Do Cats Like Blankets?

By John Martin - May 7, 2021

Cat wrapped up in a blanket

If you are bringing a cat home as a delightful addition to your family, you’re probably trying to get them as comfortable and adjusted in their new environment.

To cut to the chase, yes, most cats do like blankets, and a good lot absolutely love them! It is not uncommon to see a cat all snuggled up in a blanket in bed. Read on to find out why!

Why Do Cats Like Blankets?

There are several reasons as to why your feline friend has an affinity for blankets and snuggling up. Let’s go through each of them one by one.

It is important to keep in mind that while most cats do like blankets, it is also possible for some to not! When giving your cat a blanket, make sure to observe them and see if they are comfortable with it or not.


Cats love to be warm and toasty! Of course, they love snuggling and showing love to their owners, but there is an evolutionary reason for them staying close to heat sources.

This is because they are sensitive to temperature change.

Cats are descendants of desert animals that lived and thrived in sunny environments. Their heat-seeking attitudes have been hardwired into their minds!

This is why in cooler environments, cats that do not have very thick fur look for external sources of heat, and a snuggly blanket is a perfect choice.


The safety to a cat is one of its top priorities. This is why a lot of cats love to burrow in blankets, sit at heights, and be near their owners!

Sleeping under a blanket provides your furry friend a sense of security and a feeling of being invisible to any outside threats!

Although it is counterintuitive in the sense that they are unable to keep their eyes and ears out for danger.

Lying under a blanket probably means that any threats outside will be unable to spot them, and they can wait for the danger to pass.

Alone Time

Cats are known for being private and somewhat aloof creatures that like to spend time alone.

Snuggling up under a blanket allows for your cat to have some time to themselves, without any disturbances and distractions!

It Reminds Them Of You

Cats use scents to mark their territories, communicate, and feel comfortable. This is why you might have seen how cats can get attached to blankets, and may only feel like playing around and snuggling with one favorite.

This may be because your scent has rubbed off on it, and playing or being in it reminds them of you!

Some cats may leave their scent on a blanket and feel comfortable with it, which is also another reason why they sometimes stick to only one.

It’s Playtime

Your cat might play around, hide under, or snuggle in blankets around you to indicate that they want some attention and playtime!

They might hide underneath the blanket and take swipes at you, hoping that you’ll get the hint and playfully chase them around or swipe back at them.

To Show Affection

If your feline friend is snuggling up next to you under your blanket, they just want to show you some love!

They love the warmth of human touch, especially their owners, and will cuddle underneath the blankets when they want to show it.

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If you have introduced your cat to blankets since they were young, they might have grown to like them and then eventually gotten accustomed to them.

Getting used to laying out and sleeping under a blanket might just become a part of their daily routine.

They Are Kneading

Kneading, also known as the adorable term “making biscuits,” is when a cat pushes down on a soft surface like a blanket with their paws, alternating them to a steady rhythm!

Cats knead on soft surfaces when they are at ease, and it’s a sign that your cat is happy.

The origin of kneading has several theories, from ancestors kneading grass before setting down to rest, to being called a remnant action of a newborn kitten kneading their mother’s chest before suckling.

Kneading is normal! If your cat is kneading and not being destructive, they are just getting comfortable.

Blankets are the perfect spot for kneading as they are soft and fluffy, resembling their mothers’ belly.

Comfort During Travel

Traveling with cats can be a tedious experience as they get stressed when being transported around.

A blanket can act as a perfect calming accessory and is great for trips or even journeys to the vet!

Their pheromones and scent will make their blanket seem familiar, comforting, and will soothe their nerves.

They Might Be Feeling Sick

If your cat has been burrowing under blankets for a long time and seems lethargic along with other signs of illness, they might be trying to indicate to you that they are not feeling well.

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Do Cats Need Blankets?

No, cats do not need blankets for their survival and wellbeing, they might just prefer them! Unless the temperatures where you live are extremely cold, cats do not require blankets or heating.

A blanket will just allow them to feel cozy and secure when they’re in the mood for some extra warmth. Otherwise, cats are perfectly fine sleeping without any blankets.

What Blanket Is Best For Your Cat?

While there are several blankets made especially for your feline friend, many cats love to choose and take over one of their owners’ blankets and make it their own!

Popular materials for colder weather include woven and knitted blankets that can prove to be warm and toasty.

Woven blankets may be heavy, so they probably are not suitable for little kittens.

For the warmer weather, blankets made of fleece, flannel, cotton, and linen will be great for just some light snuggling.

Blankets with extra fringing, fuzz, and tufts add to the fun as they provide interesting textures for your kitty to play with.

Just make sure they aren’t fabrics with large threading or holes that their claws can get stuck into.

Most materials used for human blankets are safe for pets, but you may want to check if your cat is allergic to the laundry detergent you use.

Should I Put Blankets On Kittens?

When kittens are newborns, all they need is the warmth and comfort of their mother. Ensuring that their mother is safe and has a comfortable bed is all that is needed.

You do not need to put blankets on newborn kittens unless it is very cold!

With kittens, you should always make sure that the blanket is small and light, you want to make sure they’re comfortable,

Blanket Safety For Cats

The first rule of blanket safety is to always remove the blanket immediately if your feline friend looks uncomfortable and let them escape! Never forcibly cover your cat in a blanket or force them to sleep under one.

Give your cat the option to move and breathe easily and always watch out for their claws getting stuck in the fabric!

Overheating is not a huge concern with grown cats as they can thermoregulate after a few weeks of being born.

This means that if they start to feel hot, they will get out of the blanket themselves. Suffocation is also rare and can be prevented by choosing breathable materials and allowing for an easy exit.

If you are using any electric blankets or heating pads, their cords may pose as a risk as your cat may be tempted to chew on them. So, make sure all electrical wires are kept away!

Summing Up

Although most kitties love blankets, when introducing a blanket, you should always monitor your individual cat’s reaction to them to see if they like it or not!

Choose the right blanket, and your furry friend will be snuggled up and purring in no time.