Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

By John Martin - May 3, 2021

Golden Retriever guarding the door

Do you also end up looking at cute Golden Retriever photos and videos? With their luscious coat, furry bodies, and fluffy tail, they indeed rule the heart of every dog owner. They are friendly, loyal, and playful.

Are Golden Retrievers good guard dogs? Golden retrievers are very friendly, and this puts their guard dog qualities at a test. With apt training and excellent care, Golden Retrievers can be perfect guard dogs and the best companionship.

What Are Guard Dogs?

Before figuring out if Golden Retrievers are good guard dogs, let us look at the qualities that a guard dog possesses. Guard dogs are meant to protect you and shoo away strangers. But there are more qualities required to be a perfect guard dog.

  • The larger the size of your pooch, the better. A guard dog has to be larger when compared to an average dog. This will keep strangers alert and away.
  • If someone is trying to trespass your property, then your guard dog should be able to attack. There should be no sense of fear in your pooch.
  • Fitness is of prime concern when it comes to guard dogs. The athletic build of a guard dog enables them to scare trespassers and keep them at bay.
  • Self-control is another quality of a guard dog. In case a stranger offer treat to your pooch, there should be resistance.
  • Your guard should always be attentive and intelligent to sense any danger.
  • A guard dog should be extremely obedient. They should be quick when responding to commands.

These are the necessary qualities that make a perfect guard dog. Now that we know about the qualities let’s look at whether Golden Retrievers qualify these.

What Makes Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

Guard dogs are perfect companions and protectors as well. Golden Retrievers, though they are very friendly, can also be amazing guard dogs. So, what are the qualities that make golden retrievers perfect guard dogs?


When we hear of dogs, the first thing that comes to mind is loyalty. Golden Retrievers qualify the loyalty test with flying colors.

They are perfect companions and are great at creating a long-lasting and strong relationship with their owners. Golden Retrievers stick to their owners through thick and thin and never betray them.

The faithfulness makes Golden Retrievers an eligible guard dog. Their temperament and behavior play an important role in adding substance to their loyalty.

This is the trait that will make your pooch protect you from any possible danger. They will always have your back. So, you should sit back and relax as your doggo will guard you against all dangers or pain.


Training is essential for transforming your cute doggo into a disciplined guard dog. The intelligence level of Golden Retrievers is good, which makes them perfect dogs to train.

They will learn to follow your command in even less than a total of five repetitions. Does this not look like dog training like a cakewalk? There is a high probability that your Golden Retriever will follow your commands right from the beginning.

They are highly intelligent, which makes them very attentive learners. They make sure that they analyze all the past experiences and identify dangers where they occur the next time.

They will bark at and harm only harmful strangers and trespassers. So, don’t worry about your friends and family coming over as your smart Golden will recognize that there is no threat.

As a dog owner, it is your utmost responsibility that you teach your fluffy friend to socialize. This will make sure that your Golden Retriever learns to separate bad behavior from good behavior.

Their intelligence to grasp things and train easily makes them perfect guard dogs. So, if you are thinking of getting a Golden Retriever home, you should not worry.

Activity Level

Dogs are usually goofballs and love to play and snuggle with their owners. Golden Retrievers are very active and dogs with a lot of energy.

They are always up to fight any attacker that might be a potential threat to you. This makes them very responsive and excellent guard dogs.

They are very playful and sporty that makes them an active participant in outdoor activities. They love to exercise and develop an athletic build to protect them from sudden and harmful happenings.

The regular exercise builds their stamina to an unbeatable level. This will allow them to chase intruders and harmful strangers and protect you.


Obedience is one trait that tops all the qualities of a Golden Retriever. Their obedience and the idea to always keep their owners pleased make them easier to train and manage.

Easy training and obedience are two important perks that you should look for in a guard dog. And because Golden Retrievers possess both, it makes them great companions and amazing guard dogs.

Young Golden Retrievers, if they receive training at an early age, can be perfect guard dogs. Even if you let your Golden walk alone, your pooch will make sure to come back to you.


It is always great to have a pet who is attentive and responds to your every command. Goldens are known to be exceptionally focused on their owners and respond accordingly.

They are attentive, making them very excited about pleasing their owners and protecting them from any potential threats. You will always remain their priority, and they will guard you perfectly.

Their attention span is great, and they will learn commands and grasp them very conveniently. This will ensure that they will quickly know who is a potential threat and who is a friend.

Best Hunting Dogs

There is no doubt in the fact that Golden Retrievers are adorable and playful. But did you know that they are amazing hunting dogs as well?

They are very fast in pouncing on everything you throw. Their curiosity and hunting traits make them perfect to be called guard dogs.

They have a muscular physique that makes them great runners and also very strong. They will make sure any harm to use is chased and prevented from reaching you.

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What is the Best Way to Train Your Golden Retriever?

You need proper training and guidance to make your Golden Retriever into a perfect guard dog. So, what is the best possible way to train your Golden Retriever to be a guard dog?

Golden Retrievers are not only adorable but can also lend a helping hand to people needing some physical assistance. Guard dogs are always great as they will play with you and also protect you from harmful strangers.

To train them perfectly, you need to be very calm and patient. Although Goldens are great learners, they can sometimes require more time as well.

It is also recommended to start training them at an early stage. The little pups are more comfortable to train, and it will ensure that they also practice a lot to be perfect guard dogs.

There are a lot of methods that you can use to transform your Golden Retriever into a guard dog properly. Here are some ways listed that can help you with the training.

One Day Method

This method is a simple one and requires you to call your dog whenever you have a visitor. This will prepare them to sense a stranger anytime is near, and their ability to recognize will be polished.

With time they will figure out how you expect them to behave in front of anyone. So, if there is any potential threat, your pooch will immediately sense it.

Every time your pooch behaves appropriately, present a reward. This will motivate your fluffy buddy and then protect you from any pain or harm.

A Method Involving Verbal Cues

The method looks for your Golden Retriever to bark till the time their problem is resolved. This will ensure that if any stranger is there, the barking will continue till the danger subsides.

To effectively use this method, you can make your pooch listen to suspicious sounds. Make sure that you don’t tell them the source of the noise. You can use door banging or falling sounds.

This will familiarize your pooch with the suspicious sounds of a trespasser breaking in. Your Golden Retriever will thus instantly recognize the sound and attack the intruder.

You can also, at this point, teach your Golden Retriever when to stop barking. This will help your doggo to respond to your commands better and not to bark unnecessarily at every person.

You can also replace the suspicious noise with people. Teach them what behavior is harmful by exhibiting it and how to protect against it.

The Method of Boundary Marking

The method is perfect when you want to teach your pooch what boundaries are required to be exhibited. Let your dog walk and recognize every corner of the house and familiarize yourself.

You should also make sure that your little doggo also understands the difference between protection and aggression. Use the reward method to teach your pooch what is expected and what is not.

What are the Problems If Your Retriever Becomes Overprotective?

Training your Golden to be a guard dog can be fun and rewarding. But what if your pooch becomes overprotective? Here are some challenges you should be ready for.

  • The instincts of a Golden Retriever are always on the protective side. Even after you train them properly, there can still be instances where they will not bark at strangers because of this instinct.
  • There is no need to say that Golden Retrievers are champions of affectionate dogs. This can often be a hindrance when you are training your golden retriever to be a guard dog.
  • Golden Retrievers are fond of staying silent. This can cause them to resist barking even at potential threats.

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Final Thoughts

The mere idea of snuggling and playing with a Golden Retriever is such a delight. Imagine if your best furry buddy can also guard you against all dangers!

The Golden Retriever is an excellent breed of dogs. With proper training, they can be your best companions and also help in protecting.

To sum it all up, Golden Retrievers are excellent guard dogs with appropriate training and patience. Get home a loyal companion and a protector.