15 Fascinating Irish Wolfhound Mix Breeds

By John Martin - May 11, 2021

Are you looking to adopt a furry companion for your home? Do you want a loving breed who can also protect you? If you’ve answered “yes” for the previous two questions, the Irish Wolfhound mix-breeds would be the perfect choice for you.

The Irish Wolfhound is considered the tallest breed; they are very friendly and kind, making them popular among kids.

We have here the 15 most popular Irish Wolfhound Mix breeds that you would adore.

Irish Wolfhound Black Russian Terrier Mix (Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier)

One of the most popular combinations of the Irish Wolfhound breed is with the Black Russian Terrier. This combo gives us a dynamic Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier.


The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier breeds are large pups who weigh around 80 to 150 pounds. This tall breed usually grows up to 25 to 30 inches.

Their coat comes in various colors, ranging from red, brown, cream, gray, or black. This blend has long, thick hairs which do not usually shed and hence making its maintenance easy.

This breed usually has a medium life expectancy of 6 to 10 years. However, they can tackle harsh climatic conditions well.


The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is an amiable and fearless little pup. This active breed is dedicated and well-mannered.

They have no trouble following what you say and hence are easy to train. These pups are curious, energetic, and obedient. They would shower you with lots of affection.

Irish Wolfhound German Wirehaired Pointer Mix (German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound)

The Irish Wolfhound and Wirehaired Pointer breeds are a lively duo. Their combination results in the quirky German Wirehaired pointing wolfhound hybrid variety.


These pups are very tall, with a height of around 22 to 30 inches. They weigh about 80 to 105 pounds. They come in different combinations of colors.

The German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound is known for its unique fur coat. This coat keeps your pup warm in the winter and sheds to give a thinner coat in the summer.

This canine has two coats, a soft undercoat, and the outercoat is smooth, as they need to withstand adverse or cold temperatures.

The pups are easily prone to ear infections and bloating and hence, need proper grooming.


These are playful pups that have quirky, loving characteristics. They are amiable with people and animals in general but might have some trouble with young kinds.

They tend to enjoy all kinds of sporting energetic activities with their owners. However, they need proper training and guidance for an improved persona.

These aloof, free-spirited pups are an absolute delight and make excellent companions.

Irish Wolfhound Giant Schnauzer Mix (Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer)

Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer, as the name suggests, is the combination of two tall breeds, the Irish Wolfhound and the Giant Schnauzer.


The hybrid Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer is very large with a square-like figure. There is a slight tapering muzzle in their face. They are generally about 27 to 32 inches in height and weigh around 85 to 150 pounds.

The breed will either have a long, slender head or a heavy, rectangular-shaped head depending on the dominant gene from their parents. They have almond or oval-shaped eyes, which are generally dark brown.


Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer mix makes excellent guard dogs and very athletic. Their regal appearance gives them a compelling, striking look.

This giant breed is quite intelligent and energetic.

However, the dogs can be challenging to train due to their stubborn tendencies. Also, it is not advisable to let the dogs with other animals or kids as they can be aggressive.

Irish Wolfhound Great Pyrenees Mix (Great Wolfhound)

The crossbreeding with the Great Pyrenees and Irish Wolfhounds makes the Great Wolfhound hybrid.


The Great Wolfhound is enormous, with 32 inches in height and a weight of about 150 pounds. These have a solid and muscular built. Although they are large, their body might be lean.

They have droopy ears and almond-shaped brown eyes.

The Great Wolfhound has a dense coat with long wiry hair. The tails of the pup have a plumed appearance.


This Wolfhound breeds are pretty loyal and clever. They exhibit good behavior and are obedient.

This pup can become highly protective of its owners. Thereby, they make excellent watchdogs.

The dogs are great with kids and make fantastic family dogs. However, this breed can become possessive over you like their Irish wolfhound parent.

These playful pups are dependable, gentle, and quite loving. They may need consistent training as they can be impatient at times.

Irish Wolfhound Great Dane Mix (Irish Dane)

The breeding between the Irish Wolfhound with the Great Dane gives an Irish Dane hybrid dog.


The big-hearted Irish Danes hybrid mix is usually around 35 inches and weighs about 150 pounds. Their eyes are deep-set, and the ears have a half-pricked appearance.

The pup’s coat is usually rough and has a single or multicolored coat. The skin can also contain distant patterns or markings.

The Irish Dane mix can live for about 6 to 10 years. The legs are large and round and are heavily padded for them to gallop around.


The Irish Danes make very loving, kind, and sweet pets. This mix is also efficiently friendly and is a designer dog variety.

They love having fun and like to stay active, and often gallop around outside.

These friendly dogs get along with everyone and make lovely companions. They are also quite protective and like to hunt. They make excellent watchdogs but tend to become overprotective.

These pups might not be suited for apartment complexes as they love large spaces. Providing consistent training and positive encouragement makes these pups energetic, loyal companions.

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Irish Wolfhound Mastiff Mix (Irish Mastiff)

The mix-up of two giant breeds, the Irish Wolfhound breed with the Mastiff breed, results in the Irish Mastiffs.


These pups are enormous in appearance, similar to their parents. Their significant appearance can even come about 3 to 4 feet tall.

They generally weigh above 100 pounds and are pretty heavy. The head is said to be significant, with some wrinkles around the face.

They have either round or almond-shaped eyes, which are usually brown.

The Irish Mastiff has an outer fur, which is short, coarse, and waterproof. There is a thick furry undercoat below the waterproof coat.


These pups are gentle and kind giants. They have a very laid-back, calm temperament that makes them even suitable to live in apartments. However, they are ideal in larger homes or yards due to their large and tall appearance.

The canine’s grooming is manageable and needs less maintenance. The pup’s relaxed nature makes them moderately active, and hence, there is little need for exercise.

These pups love pleasing their owners. Therefore, they behave politely with strangers. The dogs can be clumsy at times and need monitoring.

These usually calm breeds can get overexcited sometimes. They enjoy training and loves going for long walks. The Irish Mastiff overall makes an excellent watchdog and good family companions.

Irish Wolfhound Greyhound Mix (Irish Wolf Greyhound)

The Greyhound breed with the Irish Wolfhound gives us the elegant Irish Wolf Greyhound hybrid species.


These similar-looking breeds of the Wolfhound and Greyhound give them a tall, about 32-inch height with a weight of an average of 100 pounds.

This breed might be prone to genetic diseases like hypoglycemia or heart conditions. The average life expectancy of this pup might be around 8-12 years.

These hunting dogs have a muscular build, good strength, and have a striking appearance.


This hybrid variety has the characteristics traits of both its parents. The hounds are usually aggressive war dogs known for their strength and agility.

This unusual breed makes for a highly energetic, independent pup. Hence, the dog needs an owner with a confident, strong personality.

It is better to monitor them around children and other animals as they can have predator tendencies. They need training and positive reinforcement to perform better.

The pups usually have a powerful presence. However, this strange mix gives you an affectionate and protective partner who would love you with admiration.

Irish Wolfhound Poodle Mix (Irish Wolfoodle)

When the cute Poodle gets crossbred with the Irish Wolfhound, they make the Irish Wolfoodle hybrid variety.


The small poodle breed with the tall Irish Wolfhound mix gives you a tall Wolfoodle hybrid. The pup’s height ranges from 16 to 33 inches, and they weigh around 70 to 100 pounds.

They have the classic shaggy-haired feature of the poodles with a robust and sturdy appearance from the Wolfhound. The eye colors are usually brown, amber, or orange.

They have a lean appearance with a slightly broad face.

These pretty creatures have a variety of coat colors. Their coats are usually dense and rough. However, the coat can get hypoallergic if the hybrid takes on the Poodle’s traits.


This adorable breed is highly skilled, intelligent, and loving. Although the Wolfoodle species are quick-witted, the hybrids can be lazy and like to live a quiet lifestyle.

This Wolfoodle mix can get overheated and hence, needs to be in a cold environment.

They are suitable for experienced owners as they get stubborn and might not be comfortable with apartments. This unique breed can be difficult and needs proper training.

This combo gives a beautiful, affectionate wolfoodle with a sense of protective watchdog instincts. They are not suitable for young children.

Although, they are generally friendly pups and make great cuddlers and companions.

Irish Wolfhound Labrador Mix (Irish Wolfhound Lab)

The fantastic combination of the Irish Wolfhound with the Labrador Retriever gives birth to the Irish Wolfhound lab breed.


The solid-built Labrador with the tall Wolfhounds gives the pup has a tall and sturdy appearance.

The canines have kind eyes in the shades of black, brown, or fawn. Their coats can result in a variety of colors.

The life span, on average, can be from 10 to 19 years.


The pups are loving, kind, and highly intelligent creatures. They may maintain a calm demeanor but can get clumsy sometimes.

These pups have a sweet temperament and are very obedient. Moreover, they can get easily trained as they tend to be submissive. The dogs need the self-confidence to be feed from their young age for them to become more poised.

These pups tend to grow fast and need proper food with all the necessary nutrients required for them.

The pups are very friendly with everyone, including kids and other animals.

Irish Wolfhound Siberian Husky Mix (Irish Wolfsky)

The unusual mix of the Siberian husky with the Irish wolfhound variety gives the Irish Wolfsky mix.


The small husky mixed with the tall Wolfhound makes a medium-sized pup. The Wolfsky weighs about 90 pounds. Their lifespan generally ranges from about 6 to 10 years.

Their coat has a fuzzy appearance, and the body can be medium to long.

They can have light to hard shedding depending on the dominant trait of the parents. The breeds are prone to some genetic diseases and others conditions like dysplasia, osteosarcoma, etc.

This variety has gotten recognized by the Dog Registry of America, Inc.


The peculiar Wolfsky breed is super-friendly, thoughtful pups. These adorable pups love attention and need positive reinforcement.

These pups are quirky and are generally joyful. They are also brave and protective.

These curious breeds can be stubborn and can sometimes act on their own accord. Hence, they can be a bit hard to train.

The pups are whimsical and might need to learn socializing early on. They are also alert creatures and have good energy levels. Hence, they need exercise which can stop them from getting overexcited or destructive.

The breeds can be sensitive and find it challenging to adapt to any changes in their life. Therefore, the pups are not advisable to be left with children, animals, or strangers.

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Irish Wolfhound Miniature Schnauzer Mix (Miniature Irish Wolf Schnauzer)

This canine companion breed is a hybrid dog created by crossbreeding an Irish Wolfhound and a Miniature Schnauzer.


The size of this puppy can be very different. Some hybrids may be small in size, and others can be tall like their Wolfhound parent.

Also, the pups can either have tiny, lean legs, while others can have longer legs.

These pups have a thick muzzle, have an excellent structured snout that tapers to the nose. The ears can either stand completely straight or be a little limp, and they can have dark/light brown eyes.


The temperament of this pup entirely depends on how you train it. These dogs are a balanced combination of loving personalities and protective nature.

They are very adventurous and like to spend time with the family. They are excellent guard dogs, and they are always aware of their surroundings.

These pups should get trained from a very young age as they may show signs of stubbornness. It’s easier to teach them when they are young as they are curious to learn new things at that stage.

Irish Wolfhound Newfoundland Mix (Newfoundland Irish Wolfhound)

This adorable hybrid dog is a result of crossbreeding the Irish Wolfhound and the Newfoundland.


The Newfoundland Irish Wolfhound grows to an incredible height of more than 36 inches! They have a thick fur coat that is also very long and waterproof.

The gene of the Irish Wolfhound gives this pup a beard and tiny eyebrows as well. It gives them a charming, innocent look.

They have well-built bodies with lean legs that make them look very strong.


These are very affectionate pups that show a lot of love towards your family.

They can be pretty easy to training, but it is better to connect with them from their young age. When you bond with this breed, the dogs can become very loyal and protective over you and your family.

They are also intelligent creatures who are always on alert.

Irish Wolfhound Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix (Staffy Bull Wolfhound)

The Staffy Bull Wolfhound is a mix between the Irish Wolfhound and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


The parent breeds of this pup are medium-sized, which makes this Staffy Bull Wolfhound a medium-sized dog.

They have a short fur coat that can be easy to maintain. The breed has a round face with droopy ears and a thick muzzle that tapers to a medium-sized nose.

They have beautiful black eyes, and their coat can come in a range of different colors.


This hybrid pup is known to be very friendly and loving towards its owner and children. Once they build a connection with their family, they are very loyal and very protective towards them.

They are very alert and cautious of their surroundings and can help you safeguard your family. Hence, this makes them an ideal furry friend for your home.

Irish Wolfhound Standard Schnauzer Mix (Standard Irish Wolf Schnauzer)

This beautiful hybrid pup is a mix between the Irish Wolfhound and the Standard Schnauzer Mix.


These pups can grow up to 28 inches tall and weigh around 50 pounds to 115 pounds. They inherit most of these characteristic features from the parent breeds.

The fur is very long, having a very rough and stringy texture to it. These might also have a beard like the Standard Irish Wolfhound. They have messy eyebrows and contain the beautiful brown eyes of the Irish Wolfhound.


These furry friends are very affectionate and loving towards their families. They love being the center of attention and don’t do well when left alone.

Early socialization and training will help the dog develop their skills and bond with their owner more quickly. Once the pup creates a connection with the owner, they are very loyal and highly protective.

Irish Wolfhound Tibetian Mastiff Mix (Tibetian Wolfhound)

The Tibetian Wolfhound is a majestic hybrid pup consisting of the Irish Wolfhound and the Tibetian Mastiff.


This hybrid is by far one of the biggest hybrid pups on this list. When they’ve reached a stage of maximum growth, they can weigh around 200 pounds and stand 3 feet tall.

They have big brown eyes with droopy ears and a tiny tail. Their fur coat usually is dense and very thick.


On first impression, these dogs might appear scary due to their size. But they have one of the softest personalities among dogs.

Early training and socialization can give you a well-behaved pup. These are highly social creatures and love spending time with people.

Overall, they make an adorable family pet to have in your home.

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End Notes

It is easy to get scared by dogs that appear to be huge. But here’s the thing: most of these dogs on this list are absolute sweethearts when they get trained.

If you are wondering about adopting one of these dogs, make sure you remember to start training them at a young age and reward them with many treats and love.

When you give them your love, they will offer you the same and more for your entire house!