Why Are Pitbulls So Popular?

By John Martin - February 4, 2022

Smiling Pitbull at a dog park

Stating in direct terms, Pit Bulls are widely famous for their aggression. Is it more of defamation instead of a popularity trait? Not really.

Pits have been bred in a selective way to have the traits that they project. You need to understand the characteristics of a Pittie for truly learning its dynamic nature.

Don’t agree with the negative blames? Well, if you have parented a Pit Bull, you would be completely aware of their lovesome qualities too.

Another popularizing trait of Pits is their remarkably muscular built. Descending from the families of powerful, beefy creatures, Pit Bulls have an artfully majestic structure.

Are the traits of this diverse doggo confusing you? Pit Bull is indeed a dynamic breed. With strong built and sturdy physical features, these doggies are full-of-love from inside.

Let’s know a little more about their ferocious yet wonderful personality.


Famed for aggression by the media, Pit Bulls are actually among the top 5 stable breeds of dogs in the country. They are highly smart, intelligent, and determined doggies.

Despite being both physically as well as mentally strong, these couch potatoes make for great companions. These pooches love to play around, but belly pats are their favorites.

Pit Bulls will prove to be the perfect companion for all your activities. They are highly energetic and show enthusiasm in everything they do.

Whether you plan to go for excursions or binge-watch tv shows at home, they’ll be there like your best friend. Pitties will never leave your side, guarding you when required and acting like babies otherwise.

Nothing can beat the amount of attention they crave. Many Pits turn out to be extremely adorable lapdogs, wanting more and more cuddles no matter what.

Pit Bulls are little monsters who will love you to bits. All they want is your affection. If trained well, these little monsters can turn out to be amazingly-obedient babies.

The Saga of Inception

Do you think this spectacular breed has been the way it is since the beginning? You’ll be amazed at how many dog breeds have evolved to be known as Pit Bulls today.

Most of these little monsters have descended from Terriers and Bulldogs. So, are Pitties a mix of Westies and Bullies? To a great extent, yes.

These friendly beasts were mostly cross-bred in the US and UK. But why choose a mix of terriers and bulldogs?

Terriers are known for multiple amazing traits, but speed is their number one characteristic. The little pooches love to chase their prey. They have a natural hunting instinct.

Bulldogs, on the other hand, are famous for their undeniable strength. The medium-sized doggies are noticeably muscular with an extremely adorable wrinkled face.

Pits were originally bred to act as aggressive, hunting dogs. The extraordinary speed of terriers and the hefty built of bulldogs made for a mighty yet lovesome Pit Bull that we know today.

Pit Bull Pedigree

With a history of being bred extensively for combatting, the ferocious-looking, extremely loveable doggies descend from several famous breeds.

  • The American Bulldog
  • The Staffordshire Bull-Terrier
  • The American-Staffordshire Terrier
  • The Red-nose American Pit Bull Terrier
  • The Blue-nose American Pit Bull Terrier
  • The American Bully

Some say that Pit Bull is not really a breed, but a general term used for a mix of breeds. Whatever it may be, we know them as Pit Bull and love them exactly the way they are!

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Delights of Having A Pit Bull at Home

The world may know Pits to be aggressive and ferocious, but in reality, they are wonderful family dogs. Let’s read about some of their awesome traits.

Great with Children

Pit Bulls love to cuddle and play with both adults and children. However, when it comes to little ones, the mighty Pitties display their elderly-sibling instincts.

Having a lineage known for combat, Pit Bulls can be very protective of their people. Be it as a playmate or an older brother, Pit Bull will guard your babies with their life.

Natural Guards

Talking about guarding, it is a trait Pits inherited from their descendants. With a mountainous built and jaw-locking abilities, these beasties can prove to be quite dangerous.

Not displaying their combatting skills; generally, the tenacious dogs might instantly leash out if they find out anyone harming their humans.

Handsome Built

Coming from the bulldog and terrier families, Pits have one of the most beautiful body structures. With broad shoulders and muscular built, the lovely pooches have floppy ears and stocky bodies.

Not only this, but their trimmed, smooth coat also makes Pit Bulls look downright handsome. Additionally, Pitties have an adorable square-shaped nose and beautiful almond eyes.

Minimum Grooming

These mischievous little playmates are anything but furry babies. Although they love to be brushed, you do not need to groom them very often.

Pitties are among the cleaner doggies that do not shed fur all around. Having a pit bull as your housemate will not give you the trouble of extra cleaning.

Socializing Skills

Pitbulls are noticeably fun-loving creatures. They will run around like clowns, and their impressive sense of humor will leave you laughing on the floor.

Easy to Train

Your Pittie always wants your attention and will do anything to please you. Don’t get distracted by the beastie’s muscular built, Pits are fairly easy to handle.

Pit Bulls have a great determination towards everything they do. Once your Pitties like you, they will do anything to please you, making their training more of a fun affair than tedious work.

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After reading a long list displaying the remarkable benefits of having a Pit Bull, no one would further question the popularity of this beautiful beastie.

The soft nature, along with a solid built, has made these little monsters a favorite of many. Numerous celebrities are in love with Pit Bulls due to their dynamic personality.

This is clearly visible by the famous rapper choosing his stage-name to be Pitbull. He is so in love with Pitties that he couldn’t keep himself from sharing the name.

Several other celebrities are extremely fond of this doggo, including a member of the famous band Black Eyed Peas. The singer has also named himself Pit Bull due to his immense love for Pits.

Still not satisfied? Here’s another list projecting a few of the many reasons everyone loves Pitties.

  • Temperament: friendly, loyal, humourous, cuddle-buddies
  • People pleaser: craves affection, determined to obey
  • Healthy: minimal maintaining efforts, few or no inherited diseases
  • Notably Athletic
  • Highly Efficient: therapy dogs, police dogs, rescue missions

Downsides of Having a Pitbull at Home

Other than the multiple benefits of being a parent to this lovely doggo, there can be a few downsides to raising this beastie.


The world’s conception about these mighty little beasts is true to a certain extent. Originally bred for fighting, the urge to have a brawl may arise at any point of time in Pits.

Parenting a Pit Bull can be challenging, considering its ancestral traits. However, these characteristics need to be well-understood and accepted by owners for responsible training.

Heavy built

Pit Bulls are meant to be muscular and solid in structure. Due to their high physical capabilities, Pits may not be recommended for young kids or old-aged people.

Pitties love to cuddle and will put you on the floor like a pro the moment they see you. This can prove to be dangerous for some if not attended to.


The hefty little doggies crave for your affection and ooze out even greater love in return. Your cuddle buddies may even develop a remarkable liking towards your friends and other strangers.

This is good, right? Yes, but in some cases, it may not prove to be so. Your Pit might love people so much that it may make the doggie a poor guard.

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To Sum It Up

If given the right amount of love and care, Pits can be the friendliest doggie you ever parented. They will always love you back in ways you can’t imagine.

You don’t need to focus on the false rumors and misconceptions about these lovesome babies. As compared to other breeds, Pit Bulls stand above the average dogs when it comes to stable temperament.

Despite the large negative publicity, people are getting to know the real Pit Bull. They are finally gaining fame for the immensely lovable doggies that they are!