Why Do Great Danes Sit On Everything?

By John Martin - May 7, 2021

Great Dane sitting in the grass at the park

Great Danes are one of the tallest dog breeds, who have big hearts and love their owners immensely. Moreover, these adorable dogs always prompt to lean on you more, cuddle and sit on everything they find you sitting on.

Now, the question is why do Great Danes sit on everything? It is simply because Great Danes are sensitive, loyal dogs with great obedience. Their personality is of the type where they live to shower their love on their owners. It is because they get attached too quickly and love to show it. Great Danes yearn to be close to people they love, and hence, they tend to sit on everything.

6 Reasons Great Danes Sit on Everything They Find

Great Danes Think They Are Lap Dogs

Great Danes believe that they are still puppies and are lap dogs. Most of the puppies tend to be on their loved one’s lap, always leaning closer. Hence, Great Danes think they are puppies and don’t realize how big they are!

They can sit literally everywhere and on everything where you sit. It could be your bed, couch, chair and even on your cars! They really have no idea on how much taller and bigger they are and just lean on to you, these doggos end up squeezing you.

Great Danes Adore You

This breed is known for craving attention and these doggos look at their owners with adoration. They love expressing their affection to you by cuddling, leaning and sitting with you all the time.

There is no doubt that they are dogs with big hearts and are highly sensitive, hence their loving nature. They prefer to be close to their trusted faces, and this makes them feel loved, precious and more connected to you.

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To Be Comfortable

Leaning on to you and sitting everywhere can make them more comfortable around you. This makes them more content and joyful.

They May Have Missed You

As they are always affectionate, these pets tend to miss you more than you could ever imagine! So, if you are away from Great Danes for many hours, they tend to spend more time with you as soon as you come back home.

To Be Warm

Great Danes have short coats and low body fat which helps them to be warm. However, if you live in a place that has a cold climate, Great Danes tend to be cold. Hence, they like to cuddle to be warm.

It is best to always cover them up with blankets to make them feel cozy.

Protective Behavior

Another reason why Great Danes sit on everything or stick nearby to you is because of their protective behavior. They try to be closer to you and be around you all the time, in order to bark on anyone who annoys you. Isn’t this absolutely cute and adorable? These pets have a possessive instinct towards their pet parents.

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Other than cuddling, squeezing and leaning more onto you and every other object in your house, Great Danes may have other reasons for this behavior. Few of the major serious reasons maybe their health issues.

Hip Dysplasia

Most of the Great Danes are prone to get Hip Dysplasia. If you have bought your Great Danes from a well-known breeder, then they most likely may have taken care of preventing this disease from your dog. However, it could still happen.

If your Great Danes lean or sit in an awkward position, then consult a vet to find the actual cause.


As Great Danes always yearn for your attention, there is a chance where they get panic when they don’t see you for hours. Just like humans, they get stressed and may not eat or chew food properly.

The anxiety Great Danes get is quite common in their behavior as they are born to be loved. They try to be closer or affectionate to you when you return, thinking that you may leave them again.

The best way to cheer them up if they get anxiety is by spending more time with them. Try to play games, engage in simple activities. This can instantly change their mood; make them happy.

When They Mature

Great Danes grow quickly with time, into larger and taller dogs. After they are all grown up, these dogs favour having all your attention. However, they still feel like they are puppies, but take time to be used to their larger body.

They can be more emotional than any other dogs and hence seek your attention all the time.

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Summing Up

Now, it is clear that Great Danes are your perfect gentle and loyal dogs. Since their birth, all they ever know is to love immensely and be the best cuddle buddy for you. They can even be the reason for your happiness, knowing that someone is always there closer to you, leaning on to you and sitting everywhere near you.

So, know that you are loved and cherish the moments you get to spend with Great Danes by creating memories.