Are Pit Bulls Safe Around Babies and Toddlers?

By John Martin - February 4, 2022

Baby sitting on the floor with Pitbull

Are you unsure about adopting an adorable Pit Bull? Does the muscular build of Pit Bull make you hesitant about leaving them around your toddler? Don’t be.

Despite their massive structure, Pit Bulls are more of a social being than humans themselves. What’s more? They are highly fond of babies!

Pitties love to play around and are very protective of their ‘humans.’ Coming to babies once a Pittie gets familiar with the little human, it won’t give up the baby for the world!

There are uncountable reasons why babies are not just safe, but the safest with a Pittie. This is due to their playful as well as protective nature. Read on to know in further detail.

What are Pit Bulls Like?

Despite all the rumors that you may have heard about a Pit’s bad behavior, you must know that Pit Bulls are intelligent and obedient doggies.

They are people pleasers and mix well with just anyone. Be it your guests or other pets, these pooches will play with them as if they’ve always known each other.

Pitbulls will stay beside you no matter what you’re doing. Do you want to watch a movie? Your Pit will be a couch potato. Want to go for excursions? Pits love physical activities.

They are hilarious, playful, and lovesome creatures who’d love to be lapdogs more than anything.

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Having a Pit Bull Around Your Kids—Benefit or Risk?


Great Playmates: Pits are energetic little beasts. They love to play, provided you play with them. What if they get a companion in the form of a kid?

Well, that’d be a treat for them. Both kids and Pitties have high energy and require your attention all day long. Let them be each other’s playmates and give yourself the rest you need!

No High Maintenance: Pit Bulls have relatively shorter hair than most other dogs. This factor not only reduces your cleaning time but is also hygienic for your kiddo.

What’s more? You don’t need to spend extra time at the vet’s as Pits tend to be naturally healthy. You can devote this time to your baby’s upbringing (that is if the Pit leaves you two alone).

Healthy: Pits are known to be generally healthy, even in dog shelters. How does that benefit you? You can let your baby play with the Pittie without any fear of disease transmission or health problems.

Easy to Train: Pit Bulls are always looking forward to pleasing their dog-parents. This trait makes it super easy for you to train them. Additionally, you can let your kid participate in the training.

It will not only make their bond stronger but will also make your doggo obey your kid. Moreover, training will be more of a gaming session with both your babies running around.

Loyal Guards: Pits may be the sweetest of dogs but not when it comes to protecting their humans. Pitties are highly possessive about their humans, making them exceptional guards.

When it comes to their tiny human, the little beasts will get to their ferocious side to protect your baby. Not to forget, Pits have a muscular build that makes them strong watchdogs.


Originally Bred to Fight: Despite their lovesome nature and people-pleaser traits, you must not forget that Pits were originally bred to fight.

You never know what might trigger your Pit, making his aggressive side overpower the loving one. Your baby may not be the safest at such times.

Massive Body Structure: Coming from the family of Bull Dogs, Pit Bulls have a handsome, muscular structure. However, the mountainous body of a Pit can easily knock your kiddo on the floor.

They may be just cuddling, and the next minute your kid gets body-scratches due to the Pit’s power and energy.

Ultra-fast: With Terriers as one of their ancestors, Pits have ultra-fast running abilities. Kids love running too, and this is a benefit instead of a risk. Isn’t it?

It might not be a benefit in all cases. Your kids might trip and get hurt a lot while trying to keep up with the Pits.

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How to Make Sure that Your Baby and Pit Bull are Safe Around Each Other?

If trained well, Pit Bulls make for great buddies. Not only friends, but Pits also prove to be useful watch-guards.

Do not forget that despite every precaution, a Pit too can turn out to be dangerous. After all, it is also an animal, and that too a ferocious one.

With a little extra care, you can prevent all types of intended as well as unintended accidents. Here are a few tips on how to make sure that your Pit Bull is safe around your baby.

Teach Your Kids to Respect the Pittie

Pitties love kids, but they too expect love and respect in return. Kids need to respect your Pit Bull. You must teach them to love the Pit.

Kids should not pull or tag on its tail, hit, or exert any pressure that may cause him to repel. Pit Bulls can be highly aggressive when angry.

Train the Little Beast to be Obedient

Training from a young age makes a lot of difference. Want your Pittie to be best friends with your kid? If you train your beastie to befriend your kids from the beginning, that’s what the Pit will learn.

You must practice obedience with him, teaching him to love not only humans but also other doggies. Pit Bulls are social creatures and are very easy to train.

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Give them Some Time

Arrange a meeting of your kid with the Pit, and watch from a distance. You must give enough time to both—the baby and the Pit to get comfortable with the other.

It’ll just be a matter of a few hours or less. Your kiddo and doggo will be playing with each other as if they’re the oldest of friends.

Supervise their Interaction

While both your human baby and the doggo baby are together, look for any signs that might make you skeptical.

It’s not difficult to know if either of them doesn’t like the other (which is very rare). Watch for any activity indicating that your pooch may get aggressive with your little one.

Make your Pit learn Social Skills

Being social is an in-built trait of the lovesome creature. However, this socializing trait converts into a habit, only after proper training. Wondering how to make your pooch socialize?

Take your Pittie on walks and allow its interaction with other dogs and humans.

Never Leave Them Alone

You love your Pit and are 100% positive that he’ll never bite your toddler. But is that the only concern with a Pit Bull? Pits have a large, muscular build along with amazingly fast speed.

Pitties never intend to harm their humans, but they might do it accidentally. Your Pit may knock down your baby in a single push, and you won’t even realize.

Is it terrifying? Like all the other dogs, Pit Bulls have strong senses and know the correct way to interact with a baby. However, despite their eternal love for each other, you must never leave a Pit and a kid by themselves.

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Final Words

Over the years, these loving pooches have been defamed for their ferocity. What started from their pictures on World War I gun posters leads people to mistake their temperament to date.

Ignoring their massive build, Pitties are extremely lovesome, and they adore babies. Why ignore? Because their bodies don’t usually get in their way of spreading love and laughter.

Pits are smart and intuitive. They know very well that they need to be gentle around babies and other pets. All you got to do is make sure they bond from the start.

Will your Pit Bull be more of a lovely, well-mannered pooch around your kid or an aggressive, disobedient one? It all depends on how you train the little beast.

Make sure your child respects the Pit and loves him unconditionally. You’ll see that the love and loyalty your pooch gives in return is unmeasurable!