Chihuahua Mom Can’t Quite Figure Out What Her Dog Wants

By Ashley Turner - September 14, 2022

Chihuahua in dog bed

We all love watching cute dog videos, and TikTok has a never ending supply of them to go around. What is better than catching the glimpse of the lives and loves of other dog owners? We never grow tired of seeing our favorite animal doing cute things!

In this playful TikTok, a chihuahua runs up to her owner in attempts to grab her attention. The dog’s mom can’t figure out what she wants as she already has food and has been outside to do her business already. The owner follows the dog to see where she will lead and makes funny commentary about their being a crisis and that her dog is Lassie. She giggles are her cute pet, but remains unsure about what she wants.

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The owner is clearly wanting to figure out what is going on with her dog, but there is lack if understanding the communication. It is important as a dog owner to know the signs and understand the basics of dog language and behavior. Here the crouching down and wagging of tail is an indicator of the dog feeling playful. She wants her owner to engage and play with her while the owner thinks it is something else entirely.

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The comments on the video point out that “she is clearly showing she wants to play. Her shoulders are down, but the back is up end is wagging. You need to play with her!” It is obvious for many in the comments that she wants play time, and they even say the owner does not fully engage with her dog at all. This seems a a little unfair as some people do not simply know enough dog language despite being an owner. This is a great learning opportunity to educate themselves on the basics to avoid the confusion moving forward.

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Overall, it seems conclusion is that the pup wants her owner to play. A simple run around or game of fetch would easily fix the attention problem. As a dog owner, it is important to pay attention to the signs and to pay attention to our animals. We are their whole world, and a little attention goes a long way.