15 Dog Breeds That Can Jump High

By John Martin - August 11, 2022

Dogs are adorable creatures. They are also considered to be man’s best friends. There are different dog breeds and one can choose a breed based on what suits their needs the best.

The average dog can jump to a height of six feet but this is not a universal fact and depends on a number of factors such as the breed, the health of the dog, the level of training and sometimes the build of the dog.

For those who love playful dogs high on energy, here are 15 dog breeds that can jump high.

Border Collie

Border Collie playing frisbee

The dog that has retained the top spot on our list is the Border Collie for its sheer ability to jump as high as 6 feet from the ground. They are athletic in their build and that perhaps helps them achieve this feat.

Some of the key features that impart the Border Collie its agility and flexibility include:

  • The body length is longer than the height.
  • They have muscular yet untucked chest and loins.

These dogs were originally bred for herding livestock and trace their origin back to England. Some of its agility, therefore, could be a result of its genetic disposition.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier jumping

Originally bred in England as hunting dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier is one of the most playful and energetic dogs out there.

Though they are tiny, most reach up to 10-15 inches in height, they are incredibly agile and energetic. So, do not let their tiny size fool you into believing they aren’t any good. These dogs can jump higher than their frame.

In fact, the Jack Russell Terrier is known to have an ability to jump to at least 4-5 times its height. Its energy and enthusiasm are comparable to that of a young child.

Another thing to note about this dog species is that they were initially used to locate quarries under the surface of the earth. This is also one of the reasons they are attentive and flexible.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog on agility course

Popular in 19th century Scotland as guarding dogs, the Shetland Sheepdog used to protect crops from the attacks of birds and sheep.

These dogs today are kept as pets because of their lively, energetic disposition and even trained to participate in mega sporting events such as the Olympics.

Not only agile, these dogs also have several other great qualities such as obedience and fierce loyalty. They enjoy mental stimulation and love to be engaged in a number of physical and mental exercises.

They are particularly well disposed to vertical jumps, up to 3 feet, and are generally considered to be one of the more agile and fit dog species out there.

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White Whippets playing

Similar to the Greyhound, the Whippet is imbued with a slender body, these dogs are known to enjoy hunting rabbits and fowls. Its highly athletic body can give you an idea about its abilities.

These dogs are prone to jumping fences, so you must be cautious at all times you are with them. Their playfulness will keep you at your toes so if you like a playful friend, this is the dog for you.

In addition to incredible agility, Whippets are also known for their sharp mind and independent streak. They love to be in control of things and can boss around the house.

Whippets also love to jump vertically and a dog named Spitfire holds the record for jumping to a height of 31 feet.

These dogs are incredibly high on energy and need rigorous training else you would be only searching for them every time they run and jump a fence.

Fun fact—the name Whippet actually translates to ‘to move briskly’, a fitting name for this enthusiastic dog.

Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier on an agility course

If you were to line up the best jumping dog breeds, the Rat Terrier is sure to make its name in the top 10. Though immensely popular in the United States in the early 1920s and 1930s, this species is now considered a rare breed, unfortunately.

The Rat Terrier has a number of attributes and qualities. It makes for an exceptional pet, can be tamed easily and even have pest-controlling abilities. In fact, the latter was one of the reasons people brought the Rat Terrier home.

Don’t be fooled by their small and slender form, they can jump up to 6 feet in the air. They are full of energy and require a lot of physical stimulation.

They are also known to be incredibly loving so you are sure to not feel isolated when in their company.


Vizsla running profile

This dog breed originated in Hungary and has been since then considered a great sporting dog. But they are multi-faceted and can also act as a pointer and a retriever.

They are great at jumping hurdles and can jump as high as 6 feet. This is partly due to its disposition and partly due to its athletic body.

The Vizsla also likes to be occupied at all times and enjoys varying levels of activities. If you love a good walk, the Vizsla can be your companion, a perfect one at that.

They are one of the most popular pet choices for those who love playful dogs. They are known to be mild mannered, extremely loving and fiercely protective of their owner.

If you have kids who want great friends at home, you should consider getting a Vizsla home. How fun it would be to play with your kids and dog at the same time!

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Papillon profile

These small beautiful dogs are a wonderful combination of strength and agility. These are also the oldest of the Toy Spaniels around in the present time.

Other than its tiny frame, this dog species is distinguished by its erect ears.

Such is their reputation in agility that they are considered stars in their own right having won several laurels at sporting events such as the Olympics.

They stand at 8-10 inches in height, but they can jump anywhere between 2 to 4 feet high.

They possess a high level of energy and their bubbling energy is a source of an untapped reservoir. You can train them as they immensely enjoy that and are also easily mouldable.

If you are one of those people who are lazy, you should definitely steer away from the Papillon as they require to be walked at least once every day. They would also love it if you could devote some time to play with them.

If you enjoy dog racing and jumping events, you should start training your Papillon as soon as you can. As they say, catch them young!

While you are at it, you should take care that they don’t evade your eyes because they are inclined towards jumping fences.

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Rottweiler on agility course

The Rottweiler hails from Germany and is one of the oldest most agile and domesticated dogs out there. They were used earlier to herd livestock.

They also trace some of its history to being guard dogs are ferociously protective about its owner’s belongings and property keeping it safe from likely invasions.

Today, these are immensely popular as rescue and search dogs and are used by police and investigating agencies to help in their work.

There are some other traits that make the Rottweiler an ideal pet dog. These include its mild mannerism, obedience, alertness and propensity towards getting trained.

The Rottweiler is also known to jump to great heights and can jump as high as 3 feet. Sometimes, when they are too enthusiastic they can even reach a height of 6 feet.

They are not very athletic but the ability to jump high is because they are chiseled and lean.

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Weimaraner in a field

Weimaraner or Weims, as they are popularly called, are one of the most popular hunting dogs. Since their origin, they have turned into a more friendly pet dog. This dog originated in Germany and was considered to be a gun dog.

For the uninitiated, a gun dog is one that is used for locating and retrieving small animals such as rabbits and birds. They were also, however, known for aiding in the hunting of deers and boars, animals that are distinguished by their size.

These dogs are known for their incredible sharpness of mind and ferocious independence. They are known to have a bossy demeanor and like to be in control.

As far as their jumping abilities go, expect them to jump as high as 6 feet. They are also adept at jumping fences so exercise caution at all times.

You would need to spend some time and energy training them right. With the right training, they can truly perform marvels.

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Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier profile

Bull Terrier is distinguished by its face that is egg-shaped giving it a beautiful, cute demeanor and a robust, strong body.

The dog species hails from England and are considered one of the most balanced dog species of all time.

Despite their muscular build, they are known for their agility and ability to jump high. They can jump to a height of two feet.

They are an active breed and enjoy playtime with their owner or parent. If you are looking to get some exercise, you can get a Bull Terrier home.

They are also considered to very loyal and friendly and will never make you feel lonely.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

Originally from Malines, the Belgian Malinois is a working dog predominantly used to aid officers investigating arsons, drugs and explosives. They are also used in human search and rescue operations.

These are exceptionally active dogs always looking for their next assignment. It is therefore important to keep them engaged as they are not going to enjoy boredom and may even get restless.

They have a light body that helps them leap to heights in a fraction of a second. This is why they can jump to a height of 8 feet with ease. This is also due to their body that is distinguished by solid loins and well-carved muscles.

Unsurprisingly, the highest dog wall climb, a national competition organized by Dog Docks, is registered in the name of a Belgian Malinois called Griz. The record goes back to 2014 and Griz won the prize in the category of the extreme vertical jump.

If you are playing with them, be careful because they can scale the side of a house and escape.

Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie was bred to keep a watch over sheep. This breed is known for its alertness, intelligence and eagerness.

They are known to possess a lot of energy that keeps them alert and active. This is the reason why they enjoy jumping to heights. They are so devoted to their work that they can even jump to 9 feet in height.

This has to do in part with their body that is toned and muscular which aids its agility. They are found worldwide and cherished for their agility and intelligence. They are also loyal.

A Kelpie named Bailey is known to have jumped to a height of 9.68 feet that is incredible by all standards, as per Australian media house ABC News.


Greyhounds playing in park

Greyhounds are popular for their speed but that’s not all to this incredible dog species. They have an incredibly muscular body with long legs that helps them run fast.

Along with an incredible body, they are capable of jumping to great heights, sometimes as high as 5 feet.

In 2017, the Guinness book record has an entry of a greyhound named Feather who jumped to a height of 6 feet 29 inches.

They have a great amount of energy that makes training for sports easy for them. They are loved all across the world for their proclivity towards sports. They are also high on intelligence, are protective and love their owner a lot.

German Shepherd

Czech working line German Shepherd

They may come across as intimidating but German Shepherds offer a lot more than their aggressive looks making them a popular and much sought-after dog breed. To begin with, they are loving, loyal and hardworking and make for perfect watch guards.

The fact that the German Shepherd has so many qualities is because its breeder wanted to breed a dog that offered all-around working support.

Both the working line and the show line German Shepherds are agile and can jump to great heights, the working breed is particularly suited for this.

You can expect them to jump to a height between 4 feet and 6 feet, a trait that is common to all three working line types (Czech, West German and East German) of German Shepherds.

This is due to their hind legs that are very strong. With the right training and momentum, they can exceed expectations and jump to even higher heights.

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd running with toy

The Australian Shepherd is a dog that is a repository of a number of attributes. It has a cute demeanor that makes it an instant hit among dog owners. But it is not all show.

This dog is known for its ability for work, its agility and playfulness. Add to this, its emotional intelligence and its intense loyalty towards its owner, and you will be smitten.

They have strong guarding instincts because of how they were bred. They have a great amount of energy and you would have to make sure it is channelized in the right manner.

This is the reason several owners of the Australian Shepherd invest time and resources in training their dogs right from the outset.

Known and possessed for their agility, these dogs can jump as high as four feet.

The only downside to having an Australian Shepherd is that you would need to match their energy needs and that might be tricky.

But if you have that sorted, you will find yourself a loyal and loving friend who will stand by your side at all times, no matter what.

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The Final Word

These were some of the dog species that are treasured worldwide for their agility and jumping abilities. All the dogs on this list are similar to each other in a way that they are high on energy and disposed towards activity.

Interestingly, many of these also trace their origin to being bred for purposes such as herding or watching over livestock. Remember, with the right training you can help these wonderful beings reach their full potential.

Also, while it is absolutely normal for dogs to jump, if your dog is facing health issues, you must not encourage this behavior as it would be adverse to its health.