How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost?

By John Martin - May 3, 2021

Happy couple with their new Golden Retriever

Affable and cute, the Golden Retrievers are one of the most popularly demanded breeds in the world. But before bringing one home, it’s very necessary to evaluate all the expenses involved.

To all the dog lovers who’re bringing this one home, here’s everything you need about the exact cost. From the initial buying price to the post buying expenses, we got it all covered for you.

Let’s get started.

Typical Golden Retriever Price Range

Golden Retriever being one of the most popular breeds, obviously, come with a hefty price. Generally, the price can vary anywhere from $500 to $2000.

At the lower end of price range, you can get them from a home breeder but without AKC documentation. However, an AKC document is necessary to know a dog’s lineage.

Thus, if you’re looking for a healthy bloodline, a little more money will have to be spent.

Dogs with special characteristics or excellent bloodlines will cost around the $1000 to $2000 range. Even then, they come in a smaller size in between this price range.

While this cost may seem much, keep in mind that a higher price means a puppy with fewer health problems and vet bills in the future.

Although the price isn’t always the bar, you should be cautious of the ones available at sale at less than $500.

It’s very necessary to do your research before you go out to buy one. And we hope our guide will be really helpful for you in assisting your research.

You can request a breeder for an on-site visit and meet the parents of your dog so that you have all the information.

Also, the veterinarian could be requested to hand over the entire signed medical forms for your look through. This will be a lot helpful for you to decide the one to buy.

A reputable breeder will have no issue with such requests. However, if they don’t adhere to your requests, you want to look for another.

Furthermore, reputable breeders promise that you can return the puppy in case you run into any unfortunate health issue or behavioral problems during the first few days.

Another option other than buying could be adoption. Of course, you can adopt an old golden retriever at a lesser price range of about $350 to $550.

This price includes registration and vaccination after adopting. This could be a win for you in cost saving process and giving a cute little puppy home.

However, because you’re adopting one, there are might be more in-breeding costs that might not be reflected earlier.

So the fact is, almost all Golden Retrievers cost around the same when you take into consideration all the expenses.

We would suggest you first create a budget for yourself and then go out to find the one that fits in your range.

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Why are Golden Retrievers so Expensive?

We are sure that most of you must be wondering why they come with such a hefty price and are so popular among dog breeds. Here, we list some reasons for you.

Reputable Golden Breeders

A big factor that guides the pricing is, the Golden Retrievers come over reputable golden breeders. For this reason, high price tags along.

Not all of them are the same price because they go by ethical breeding procedures. They differ in terms of care and attention put into breeding.


As much it is hard to believe, pricing indeed differs based on location. For instance, a stand living area with popularity goes on a higher pricing range.

Locations with higher disposable income demand more breeds, and therefore, the price goes up as well.


Another striking reason is Golden Retrievers come in color ranging from dark gold or cream.

Usually, the cream-colored Golden Retrievers are the most expensive. The reason being here is they are rarer to find.

Mixed or Purebred

Needless to say, Golden Retrievers, too, come in mixed breeds. So, the pure breed will likely cost a lot more than mix breed.

You can buy either of them as per your budget because there can be a huge difference in their price.

Health of the Bloodline

The most dominating feature is the pedigree of the dog influences the price. It means the family history of the puppy.

Knowing the family lineage helps in ensuring that the breed doesn’t have any hereditary health issues. It isn’t a guarantee but helps in estimating future costs.

Also, great bloodlines usually cost higher.

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Other Ownership Costs

Initial Cost

When you have made up your mind to bring a Golden Retriever, there might be many hidden initial that have to be incurred.

First of all, since they are one of the most popular breeds, it’s difficult to find a good breeder. You would want to search for good quality and the utmost care taken of your dog.

Thus, you end up spending some amount in search of a good breed.

Another point, you must make sure you have a crate for it before you bring the dog home. Not to forget, a comfy dog bed should be on the top list.

Also, you might wish to buy a circular gate to keep your dog locked inside their house. This is essential for training purposes.

Apart from all these expenses, the registration procedures of your puppy before it is home is really important.

Overall, these expenses are initially incurred and should be accounted for.

Toys and Accessories

Well, here are a few key essentials you should keep ready for a new addition to your family. The dogs behave best when they are happy and cheerful throughout the day.

So to give them the most loving home when they feel and secured around, toys and accessories are very necessary.

Golden Retrievers are a lovable breed, and they are happy when surrounded with toys. They are goof around a lot with their playing toys, especially chewing toys.

Also, accessories like collars and leashes are very helpful during the training session or when they’re in the mood for a walk.

However, you should keep in mind that the price of these items can vary a lot. It all depends on you whether you wish to buy a basic or luxurious product for your dog.

Cost of Feeding

Golden Retrievers are very active and playful dogs that require good feeding. They’re most likely not spare even a crumb in their plate.

Thus, given the Golden Retriever’s affinity to food, it’s important to take note of their feeding expense. You should have a great budget here as they’re dogs with a big appetite.

Their each day consumption usually ranges between 2.5 cups to 4.5 cups. But it’s better to consult your vet to know the specific requirements.

For any dog, it is recommended to serve high-quality food as it keeps them in good health. You can search for the best quality food products online.

However, on average quality food dog costs around $2-$3 per pound. So if an adult consumes 3 cups per day, that’ll cost around $55 per month.

Also, Golden Retrievers are a sucker for rewarding treats as it enhances their good. So, you must keep an extra amount for buying treats for your dog.

Expecting a budget of around $60-$65 per month is rational thinking.

Training and Grooming Expense

Dogs are very intelligent and quick learners. So, it is a good idea if you choose to train them.

These faithful fluffy pups can be trained by professional help. There a number of group puppy training classes you can choose to enroll your puppy in.

Also, if you wish for individual professional training then course, then that will cost more. It will cost somewhere around $50 per session.

To give your dog a good grooming session, the price will vary a lot. It depends on the look you want for your dog, and so you will be charged accordingly.

Besides fur maintenance, trimming their nails is just equally important. However, a nail clipper can be bought, which costs around $15.

You also need to buy your pup a toothbrush and toothpaste for teeth cleaning. Thus, all these expenses are equally important.

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Health Care and Vet Expenses

There are chances of your dog running into some health issue along the way even after you keep in check the health of the bloodline.

One of the common ailments among Golden Retrievers is cancer. Unfortunately, if your dog develops cancer, it will be a really costly affair.

The treatment price can fall between $8000 and $15000 which is a huge amount. However, most of the owners buy pet insurance, which covers the treatment.

You can avoid such ailments by routine screening. Also, if any symptoms are seen, the treatment should be started as early as possible.

Other veterinary bills can be taken care of by on-time vaccinations as recommended by your dog’s breeder.

In all, you can expect medical expenses of around $350-$650 for scheduled vaccination appointments. Keeping a good budget in mind is a great way to cover all such expenses.


Apart from cancer, they may develop cataract or dysplasia. Their treatment could be quite costly even if you planned a budget.

So given such huge expenses, most owners prefer purchasing insurance for their dog.

Pet insurance is similar to human insurance as you a regular amount of premium to an insurance company. In return, they cover all unforeseen expenses.

While buying insurance for your pup can be really expensive on your budget, but it’s necessarily required. Paying an amount monthly is better than a lump sum amount.

Therefore, you must be prepared to pay this additional cost in the form of insurance as the stakes are high of them developing a disease as they grow old.

But with proper budgeting and awareness, everything can be sorted as these pups surely take your heart with their presence.

Other Costs

In addition to all the above-mentioned expenses, miscellaneous expenses are an add-on.

For instance, if you and your family are out for travel, you’ll require a pet sitter or dog walker. Whilst it doesn’t cost much, but still, you’ll be paying for something extra.

As your dog grows old, you’ll have to incur a cost in replacing the old bed. In short, you may end up buying replacements of many products as the dog develops and grows old.

Also, if you have run to the closest pet store, it will be really hard to resist buying cute clothes and other temptations for your new fur baby.

Sometimes to meet odds and ends, you’ll spend more than needed.

Thus, it’s very hard to keep track of the exact amount you could spend. But as said, budgeting is good to go choice while getting a Golden Retriever home.

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Annual Expenses

While discussing all the possible expenses, we have briefed with a range that you can estimate before buying the Golden Retrievers.

It is difficult to call upon an exact number that will be annually incurred as it varies a lot. It more of depends on your way of keeping your fluffy pup at home.

For instance, some dogs need more vaccinations; some are usually sicker or require a larger amount of food.

To cover it all, make a list of your expenses and then have a quick run by summing them up to bill an annual expense for yourself. This way, you’re good to go for buying a Golden Retriever.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say these pups are pretty expensive to buy. Also, the maintenance cost due to their big appetite and potential health complications becomes costly.

Thus, considering the pricing of owning the Golden Retrievers can be really daunting. So, it depends a lot if you can afford it or not.

However, if your pocket allows you to buy one, you will not regret bringing one home. With their beautiful dove eyes and waggy tail, they will melt your heart in a puddle.

Summing it up, make sure you’re buying one; you are up for all these expenses.