Jason Wu’s Kitty Muse is on Target


Jason Wu made a name for himself when First Lady, Michelle Obama, asked the young designer to tailor a dress she could wear to the 2009 inaugural ball. Now he’s making a little black cat named Milu a household name through his upcoming collection for Target.

In a video released by Target teasing the Spring 2012 collection, Wu describes his designing process, revealing that his “muses are always unexpected — a little whimsical, a model, or even a cat.” The video then cuts to one of Wu’s sketches of a black cat wearing a poofy red collar. Wu’s website announced the Target partnership by posting the video below along with the caption: The cat’s out of the bag, thanks Milu!

I hope that in the coming months Wu explains more about how this cute black kitty has inspired his next collection.

P.S. I’m stoked Wu is making black cats fashionable. They so often get overlooked at shelters. Maybe Wu will be able to increase their adoption rates with his new line.