Boxer Eavesdropping On Phone Call Is Surprised To Hear All His Favorite Words

By Ashley Turner - September 26, 2022

Boxer posing

Ever notice how your dog is able to pick up on certain words and seems to know their meaning? We are talking anything from ‘treat’ and ‘cookie’ to ‘walkies’ or ‘car ride!’ It is so cute to watch them get excited over something they love! We may not speak the same language, but they absolutely know what certain sounds mean!

There is a current TikTok trend where people pretend to be on a phone call and say the favorite things of the person or animal they are trying to trick. The idea is to see how the person or animal reacts when they hear these words. Hilarity often ensues, and this video is no different. A boxer’s owner starts by saying people names, places and eventually food that he loves. The dog get increasingly curious and tilts his head to the side to indicate curiosity. He perks up when he hears certain names and grandma. He has enough when the owner mentions tacos, and he jumps up to run out the door! The funny thing is that the owner says he has never even had tacos before!

@emilysheppard55 Using Marvel’s favorite words. Big taco fans over here, apparently. #dogsoftiktok #dog #dogfavouritewords #dogsfavoriteword #headtilt #headtiltcheck ♬ original sound – Emily Sheppard

These videos are fun to watch because the dogs can get so into the words, and they will get incredibly excited when they think something will happen. We just hope that the dogs are not being teased and that they actually go on a walk or to get a taco!

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One of the comments says, “The fact that this dog’s reaction is exactly the same as the human versions I have seen kills me!” Another person commented what we are all hoping, “I hope you took him to do all of these things! He was so excited!! He’s precious!”

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We love seeing these pranking dog videos, but this boxer needs a taco and to see grandma!