How To Take Your Cat (or Dog) on BART

By John Martin - March 16, 2022

BART train
While it is usual for anyone to travel on BART, sometimes pet owners often wonder if they can travel on BART along with their pets. There are some rules that apply when taking your pets on BART.

BART refers to the electric commuter trains that connect San Francisco with Oakland, Fremont, Richmond, Pittsburgh, Pleasanton, and other places. It provides fast transportation to offices, universities and shopping centers.

Let us take a look at how to travel on BART with your pets.

BART Pet Rules

If we look at the BART rules, it states that it allows pets, both cats and dogs to travel on BART at no extra cost. The pets can travel on the condition that they should be secured in an enclosed container. And the container should be specifically made for transporting animals.

Trained Service Dogs on BART

There is an exception for trained service dogs though. They are allowed to travel on BART and are not required to be caged or secured in any container.

It is even legal for the service dogs to climb the escalators at the BART stations. For safety precautions, they are recommended to use the elevators or stairs instead.

Trained service dogs are guide or signal dogs; they are usually trained to assist disabled people. They are not pets; they are called service dogs because they are working animals. They are required to be on a leash when they travel on the train.

Other trained service animals are not allowed on BART. Only leashed service dogs are allowed on BART.

If any service pet misbehaves at the BART station, or they act as a threat to any passengers traveling on BART, the station agents can ask the owner to take the animal away.

BART Rules on Cats

When it comes to rules for cats traveling on BART, it does not mention specifically about the cats. But the dog rules also apply for cats as they are both pets.

Cats traveling on BART must be crated like the dogs. They are also required to be enclosed in containers like the dogs, specifically meant for transporting animals. This will save the passengers of any inconvenience caused by them on the train.

All the pets, whether dogs or cats in crates are expected to behave well on the train. The animals should be kept out of the way of other passengers at all times.

The owners must not keep the pets on the passenger seats and aisles during the travel. Doing so can annoy fellow passengers.

Breaking the Rules

Sometimes, it is possible to find some dogs traveling freely on BART with their owners, without being crated. This is an offense and should be reported immediately to the station authorities. You may be required to pay fines for breaking the BART rules.

Some passengers may not mind at all. But if you happen to take your drooly dog on the train, it may annoy some passengers. So, it is always better to stick to the rules.