Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

By John Martin - May 7, 2021

Happy Golden Retriever playing with little girl

Imagine waking up daily next to a fluffy golden canine, wagging its tail and greeting you with a smile? Well, that’s the typical life with a golden retriever.

Having golden retrievers at home can be a delightful experience. Especially with kids, they are super sweet and adorable.

Hence, if you plan to adopt a retriever today, they will become a wonderful part of your family in no time!

Children and Golden Retrievers

Kids are typically more drawn to Goldens. Wondering why? It’s related to the adorable and happy nature of these dog breeds. They are not only affectionate but act as excellent guard dogs too.

There is no denial that Golden Retrievers will become your child’s best friend in no time. Soon, your child will get addicted to the dog in sharing the best moments ever.

Because of their ”calm and quiet personalities”, they tend to behave exceptionally well with newborns too. Therefore, when in doubt regarding the best dog breed for your child, go for the Golden Retriever!

What Does the Ideal Temperament of the Golden Retriever Look Like?

It is natural for humans to get attracted immediately to the cute face of a small Retriever puppy. The wagging tail, their curiosity, and the endless wet kisses- all these help you to understand the different sides of a Golden Retriever.

Further on general terms, Golden Retrievers are ‘’obedient, smart, playful and intelligent dogs’’.

A study by the American Kennel Club (AKC) states that ‘’Golden Retrievers occupy the third rank in terms of family dogs’’. This means that they are affectionate towards all members!

Golden Retrievers are pretty active. They will play with your kids and even look after them. Just some training is required to groom the animal to become the finest four-legged family member.

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How Does a Golden Retriever Behave With Kids?

The relationship between kids and a Golden is simply the best thing to discover. The dog will instantly bond with your child. They will enthusiastically play with them and constantly wag their tail to prove their happiness. They are always happy, no matter what the situation is.

When it comes to small babies and even toddlers, Golden Retrievers are protective. They will follow the baby around and make sure to be patient too.

In addition to that, the bonding of Golden Retrievers with babies also highlights the loving nature of the animal. Thus, there is no doubt that the breed grows and connects with your little one the most!

What is the Right Method to Introduce Your Child to a Golden Retriever?

The best part about having a Golden at home is that they will greet you with a happy wagging tail. For children, it is important to prepare your dog beforehand. For instance, if you are going to have a baby, you can adopt the following measures-

  1. Try to introduce the basic baby smell to your dog. Golden Retrievers are sensitive to smell. Once they get used to the sweet baby smell lingering in the air, bonding with the little one won’t be a problem.
  2. Bring a common baby item near the Golden Retriever. This can be a blanket, baby shoes, or even a toy.
  3. Familiarize your dog with baby furniture and baby clothing too. Let the dog sniff these things to avoid confusion later on.
  4. It is also important for the Golden Retriever to get acquainted with baby sounds too. For example, if the baby cries in the middle of the night, the dog can be surprised. However, if the animal is already aware of it, it relatively stays calm.
  5. The more the Retriever understands the baby’s smell, the better it is for the breed to start bonding.

Getting used to the baby’s scent will ideally help the animal with their bonding!

For Kids

If you already have a kid at home, and you are adopting a puppy, your child and the dog will automatically get drawn to each other. Kids will start to show all the necessary love to make the dog happy.

Retriever puppies are very playful, and bonding with the kid will soon take place. It’s as if they have known each other before. As the puppy grows, the affection increases, and the bond deepens.

A Golden Retriever is a big breed. It won’t deliberately hurt your child in any way. However, try to look for any kind of abnormal behavior of the dog towards your kid. In case it happens, calm the dog and help the animal bond further!

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The Nature of Raising Your Kids With a Golden Retriever

It is awesome to see your kids, and the retriever gets along with each other. However, it is important to know the smallest details before you introduce your kids to the animal.

Supervision is crucial. In the beginning months, you cannot leave the dog alone with your kid. This is to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Although there is less chance that the golden retriever will hurt the child, help your dog to care for the child with some basic grooming.

Encouraging a loving and cute bond between the canine and the child leads to flexible relationships. Let your kids feed and play with the dog whenever possible.

This is the best way to show pure affection towards the animal.

When the child is taking good care of the animal, it will automatically obey its orders. Apart from being playful, the retriever will see the kid as an authoritarian figure.

You do not want the dog to take control of or boss your kid. Self-dominance is the last thing you want to happen!

Common Behaviors That Golden Retrievers Must Know When Around Kids

The golden retriever will follow your child wherever it goes. But it is a good idea to train your dog with regard to different behaviors. Here are a few details that might help-

  • Let the dog get acquainted with the kid’s room. Let them know whether they are allowed or not.
  • It is necessary to train the Golden Retriever when it comes to playing with the baby. The dog can jump over the child or can accidentally kick the child. To avoid these, try to let the dog know its rules.
  • Train the dog to spend quality time with the kid. For example, while on the road, the kid and the dog can bond together in the back seat. Both can take care of each other. Short and intimate interactions are best suitable for retrievers.

How Should Kids Behave With Golden Retrievers?

Well, obedient behavior isn’t just the rule for Golden Retrievers alone. Even your kid should recognize the correct ways of behaving with the animal. Discipline can be exercised with the help of the following conditions:

  • Let the child be respectful towards the Golden Retriever. Being gentle towards the dog is important.
  • Tell your kids not to push on the dog. This means any kind of aggressive attitude towards the dog.
  • Your child shouldn’t interfere with the animal while it is sleeping.
  • Pulling the ears of the dog is a big no. It can unknowingly hurt the animal. Sometimes, the Retriever can also receive a shock.
  • The best way to pet the animal is to use gentle stroke movements.
  • Avoid combing the coat of the animal too harshly.
  • Do not yell at your Golden when it accidentally chews your favorite toy.
  • Do not grab the tail of the dog or accidentally step on it. The tail bone is very sensitive area for dogs.
  • When squeezing the animal out of love, try to be as gentle as possible.
  • Avoid yelling at your little Golden friend.
  • Lastly, engage in healthy playtime with your animal. Golden Retrievers love to run.

When your kid follows all these rules, it enhances the relationship between the retriever and the child.

Why Is Training Your Golden For Your Child Important?

Golden Retrievers require training. Significant communication with your kid starts with training only. After all, even Retrievers are animals, and their behaviors cannot be controlled all the time.

The best way to get started is to follow some simple training rules for your dog. As Golden Retrievers are smart and intelligent, they will pick up the rules in no time.

What Golden Retrievers are most attracted to are treats and loads of love. Therefore, to start training your dogs, leash them first. When around kids, let the dog react naturally.

Good training proves effective. The dogs will learn their way of staying around the kid. It will also avoid all that you have taught the animal.

If the dog unintentionally tried to do something awful, you will be greeted with that cute guilty face!

How Can Kids Help Exercise These Dogs?

One of the best ways to help your kids grow and bond with Golden Retrievers is to exercise with them. Golden Retrievers are fun-loving creatures. They love to play and run. They require more than 40 minutes of physical exercise daily.

In this case, the kid can help the animal to exercise. For instance, the kid can accompany the dog on an evening walk. Everyday walking keeps their skin healthy, and they tend to be happier. The more attention you bestow, the better it is for your golden friend.

Golden Retrievers love to play fetch. Tell your kids to play with a ball or even a Frisbee. You will know the moment when your dog is loving ‘’playtime’’ with your kids.

With regards to activities, Golden Retrievers love swimming. Let the animal learn swimming with your kids. Never underestimate the power of the Retriever, as they beautifully adapt to playing and having fun with kids.

Lastly, let your kids play an important role in keeping the animal active. Sometimes, Goldens can be lazy and moody. To make sure that your Golden Retriever is having a wonderful time, always engage your kids positively.

Let the kids socialize with the animal. This will help the dog to behave better.

How Can Kids Share Their Love With Golden Retrievers?

Whilst you pamper your kids, your Retriever, on the other hand, may get upset. Wondering why? Golden Retrievers can be pretty jealous when you shower excessive love towards your child. They are just craving the same amount of attention as your kid!

The best way to get this sorted out is to help your kid share a toy with the Retriever. Golden Retrievers love toys. When you bring one for your kid, don’t leave your dog behind.

Shower the same affection to your dog as well, without making the animal feel upset about it. Daily bonding with your kid will improve over the years once the dog learns all major obedient actions.

Final Thoughts

Golden Retrievers will love your kids like no one else. Their obedient, intelligent, and nurturing nature is considered ideal around kids. Therefore, having a Golden at home with your kid is of no harm.

Retrievers are some of the best cuddlers in the world. Kids that grow with Golden Retrievers are more mature and emotionally stable than the others.

Therefore, you can never go wrong when it comes to adopting a Golden Retriever as your pet.