German Shepherd Absolutely Fed Up With Crying Baby

By Ashley Turner - September 15, 2022

German Shepherd laying on grass

Crying babies. They can test the patience of even the most tolerant parent — or sibling. Just ask this German Shepherd who had to suffer not only the indignity of being a back-seat passenger, but also being seated next to the tiny human with impressive lungs.

The video was shared by @doglover17 and shows the long-suffering German Shepherd with its head averted and eyes mostly closed. Mostly, that is, except for some serious side-eye directed at the front seat. The adult dog may have forgotten its puppy days when, no doubt, there was some whining and howling that the pup’s parents may have had to endure as well. You can almost hear the dog requesting some help — or at least some ear protection — from the humans in the front seats! And who can blame him? My cat dove for cover when it heard the infant’s cries on the video.

@dogloverr17 The dog was fed up😂😂😂even toll that white eye #cutedogsonly #cute #foryou #fyp #dog ♬ original sound – DOGS

“The dog was fed up,” the video caption explains. The dog’s expression of disgust with the situation provokes both laughter and sympathy from commenters. As @ShaCha stated, the comments themselves “got me wheezing”.

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Noting that the dog is sitting so quietly, @drippin suggests the dog is thinking, “I wish I could bark.” The poor dog seems to have quite a few thoughts about the situation, as @Romina pointed out, “That face explained everything he’s going through.”

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Hang in there, sweet doggo; your little companion will be playing fetch with you in good time, we promise! In the meantime, your strategy of closing your eyes and trying to tune out the baby’s concert will just have to do.