When Do Huskies Stop Growing?

By John Martin - August 12, 2021

Full grown funny Huskies posing for a picture

Huskies are beautiful, magnificent, and the cuddly fur is so adorable. Due to their luxurious coat, they are often mistaken to be a wolf by people who don’t know this breed.

If you intend to bring this pup or you already have one, you should be aware of their growth cycle. Huskies grow to be a medium-sized dog though many people may be surprised by their size.

When Will the Husky Mature Fully?

Huskies can grow a lot during their course of development. In the initial years, they will mature the most, but the height will eventually halt after the first year.

Huskies will stop growing in height when they are almost 18 months old. However, you will observe that they continue to grow bigger, stronger, and bulkier. The whole phase of development will stop when they reach the age of three years.

Generally, a female will grow to be 20-22 inches tall, whereas the male will be 21-24 inches. In terms of weight, your Husky shouldn’t be weighing more than 50-60 lbs.

You will notice a stark difference in their weight through the developing years. The height, weight, and rate of growth may depend on one dog to another.

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The Development Period Of A Husky

These blue or white-eyed dogs grow and mature rapidly in their development period. The growth of a Husky puppy is similar to other breeds.

You must know about the development phase of a Husky puppy so that you will be able to provide much better care. The furry baby huskies require adequate care and attention to grow healthily.

Let’s take a closer look at each stage of your puppies growth.

Newborns (0 To 2 Weeks Old)

Newborn Huskies generally have their eyes closed during this time. It is quite normal for this breed, and this age to keep their eyes closed.

The downside of having their eyes closed is that it makes the pup helpless. At this point, they can’t hear or see anything.

The eyes and other internal organs will be developing at this stage. The eyelids will open once they complete 2-4 weeks.

There are no major changes in weight or growth apart from genetics. These pups just involve in drinking milk and nothing more.

Huskies At 3 To 4 Weeks Old

You will see those cute little eyes finally opening once they turn come to 3 weeks. Though the lids have open, the eye-sight is far from normal.

It’s untrue that all dogs are color blind, they see things differently than us and may not see all colors. They can’t understand reds and greens like us, these colors appear to them as shades of yellow.

Huskies are also short-sighted; hence anything over 20 feet away will be blurry for them. The poor-eyesight is compensated by sharp hearing abilities.

The ears of these dogs are a thousand times powerful than any human ears. The most interesting part of this time is that they will start walking.

These pooches may still be unable to walk properly; hence they stumble and bump into things. You might hear some whining and sound-making from their side but nothing like a bark.

It will be hard to see any considerable development during this time. Honestly, they will almost look the same throughout this stage.

You need to keep an eye on how they are progressing and whether they are eating sufficiently or not. If there are other puppies in the litter, you will see the small ones indulging in a little playtime.

Huskies At 4 To 8 Weeks Old

In these weeks, you will witness a lot of things going on with the pup. The Husky will get more confident, they will play and be more active.

If they seem to be getting into play-fights within the litter, refrain them from learning to bite. The ears of the Husky will be more flappy, but they will erect with time.

Take care that the small Husky does not leave the mother until it reaches the 8th week. Being with their mum will help the pooches to learn and adapt crucial skills for the future.

These puppies will still take baby steps to grow at this stage. You shouldn’t be expecting to see any different activity in the husky.

Huskies At 8 To 20 Weeks Old

If you are thinking of adopting a Husky, this is the best time to bring them home. When it turns eight weeks, it is safe for the pups to leave their mother.

As the new paws become a part of your family, the socialization will also begin for the puppies. This is the time where you should be spending maximum time with the new furry member.

To make the pup more comfortable, you can invite a few people. This will help your little Husky to gear up and accept unknown faces readily.

You should lay down a good diet for them at this moment as it will ensure better growth and productivity. It is amidst this time you should teach the pooch to stay away from bad behavior.

Huskies At 3 To 6 Months Old

Your Husky will be naughtier and playful when they grow three months old. This is the time when they will start chewing all the things around them, and hence the dreaded teethings begin.

You can start training and teaching them as they can easily catch small lessons now. Now that the Husky is growing eventually, you should housebreak them.

The Husky will also have some noticeable changes in growth; their diet will increase moderately. Provide your growing Husky with a nutritious meal that will aid their growth.

The personality traits of your pup will develop strongly. Also, involve the Husky in some mental stimulation activities to help them mature their mental capacity.

The Adulthood

As they come close to turning a year old, they will mostly reach their maximum height. For a few Huskies, to reach the full height can take an additional six months.

They will continue to put on weight even after they stop growing tall. You will need to make sure that the pooch is fulfilling its daily physical quotient.

The growth slows down, and you will observe minor changes in your Husky. By the time your dog is two years old, it will reach its emotional maturity.

Even during adulthood, lessons and training should not pause. Continue to play with your Husky, take them out for walks, and let them meet fellow canines.

Pamper your pooch with immense love and affection, which will give a sense of belongingness to the Husky. Keep a check on your Huskies’ nutritional intake and make them take part in various athletic activities.

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Factors That Affect The Huskies Growth

A Husky pup grows so fast that it will be difficult for you to monitor and control their growth. It’s not possible to determine that they grow bigger or smaller, but you should know what factors affect their growth.


If you want to know how big your Husky will grow to have a look at the parents. Genetics play a large role in determining your puppy’s ultimate weight.

If the parents are large and bulky in their adulthood, it is definite that the pup will be the same. Other things like their color and the thickness of the coat also depends upon genetics.


During the development stages of your pup, it will require abundant nutrition and calories. You should include lots of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your Husky’s diet.

The lack of essential and a healthy diet can impact the growth of your Husky. A diet that is poor in nutrients can lead the Husky to have weak bones.


As Huskies are very playful and active, they are prone to injuries. You must accompany your pooch wherever it goes to protect them from getting hurt.

If the Husky’s plates are damaged during an injury, it could lead to stunted maturity of the bone. This doesn’t mean that the pooch should not indulge in playing or jumping, you just have to be more careful.


It is believed that spay and neuter can restrict the growth of a Husky, which is untrue. Instead, spay/ neuter can help you to extends your Husky’s life.

Desexing a canine when they’re young will boost the growth period within the growth plates. In other words, your Husky will be much taller than the average uninfluenced Husky.

Last Thoughts

It is best to assume that your beloved Husky will mature fully when it is three years old. A full-grown Husky that is fit should be 20-24 inches tall and should not weigh more than 60lbs.

Unlike a few breeds, Huskies do not have an extensive diet. A little exercise here and there will keep a check on their growing pounds.

Their size and appearance can vary, but undoubtedly they are the friendliest and smartest breed in the world. Hopefully, all questions that you had regarding your pup’s growth was answered after reading this article.