Pet Fostering Is Tax Deductible

By John Martin - March 6, 2020

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If you’re a pet foster parent, good news for you as tax season rolls around again: you can write off those expenses you’ve racked up for the animals you’ve been fostering. That includes vet bills, food, and even the gas needed to transport the pets to appointments and to meet potential adopters. In June 2011, Jan Van Dusen, a volunteer at Oakland-based Fix Our Ferals won a court battle against the IRS, setting a precedent for tax deductions for fostering.

Hopefully, the tax breaks will encourage some new foster moms and dads, who might otherwise be afraid of the costs!

If you are a foster and want to make sure to get credited for the expenses you’ve incurred, Rachel Hirschfeld, a pet trust lawyer, has a few helpful tips:

– Keep all your receipts associated with foster care

– Write a note on the receipts to specify what was item was bought and for what purpose.

– As of now, the only tax-deductible purchases are for foster pets, not resident pets

Don’t forget to talk to your accountant first, as they will have firsthand knowledge of your specific taxes.