Husky Waiting Patiently To Play With The Baby

By Ashley Turner - September 25, 2022

Husky with blue eyes

Dogs always seem to know how to act, and they are some of our greatest teachers. They are incredibly patient and able to detect how we feel about things. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives! Some people are lucky enough to have a best friend before they are even born as is the case in this video.

In this TikTok, a husky waits patiently and looks lovingly at his owner’s new baby. He watches and waits until the child is only enough to play. The editing on the video is cute as we see the dog looking through holes of the baby’s play pen. The owner plays alongside the husky while introducing him to the baby. Eventually, the baby gets bigger and is able to crawl around. He touches the husky, and the dog watches timidly. In the end, the dog and baby begin their bond!

@coolhillchan After the baby was born, he wants to play with the baby. He never hurts the baby.#dogandbaby #puppylove #doglovebaby #foryourpage ♬ original sound – Xixi Haha492

This is a cute video where we see a husky get to meet his ‘little sibling.’ It shows how in tune the dog is with his environment and his family. He knows the baby is delicate, and he waits until it is old enough to play before approaching. The video editing is super cute too as it shows the baby growing and the husky watching over him.

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The comments on the video showed this even further with one saying, “The dog waits for his little sister to grow a bit so they could play together!” Another comment says, “He waits patiently for a suitable time to play with the baby. He knows the baby is so fragile when they first meet. He is such a good boy!”

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It is heartwarming to watch the husky’s behavior towards the child. We hope that the baby and the dog grow up to be the best of friends!