How Long After Flea Treatment Can I Bathe My Dog?

By John Martin - May 3, 2021

Dog getting a flea treatment

Pet owners are concerned about protecting their dogs against fleas. Thus, flea treatment becomes an important part of sustaining your pet’s hygiene.

However, a general question pops up in their mind that how long after flea treatment should they bath their pet?

Well, we will answer this question for you. But first, let us provide little background information to well equip you with the entire process.

Why Do Dogs Have To Be Medicated?

Fleas multiple very quickly into developing a very fast spreading infestation. If a flea bites your dog, there might be high chances of them developing an allergy.

Infestation or allergic reaction can lead to the budding of significant irritation, itching, or even loss of hair. Thus, it is very important to protect your dog against it.

Flea bite causes big patches of reddish skin, scratching or biting of fur. If this comes to your notice, then it is important to first check with your veterinarian.

They will guide you with the entire process that will prevent further flea growth in your pet’s body and even kill them all.

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How Is The Treatment Applied?

The process of de-worming is done by applying serum which possesses tick repellent. This special procedure contains various active ingredients, which makes it anti-parasitic.

However, since there are chances of adult flea leaving larval stage eggs, it is necessary to ensure that the formula kills both.

This ensures both the flea as well as larval eggs are killed through flea treatment. This anti-parasitic medicine comes in various modern forms now.

Spot-On Flea Treatment

This medicine comes in a pre-packed pipette. On applying, it spreads over the entire body skin.

This kills adult fleas and prevents any further developmental growth. This is the most come method.

Anti-Parasitic Medicine

This is the medicine consumed orally. The purpose of this is to either kill the parasite, if any, in the body or stop their growth.

Anti-Parasitic Spray

These are sprayed over an animal’s coat to act as a repellent to flea. However, it is not very effective.

Every method has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the spot-on treatment for fleas is most preferred.

How To Apply Spot-On Flea Treatment

If you’re giving your pet a spot-flea treatment by the effective use of a pre-package pipette and with the reference of a veterinarian, you should know the right way to do it.

  • Rubber gloves should be worn before taking out the pipette.
  • Holding by the thinnest part that is pointing upward, it is advised to break the top par.
  • Next, drop the contents of the pipette completely onto the skin by rubbing the fur.
  • After the entire serum is rubbed on the skin, gently rub the fur without touching it so that it disperses completely on your pet’s skin.

Thus, by following the right steps, you can effectively treat your pet.

The Effect Of Bathing On Flea Treatment

While it is very important to clean your dog on a routine basis, sometimes too much cleaning is harmful. This is because they are more likely to catch a disease.

However, it is important to know the effect of bathing while getting your dog medicated by flea treatment. The reason being that bathing can interfere with flea treatment.

If you bathe your dog before the specified waiting period, the treatment effect will be lessened. It is because it will wash off the medicine, making it ineffective.

Also, earlier use of shampoo on your dog right after flea treatment is not recommended. This ensures that your dog is still being protected against fleas or ticks.

Will Bathing Wash Off Flea Medicine?

You might be still wondering whether washing your pet will wash off flea treatment. Whilst almost all tropical medicines are waterproof, and it is recommended not to bathe or shower your dog for two days.

Thus, as said above, it is better to wait for at least 28 days after your dog has been medicated by flea treatment. This makes sure that the medicine is not rendered ineffective.

So if you’re considering taking your dog out for a rainy walk where they might get all muddy, it is said to wait for 48 hours.

After waiting for 2 days, it is fine for them to shower as the medicine becomes waterproof. Also, dogs can be bathed within the first seven days by using a non-stripping shampoo.

This type of shampoo doesn’t remove natural oil on their skin, which has been protecting them against fleas or ticks. This will make sure your dog is still best protected.

Yes, the concluding line is here, yes, bathing does wash off flea medicine if done within 48 hours of treatment. This would be risking their health being.

But under two days limit, they are good to be taken out for a muddy detour followed by a rain shower.

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What About Bathing Before the Flea Treatment?

Also, you might be wondering whether it is safe to bathe them immediately before taking them for flea treatment. We will answer this for you as well.

So the same rule follows here. A 48 hours wait window should be followed before your pet is taken out for the application of treatment medicine.

The reason being here that the dogs are bathed by their everyday striping shampoo. Such type of shampoo washes off their skin’s essential oils.

However, the flea treatment is guided through the dog’s coat and entire skin by their skin’s essential oils. Thus, as a result, the medicine will not spread over the skin and not be very effective.

Flea treatments in tropical regions are very effective on dogs playing in muddy dirty, which renders plenty of essential oil all over their body and coat.

The coat and skin help in effective absorption of flea treatment on the skin of dogs and for a longer period.

The bottom line is, dogs can be bathed before 48 hours of treatment.

Non-Stripping Shampoo Usage

We have already stressed so much before on the effectiveness of essential oils during flea treatment. They help in the effective dispersion of medicine all over the dog’s body.

The after time window is 48 hours, and even though flea treatment is waterproof, which approves bathing after two days, a non-stripping shampoo is way better to use.

A non-stripping shampoo doesn’t wash off the natural skin oils that the dog has developed over two days on non-bathing and after treatment.

They are specially formulated as well to not render the medicine ineffective that is protecting your dog against flea for two days.

Therefore, by the use of non-stripping shampoo, your pet will keep on maintaining protection against flea by use of flea treatment.

Flea Treatment Alternatives That Doesn’t Wash Off

One of the major concerns of pet owners is the fear of flea medicine washing off after dog 48 hours of bathing even.

An alternative is also very much thought of that doesn’t exist with the danger of showering or bathing. Oral medicines are very much appreciated. That draws off the perils of showering or bathing your dog.

However, as seen, not all dogs are fond of gulping medicines down their throat. But oral medicine is very effective here as it won’t be distressed by bathing.

Another thing said oral pills are more effective as compared to a tropical treatment of spot-on.

The next alternative suggested by us would be a flea collar. It is put around the neck of your pet. The collar secreted anti-parasitic chemicals, which is effective in treatment as well.

In this process, a liquid drop of medicine is dropped on the collar as it surrounds the neck of the dog. You can double up the liquid dose if your pet runs a high risk of being bitten by fleas.

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Other Tips For Flea Treatment

For prevention purposes, dogs can be prevented from flea bites by following a regular flea treatment. This ensures your dog stays in good health.

However, even after the infestation of fleas on your pet, flea treatment will be effective in killing the parasites.

But you’re dog comes back from a muddy rain where chances are more of catching a parasitical infection, bathing them with anti-flea shampoo. It should be followed by gulping flea treatment tablets.

These oral medicines are quite effective in killing germs as well as not disrupt their bathing routine. However, they should be used only after your dog can have been infected by a parasite.

Using them as a preventative measure can deteriorate your dog’s health as they are very strong. Also, this becomes ineffective after a day.

Fleas tend to spread very fast and cause red patched on their skin. So just killing them won’t be effective. They survive in their prey’s body for a long and sustain themselves in the environment.

One of the first steps, after you notice that your dog has caught a flea infection, is to quarantine time immediately. Also, you should clean everything at your home that your dog has contact with.

Regularly checking them for growing infection and distant them from animals. This should be followed until they are properly treated against infestation.

Summing Up

It is the topmost priority of pet owners to ensure their pet’s healthy well-being. Even after pet infestation, with effective flea treatment, your dog can be easily treated.

However, what is important is after treatment measures that should be followed so that the medicine keeps protecting your dog against parasites.

As mentioned above, the right time to wash them after the treatment is 48 hours of effective dispersion of medicine onto their skin.

Then, a non-striking shampoo is recommended for bathing so that it doesn’t wash off their skin’s oil.

Summing up everything, ensure you know the right method and procedures to follow after your dog has undergone flea treatment.