine ever and can do what I want.” The video of him sitting in the driver’s seat of his owner’s car guarding his stuffed toy is priceless. The caption could read, “Go ahead, make my day.”

The furry star of this video is Teddy the TikTok dog, a photogenic guy who loves to pose in costume and go on adventures with his human friend Johnathan. The celebrity pup is one lucky dog. He chills out in his own custom suite. Teddy’s private domain started out as a closet. He convinced his dad that a famous celebrity needs something more than a regular doghouse. Teddy’s luxury suite includes a flat-screen TV and a digital fireplace for chilly nights.

@aguyandagolden His life is pretty simple… #dog #dogs #goldenretriever ♬ got nothing in my brain – user1010101010*-*

Following the passing of several of Jonathan’s family, including his dad, Johnathan decided to add humor to their TikTok videos, and thousands of followers agreed. Dogs instinctively know when we’re dealing with grief.

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Being with your best furry friend is comforting in difficult times. Watching a funny pet video can make people smile and lift their spirits.

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Teddy is living the life all dogs should have, and he loves having his human and canine friends come along for the ride.